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Wednesday, 20 October 2004

Posted by falcon/rara_forever at 10:18 AM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 20 October 2004 10:19 AM EDT
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Saturday, 16 October 2004
Mood:  crushed out
Now Playing: 'Angels Brought Me Here' by Guy Sebastian
Time : 3.53 am
Venue : Duh..

Sheesh..7 more minits to 4..mugging for my exams seh..haiz..gotta spotcheck on Qian later..wahaha..she did that at 3 am juz now..later's gonna be ma turn..erm well..sorry for not updating u arh..i'm busieeee..hehehehe.. =P

Anyways, lotsa stuff haf been going on around bloggie, wat for my comeback after exams rite..which is on Tuesday..this semester, i haf 3 examinable modules..hmmm..Investment(eee..hate it!!!), GI n Personal Financial Planning..fuh..hopefully can make it sia..>.<

N btw, guess wat?..i tink i'm starting to love him in, my scandal..donoe eh..confused confused confused..haiz..n yeah, this month is fasting far so temptation to eat or drink watsoever..yeah of cos, was at home moz of the time..hehe..

Alrite..till then..wait for me on Tuesday k..hehe..byeeeeeeeee..

3.58 am

Posted by falcon/rara_forever at 3:30 PM EDT
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Friday, 8 October 2004
Singapore Idol..hmmm..
Mood:  lyrical
Now Playing: 'Simple & Clean' by Utada Hikaru..(English version)
Time : 9.09 pm
Venue : At home..

Hey i'm back..juz finished watching the Singapore Idol..sheesh..that David was out..but i tink he reali improved in his appearance, from sumone who looks plain to quite a good-looking guy..furthermore that time sis said she saw him, n she said he looks better in real-life..that shud be kind of shuai ba..but i tink he's kinda erm..stupid..put his studies on hold juz for the sake of this SI thingy..haiz..

Out of all the contestants, i hate that Daphne..donoe eh..can't seem to like her..Chris is cute..Maia..haiz..cannot make it de..looks only, but acheli the voice sux lor..

Ok lah..back to Thursday..i came to skool at 10!!!..hehe..didn't come for PFP tutorial lor..n btw, that means, i skipped 7 hours of lesson le..i tot no last minit debarrment de leh, but juz now Wilis told me there is such thing de..cos she kena before lor..omg sia..(-_-") worried like hell..she got her debarment letter during her study comments le..

Anyways..when i got back home at around 4 plus, Wan called me..asked me to join in conference call.. (chatting wif Qian rite now..she no mood..i kena pian haf to gif in again..)..then we chat on the fone till going to 8..before that me n Max was like play play quarelling on the conference de..then suddenly the line got cut off, then Max still got the cheek to call me on my henfon to resume our 'debate session'..haha..

Aiya..i tired le..will continue tomoro wor..hehe..bye bye..

11.54 pm

Posted by falcon/rara_forever at 11:23 AM EDT
Updated: Friday, 8 October 2004 11:29 AM EDT
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Mood:  chillin'
Now Playing: 'Not Gonna Get Us' by T.A.T.U..
Time : 6.25 pm
venue : Home sweet home..

Woooo..i'm blasting these two les's song rite now on my shiok..full volume sia..kinda deafening..haha..but heck..feeling a bit pissed, high, crappy, tired..n..hungry.. =_=

Anyways..continue yesterday's entry..hmm..lemme tink about Tuesday's event..oh yah..went to skool at 2 plus for CRM's project..GI lecture started at 6..went of cos, for the sake of tips..>.<..after that went to meet Qian for dinner at Northpoint lor..ok..that's done..

Wensday..sheesh..started at 10 am..went to lectures, cos got tips oso..haha..n we had an impromptu gathering at home, i was on the fone wif Wan n Rai, then Ishak joined in..followed by Max..oh yah!..Max called me while i was having my Investment lecture..wat the hell..*bang wall*..managed to shoo him off, then he told me to call him after i reach home..I TINK..i donoe whether i'm obliged to moz of the time i neve call lor..haiya..cos moz of the time he will say, "If u reach home n u r free, call me huh.."..n being me, of cos i won't call lah seh..lasap..unless he reali ask me to call, as in "Call me once u reach home.."..then of cos i will call..ler..(-_-")..

So it's like, this Max keke angry lor,say y i neve call him all that..instead i go call Wan..n say i love Wan wateve shit..wat the hell wat the chat chat chat, end up we did a small gathering..

I'm bored..tired..hungry..bored..tired..hungry..bored..tired..hungry..

K back to the story..then i was on the way to meet Rai so i sms Wan to ask him where he is..insttead of replying his location, he smsed me back 'Btw, Nana n Lin are joining..'..n i was like.. HUH?!?!?..wat the hell?!?!?!?..shitty sia..then like no mood no mood like that lor..who the hell is Lin sia..then happened to noe from Max that Max acheli asked Lin to join us, but donoe how the hell Nana came into the picture..dengz..

Alrite i'm eating now..wooo..anyways, the time is aredi 8.19 pm..haha..9 hours plus since i popped sumthing in my mouth, as in duh..haha.. helped mom cook juz now, after sooo many months..cos i'm hungry erh, so help out a bit so things get done faster..then, i burnt my tongue..didn't noe the meat was so damn bloody hot..*sob sob*..n i choked on a stupid so-full-of-seeds grape juz now in the kitchen..coughed till got tears sia..cos the grape was damn soury, n i was trying to avoid biting the seeds..end up - choke lor..then drink Sprite Ice..~nice~..never drink this after-effect minty taste..i loiiike.. =Þ

Okk..back to the gathering..hahaha..then rite, Lin n Nana came..n..erm..err.. I TOT LIN WAS DAMN PRETTY LOR..PUI PUI PUI!!!..haiya those guys..reali no taste sia..nvm..nvm..wait a couple more years ba..u will c the new me..chio real..chio sai..keke..but hey, i lost a lot of weight since Year 1's juz that i gained back man lai..oops..i side-track again..hahaha..bile mau game daaaa..

Ok laaaah..haiyooo..then hor, after they arrive, Rai decided to leave lor..wif the reason that we wanna go home n that me n Amzar will be sending Rai that point of time, Ishak oso decided to leave..suddenly this Ishak come into the picture..haha..okok..the gathering got me, Rai, Wan, Amzar, Ishak, Max, Bob, Lin n Nana..understooded?..ok..clever we left, but in actual fact, we go hang out at another block nearby..hehehe..ssshhh..don't tell anybody ok..

Ok arh..i tink i go type my Thursday n Friday event in another entry..chao chin chao..wanna go pee oso..hehe..

8.36 pm

Posted by falcon/rara_forever at 8:09 AM EDT
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Thursday, 7 October 2004
Wat the hell..
Mood:  lazy
Now Playing: 'Come What May' by Ewan McGregor & Nicole Kidman..
Time : 1.26 am
Venue : At home lah..ler..

Alright..y the hell m i not asleep yet huh?..cos i promised myself i wanna update my blog again..hehe..anyways, these few days r kinda busy for it skool or social..i'm chatting wif dearest Qian rite now..she seems to be 'copy-catting' wateve smileys i long as she doesn't sleep yet cos i need sumone to accompany me..she discussing wif her Thai-ger about this Sunday cos the Thai-ger is coming to Singapore this Sunday..+_+..(good luck Qian..)

Gosh..miss those days when me n my beloved bro used to chat almoz everyday till late into the nite..those times were the best memories of my's true..i tink i'm missing him rite now, n that shud explain the reason y i suddenly mention him..hehe..hey bro, i reali miss u..can't wait for this weekends..hope i can chat wif u again..i luv u lots..

Haiz..anyhowz, let's get back on track huh..wat has been happening lately..n hey, anyways, i tot i wanna update u on my gatherings seems that Rai has aredi blog them for further details on my gatherings wif my peppz, please feel free to drop by her blog.. (eh Rai..where is my adverstising fee?..)....ahaha..

Eekz..i'm getting abit sleepy now..Rara!!!..wake up!!!..don't sleep u asshole!!!..

Okkkk..i'm afresh..*blink blink* real..i will confirm dozz off if i put my head on the table..dammit..change song arh..(changed to all-time fav, 'Turn Me On' by Kevin Lyttle)ok..summarising this week..on Monday, go lepak wif Rai, Wan n n Rai went to Wan's workplace at Paya Lebar to beat him up cos he made fun of us!..shitty..this Wan go n use the company's fone n disguise himself as some Safuan or Sapuan..then he called me lor..*sob sob*..i tot who sia wanna play a prank on me..>.<..then while wif them, Ifa called!!!..omg sia..kinda i chat chat chat wif her on the fone till her credit ran low cos she was using a pay fone..n then she can't meet me lor, cos she has to folo her colleagues around de..haiz..sadded..

Eh alamak..i stop here arh..sleepy sia..wanna sleep be continued..hehehe..

1.50 am

Posted by falcon/rara_forever at 1:25 PM EDT
Updated: Friday, 8 October 2004 5:34 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 5 October 2004
Once a scandal..always a scandal..
Mood:  sad
Now Playing: 'Cinderella' by Tata Young..
Time : 2.36 am
Venue : At home..

Sheesh..feeling kinda sleepy..acheli I'M VERY SLEEPY!!!..*ergh*..but i promised myself i'm gonna post an entry today..damn ass seh..*bang wall 10 times*..keke..

Hmmm..i'm chatting wif an online fren..i noe he's attached rite now, but he is acting blur sia..wat the heeeell..wateve lah eh..not my biz..i 'learnt' abt his 'affair' in when he was bored juz now n wanted me to call him, i told him y don't he call his Garfield..(he calls his gf Garfield, according to his gf's testimonial for him..n she calls him Oddie..) he's asking me like siao wat do i reali meant by calling up Garfield bla bla bla..act blur sia..padahal padahal..haiz..

N eiks..i finally updated my profile in goes..

* * * * *
Well well well..i guess it's time for me to update my 'About Me' column..hmmm..err..erm..donoe wat to put seh..lazy to

Aiya..ok lah..i'm lazy..haf to admit..never bother to tutorials..n my projects, wah kaoz, all last minit case..(-_-")..n oh my god lor, now i'm so damn busy wif..err..not skool, but my social life..can't seem to find a day where i can sit still at home n do my work my room now is basically like a tornado swept twice..geez..once swept aredi so jia lat, so twice will be like..gosh..haha..all my tutorials n lecture notes all hidden under my bed de..(will get them out before my exams..promise..)

Still got wat seh..donoe kind of person very easy to get bullied..*sob sob*..sometimes it doesn't reali matter, as long as i can make them happy..very naive..believe pple easily..i don't reali like pple to 'hate' me..not nice i tend to gif in alot..

My all time favrit phrase..'Wat the hell..' trademark seh..haha..always kena make classmates, for donoe wateve reason, call me 'Fatimah'..n that's like =_=..haha..n eh, i acheli love singing de..hope one day my talent kena recognised..wahaha..dreaming even when i'm not sleeping sia..keke..

Wat else..hmm..i don't get angry easily..i guess all my frens noe that..provoke me all u want, but if i'm angry, i will juz keep quiet..worst come to worst, i will juz vent my anger at my blog lor..there too many vulgarities aredi..haha..^_^

No goals in life as for one day at a time..never set high expectations on myself..n be it on my life or pple around me..juz thankful the way it is..i juz need to feel appreciated..that's all..juz feel taken for granted sumtimes..

Been thru lots of ups n now i'm acheli kinda tired wif the way life i tend to go wif the flow..main priority is living life to the fullest..n hopefully, one day, i can meet my knight in shining armour.. >.<

* * * * * entry for now is everything about my beloved scandal..geez..beloved sak..keke..hmm..well..donoe how shud i start..n lemme side-track abit..juz read Rai's blog a few minits back..terkekek jugak when i read her blog..almoz every entry got my name..haha..n i guess i was the one who influenced her to start a blog..i donoe..i mite be wrong..she managed to type so many entries in one day..wooo..power to the max..ahaha..of cos lah..pple neve go skool..stay at home do blog..siaoz..haha..sorry ar Rai..main2 je..keke..n aiya more person noes about my blog, so that means, one person less to criticise liao..>.<..haha..

Kk..back to my scandal huh..hmmm..i'm that kind of person who can tink out - of - the - box in uncertain situations one to explain..ok arh..juz now rite after i reach skool at around 2.30, scandal smsed me where i m..i replied..then he asked me wat time will i finish..i told him i m having project discussion now, n so, will finish at 6, juz rite before lecture..n hey, i went for GI lect!!!

Ok..tinking out - of - the box situation, for normal circumstances, u mite wonder y he suddenly sms me rite..well..for me, although he didn't tell me, i knew, he acheli wanted to meet me before he meet his gf..well, let's not say meet, that mite seem 'innocent' on his side, so i'm gonna put it as, he wants me to accompany him before he meets his gf..full-stop..

Noe y i noe?..cos i remembered, there was one incident on a Tuesday, he said he finish skool at 4 de..n his fren (his gf now), will finish at 5..n he needs me to accompany him while cos he will be meeting her..BINGO!..there u go..clever rite..

N..hmmm..juz now after lecture, i went to eat dinner wif Qian at Long John at after eating, we walk around Northpoint..*yawn*..ehehe..then around 9.30, scandal smsed me asking where i m..i told him i m at Northpoint..(scandal stays at Khatib..)....then he asked me whether i was serious n wat was i doing there n wif who..answered his qns n then he asked me wat time will i be going back..i told him soon, n then he asked me whether i will be taking train or bus back..after telling train, he asked me whether i wanna meet for a while..i told him i'm fine wif anything, n i asked him where to meet..

So after about almoz 10 minits, he replied..n damn, was i kinda pissed..he old me he was aredi in a cab so precisely he can't meet me, n told me to go straight home..(-_-")..bastard rite..haiz..but sumthing in me aredi tell me i won't be meetin him it was kind of expected..but still..haiz..he is always like that..heart pain sia..donoe wat he treat me as..ya i noe..i m his scandal..once a scandal, always a scandal..knn rite..but who the hell will he consult if he got probs? down or wat, who will he confide in? wat rite..haiya Rara..y seh u kena treated like this..

N this is not the 1st time he did that to me..once, he promised me that he will fetch me from skool during his term break..but did he? even one day..well ok, i wasn't reali particular about that..but tell u, even for our 1st meeting, it was postphoned for like, hmmm, thrice?..geez..n we were supposed to go out for one whole day, end up, met him for less than 4 hours goes the same to our subsequent meetings..all lasting, well, not even an hour..all these meetings confirm got 'agenda' de, pass disc lah, pass wallet lah..haiz..never ever we met once juz for the sake of spending time together..kinda sad..

I aredi told him to 'let me off'..can't i juz be his godsis?..spare me the torture sia..but he dowan..i reali donoe wat he wants from me..on one hand, he said he wants his current relationship wif his gf to be an everlasting one, else wud he wanna keep me?..he said he love me more than a sis..wat the hell is the world coming to?..

Wat the hell wat the hell?!?!?..gosh..i reali don't understand this fella man..

From my observation, hmmm, well, before he met me, he used to chat wif me on the fone quite frequently..everyday to be exact..after he met me, not so frequently, but, every call can last donoe how many hours..then, since he got his new gf, well, i kena abandoned..he will sms me only after he get back home or wat..haiz..

Scandal will always be scandal..can't deny that..

3.43 am

Posted by falcon/rara_forever at 3:18 PM EDT
Updated: Sunday, 10 October 2004 12:51 AM EDT
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Monday, 27 September 2004
So unlucky seh .. ;'(
Mood:  accident prone
Now Playing: 'Gu Dan Bei Ban Qiu' by Ou De Yang..(acheli it's from Chun Siak's blog..hehe)
Time : 2.13 pm
Venue : In skool's lab..

Ergh..yesterday hor..terrible day for me..juz as i tot everything was going on well..alrite..yesterday i went to Orchard wif Qian arh..then it's like, we were supposed to meet at 2.30 de, but Qian set the time as 2 so that i will not be late..>.<..terrible sia..muahaha..

So i was in the bus at 2.20 plus, reaching YCK MRT station n i was kinda kancheong waiting for Qian's sms cos she told me to reach there by 2 mah..haha..then she messaged!..uh-oh..(-_-")..but when i opened the sms, it read sumthing like, "Eh..u on the way le ar?..i will be late leh..cos my feet hurt like crazy.."..hiak hiak hiak..=Þ..i heaved a sigh of relief almoz immediately lor..

Qian wearing her NEW high-heels mah..haha..huo gai..weehee..then it's like i tot everything going on fine for me de..cos i came on time, 'godbro' got panicky all over me(which showed that he cared..haha..), n well, weather was a-ok..lemme side-track abit..btw, gonna change 'godbro' to scandal..starting from now!..ok..scandal gaf me a miss call while i was bathing..12.20 plus..then around 2.20 plus, he sms me, "Wat r u doing seh???"..muahahaha..evil sak lufter..then i say i going town bla bla bla..then he asked wif who..i said wif my gerl fren lah..then he replied sumthing like, "I always haf to worry for u.."..bla bla, wateve..he haf other gerls to worry for alrite..

Ok..back to the story..then i met Qian in the MRT..n i was like luffing at her misfortune lor..sumore she cudn't stand properly..haha..then at Orchard MRT rite, we sat one side while she put plasters on her last toe..erm..last toes..(errr..donoe whether there's such a thing called last toes anot..)..kk..then i was swinging my leg while giggling at her lah then suddenly, my stupid right slipper flung out..n i was like..OH GOSH!!!..did it juz flung out for fun, or or worst fear came true..the kiap-kiap thingy of my slipper snapped..wat the hell..then we were luffing like hell i tell u..misfortune sia..sumore both like almoz the same situation..related to our stupid shit seh..felt sucky all over..

Then Qian told me, "Eh..i neve tell u this before arh..if i got bad luck hor, people around me will oso get bad luck eh..hihi.."..then she said when she was walking to MRT or wat, got one cockroach flew at her when her feet were pain like crazy, so it's like kinda dificult to shoo the cockroach her reaction was damn funny..wahaha..*oh shit..i'm giggling to the comp rite now..*..

Then hor, i used her plasters to stick the stupid slipper in place lor..both of us were like sooo scared to walk..hahaha..then we were like joking about going back home..Qian was like.."But i want my Long John.." we struggled n stumbled n rolled n crawled till we reached Far East..hahaha..that's pure exaggeration..but we struggled, erm, Qian struggled..i didn't..but she keke put up a strong front..haha..sial lah..damn funny lah..i was like asking her, "Eh Qian..still can walkanot?"..then she reply me wif a big smile, "Yes of cos..wat's wrong wif my leg?"..wahaha..then hor, it's like, our greatest wish at that time was "Wish i didn't wear this shoe today"..lasap seh..muahaha..

So after that we stayed at Long John till 5 plus cos neither of us wanted to get up..took quite a alot of pics using my fone while we were there, n i muz say, i didn't noe i can look that cute!!! post up some of the pics'm so obsessed wif maself..*gasp*..i thick-skinned sia..hahaha..then we walked slowly all over Far East n decided to go Wisma..took such a long time to reach there..we acheli wanted to go Esplanade de, but considering our pathetic state, heck lor..i bold the word 'pathetic' cos, we r reali so kelian..hahaha..

Then after walking at Wisma, we sat at the Mac there..chit chat n eat deserts..n this Qian still haf the cheek to go Charles & Keith..lasap seh..haha..then we tried on the shoes there..amusing sight if an observer were to notice us..when i m trying my shoes, Qian will cover my pathetic slippers, n when she is trying hers, i will block her feet..haha..her toes r basically plastered all over..

Then, we went home lor..we kinda slept in the MRT..when the MRT was at Bishan rite, i aredi like stood up to test whether my slippers still 'can take it' anot..n oops..kinda flimsy..n i was abit afraid that the strap will come off..then this Qian kept reassuring me that nothing will happen i oso bo-chap lor..but then hor, while walking at the MRT, i got this feeling that something bad will happen sia..cos furthermore, it was becoming a harder task to walk..

Then i was slowly walking towards AMK bus-stop near the AMK Park, when out came my @#$% slippers!!!..i was like ARGH!!!..OH MY GOD LOR!!!..i donoe wat to do seh..looked down, n the stupid thing not intact paiseh..paiseh paiseh i struggled n stumbled to one corner..this one i reali struggled n stumbled lor, cos it was so difficult to walk wifout making my slipper fly..wah was an MI feat u noe..hahaha..

Then after that, i panic..donoe wat to i smsed Qian..she told me to juz take a cab..i can;t lor..for goodness sake..can't walk!!!..that;s the i smsed sis to call me a.s.a.p since she neve reply my sms..didn't noe she was swimming arh..then i smsed Ezad..he called me..said the same thing..take cab..die die i said i can't cos it was an impossible task to walk..damn it..then i told scandal to call me..he called me immediately man..>.<..i told him about the incident, n he kept saying i deserve it i deserve it..*sob sob* bad..

Then sis called, so i told him to put down..then scandal dare to sms me sumthing like, "I donoe how ur slippers got into that situation, but if i was wif u, i confirm luff like siao.."..wah bad!!!..i got abit pissed wif him..then i smsed him, "Wah bad..nvm nvm..dowan to go thru thick n thin together rite..nvm.."..then he replied back.."Sorry lah dear..i was playing only.."....then i heck..

So sis called, she told me she was swimming..that time was almoz i told her to come a.s.a.p n bring me another pair of i was like agak2 mebe she can come by 9.30..waited as if i trying to train an elephant to fly like that, n she came at 10.30..i was aredi like =_=..or +_+..any smiley that shows the more pathetic

So bla bla bla..reach home almoz at 11 lor..i can acheli reach home at 9 de leh, cos it all started at 8.30 like that when i reached AMK MRT station lor..haiz..unlucky like hell..

I tink that shud be all..haha..n erm, sumthing wrong wif my previous entry..i can't delete the pics..asssss..

Posted by falcon/rara_forever at 2:47 AM EDT
Updated: Monday, 4 October 2004 12:37 AM EDT
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Saturday, 25 September 2004
So sian..alone at home >.<
Mood:  quizzical
Now Playing: 'Breathe' by Blu Cantrell feat. Sean Paul..
Time : 4.49 pm
Veue : At home..alone..

Woohooo..i'm home alone..home alone..lalalalala..hahaha..but..bored to death..*yawn* went to kampung, mom n sibs went to Compass Pt to take sis' SIM card, then proceeding to Kak Ogy's house for her sons' burfday home..alone..blogging..listening to music..wat a life on a lazy Saturday..sheesh..

Hmm..kinda feeling sleepy acheli..mebe i'll take a nap later huh..well yesterday..wooo..quite a long day for me..neve been out that long lately..lately lah, i neve say not in my life..hiak hiak..(changed song to 'Turn Me On' by 2 Play..hehe)went to skool at 11 plus..met Raihah at the YCK MRT station at around 11.50 plus..then we walked to skool together while chatting was a last minit decision one..haha..main agenda was to show her Mahathir's pic..*bang wall*..muahaha..cos we wanna noe whether we r toking abt the same person anot..n gif me a round of applause man..*clap clap*'s the same person..n well, got to noe a 'darker' side of Mahathir i guess..he isn't that good at's over n done wif, n i reali made the rite decision..thank u God for that..

So i had lesson till 3..the stupid effective report writing..3 hours is like..pure agony i had great frens to tok crap wif..oh yah..toking abt my frens, guess wat?..i donoe ar whether it's reali the case anot..i happened to open my blog during lab session on Thursday..well..was reading thru n i stopped at entry dated 22nd September..the latest one..well, Nurul was beside me..n erm, there's this part i typed abt her..'Erm..juz now i slept at around 8 plus till 9 before Nurul called me..*bang wall*..cannot sleep peacefully sia..haiz..she asked me about the CRM project lor..then hor, after that cannot sleep..shit lor..'..gosh..i was staring at the comp screen n i noticed her looking at my comp screen too..i was so damn afraid that she mite read that part sia..damn..i was nervous like crazy at that point of time..shit..i'm so bad..cruel..evil..haiz..

Anyways..yesterday we had a gathering, Raihah, Wan, Max, Bob, Amzar n n Raihah met in skool after my GI project..eekz..toking abt my GI project, lemme side-track project is getting nowhere!!!..damn it!!!..fuck!!!..argh!!!..streess!!!..but stress as it seems, i still got time to type blog sia..a big LOL..

Well..i'm reali luffing to myself now..haha..okok..back to the story..(changed song to 'Pop That Booty')met up wif Raihah, then called up Wan to meet where..he said Compass Pt..then he said Tanjong Pagar..then donoe wateve shit lah..before i met up wif Raihah, Wan said meet at Compass Pt..then change to Tampines..then alast he said call him after i finish my project..*grrr*..wasted my money..then Raihah got angry cos it was kinda far n she doesn't haf money for MRT fare or sumthing to go to Tanjong Pagar..this part is kinda messy so i ain't gonna blog it down..cos i oso donoe how to put it in proper sentences..muahaha..(changed song to 'This Love'..woohooo..bring it on!)..

Then hor..argh..the guys made a fool of me sia..ok..wat happened is that..i called Wan..then Max i said, 'Eh, call Wan.."..cos it seems that they were in a confrens call mah..then Max said, "Wat is this man?..u call me n u ask for Wan??"..then my mind immediately went blank..brain-dead for a while..i was like "HARH?!?!?!"..I checked my fone..i called Wan wat? come suddenly diverted to Max?..n i panic lor..shit shit shit..then sum people in the call started luffing..i was like wat the hell..i was fooled!!!..arrggghhh!!! happened that, when i called, people in the confrens all kept quiet to trick when Max 'answered' it was as if i called the wrong person like that lah..wah lau..i was so damn blur sia..idiot..n i blindly believed that Max damn paiseh..(changed song to 'Hypnotised' by McFly)

Then in the end decided to meet at Compass Pt..meeting Max there first..cos Wan, Amzar n Hairil wanted to go Tanjong Pagar to pass some stuff to some me n Raihah walked around Compass like lost souls..wif no sense of direction..n err, we sort of played a prank call on Mahathir while waiting for Max..well..she insisted..erm, this Raihah sort of noes him, n met him before..n that was like 2 years ago..

So she called him wif the intention of disturbing him, n asked whether he remembered her anot..after Raihah did some recollections, he remembered..n she like tok sarcastically wif him arh, before the 10 cents we put in the public fone got used up n she had to put down the fone..i will blog down the 'relationship' between Mahathir n Raihah one fine day alrite..but haiz..u noe wat?..i reali pity him..reali..i mean, wateve Raihah is doing n her critising him, although on the outside i always luff wif her, inside, geez..i mean..tak baik seh..pity's like, fat people oso want to love, be loved, want to lead a normal's not our choice being fat seh..some people haf it in their genes..i mean..who loves being fat?..hopefully those people who got teased cos of being fat (including me.. =S), one day, we will get our sweet revenge alrite..mebe sooner..mebe later..or mebe dalam akhirat..

Ok..then we walked around Compass n i bought these pair of earrings for $1.90..>.<..hehe..besides being cheap, it's heart-shaped..purple sumore..i likeeee..aiya..juz buy lah..will post up the pic later..then we went to KFC to sit down for a while..saw Raudhah n her family except her dad..her sis changed alot..getting prettier le..then eventually met Max at aroubnd 7.30..waited for Bob..then we slowly proceeded to that Seng Kang void-deck we 'discovered' on the 1st gathering i had wif Raihah n Max..

Then bla bla bla..Wan, Amzar n Hairil joined us at around 9 plus..n btw, 'godbro' sms me 'I miz u' at 8:59:21 pm..hmmm..then after exchanging a few smses, he said he will call me once i get back home..but..haha..u noe i i told him i will sms him when i get back home so that he can call me using my house fone lah..

Then we all tok crap below the void-deck till 10.30 plus..before that we had a 'foto-taking' session wif our camera fones..hahaha..then hor, shit shit n Raihah walked in front first u noe..n u noe wat the hell the guys did?!?!?!..they took a backview pic of us!!!!!..bastards!!!..knn..cos when me n Raihah were walking rite, i heard awkward i c them do wateve shit they were not supposed to do..i donoe whether they got save the pic anot, or whether they manage to capture..gonna ask Wan later..

N yah..while below the void-deck, Ezad called Wan..then he oso got request to chat wif me for a while oso..haha..then after i get back home around 11 plus..after bathing, Ezad smsed me to ask me to call him lor..which i did..he was on the way to meet his fren for he felt bored so requested me to accompany him lor..hehe..

Then after putting down the fone at around 1, i called Wan to join the confrens..but i was half asleep all the while..hahaha..didn't reali hear wat they were toking, but it seems that Nana is trying to find fault wif Raihah, n Raihah is trying her best to gif in..n. i tink when Raihah cannot tahan aredi hor, she decided to put down the fone lor..haiyer..

Anyways..i reali blog too much i tink i stop for now arh..yesterday i slept at 3 plus, woke up at 11 plus..8 hours sleep..not enuf..haha..okok..bye bye..n hey, bro hasn't been online these past few weeks..where is he?..*sob sob*

6.47 pm

Here's a pic of my hand bands that i will wear wifout fail when i go out, n the newly-bought earrings..hehe..

Posted by falcon/rara_forever at 6:05 AM EDT
Updated: Saturday, 25 September 2004 6:29 AM EDT
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Wednesday, 22 September 2004
I best fit the title ..confidant?..
Mood:  not sure
Now Playing: Winter Sonata Soundtrack..juz the instruments..
Time : 11.27 pm
Venue : At home..

Geez..feeling so down rite my flu n stress n everything..juz one word..miserable..haiz..n anyways, godbro called me lor..well, i tot he want out or sumthing..but he called huh..

*Btw..the time now is 2.07 am..hehe..*

Erm..juz now i slept at around 8 plus till 9 before Nurul called me..*bang wall*..cannot sleep peacefully sia..haiz..she asked me about the CRM project lor..then hor, after that cannot sleep..shit lor..i toss n turn in bed n slept for a while (i tink..heh..) when around 10.30 like that, 'godbro' called me..*woopz*..

He said he has a major problem..wif his gf..*sigh*..relationship sux..juz as i tot he n his gf's relationship will be an everlasting one..lasap lor..donoe wat to say le..but..i mean..i kinda like his in, guess this gerl reali loves him alot..n she won't like anyhow break off wif him one..can juz sense that..

N the reason being that he want a break up is that, the gal reali sort of tested's like, he's a person who can't take jokes i guess..n the gal oso another one..haiz..she n his frens go n gang up n played a joke on him wat the tootz?..she digging her own grave wifout a doubt..n till now, she still doesn't noe that she is on the way to her grave in, i guess she donoe that things will be this serious..she still doesn't noe..

Well..n u noe wat?..'godbro' sort of can't wait to break up wif his gal i tink..n guess wat?..he said there's this gal who likes him..n by the sound of it, he mite be going steady wif her..i was like..dumbfounded..i mean, i still can speak as per normal, but thoughts were running thru my mind..'Wat about me?..', 'Wat do u exactly treat me as huh?..', 'U said u love me n u r going wif another gal?..'..*sob sob*..

Kinda disappointed in, hey, i didn't exactly want him to pick me as his gal, but, u noe, m i his spare tyre or wat seh?..i mean, if he wanna be single after the break up it's fine wif me..but..aiyaaaa..u noe i noe's as if i'm invisible..that's y lah..i will neve ever be sumone's special..only sumone's sister or confidant..sad u noe..

Anyways..tink i wanna log out now..gotta do my GI project n study for my CRM test..alrity..nitez!!!

~ Bro..i miss u like crazy man..when r u coming online?.. ;'( ~

2.46 am

My favrit bear..this image meant alot to me..

Posted by falcon/rara_forever at 2:25 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 22 September 2004 8:48 PM EDT
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Mood:  down
Now Playing: 'Mi Blenda' by Damian Marley..
Topic: body 'n' mind..
Time : 6.39 pm
Venue : At home

Shucks..not at a time like this..wah kaozzz..sick sick damn sick sia..ergh..running short, i tink i got the flu..asshole..juz when all the projects n tests all coming like machine guns..

Chatting wif Qian on MSN rite now..she mood i guess..cos i told her i saw Zackie in skool today..i mean, i am innocent seh..haiz..didn't noe she will turn all moody after i told her about that..but duh..i reali didn't noe mah..Rara..maintain man..haf to gif in arh..

*Sumone sms me!!!*

- To all GI members, Zhong Xi; abt the interview wif one insurance company, pls ask your IPP staff. Nura; write up a short intro of travel insurance and Jacqualine; pls hurry wif the survey form. Our meeting will be on tomoro after the test..Jacqualine will be excused for medical check-up -

Cheeeey!!!..i tot who seh..haiz..project project shit..*bang wall*..after one finish, another one on the damn pissed!!!..sadded sia..n guess wat?..'godbro' didn't sms me since yesterday afternoon..hmmm..sumthing wrong sumwhere huh..if he neve contact me today n tomoro oso, haiz, i got it lah..i'm being used ba..he got his his Emily the Strange wallet..*roll eyes*..

Guess i'm plain stupid..that's y..anyways, i slept at 2 plus yesterday..had confrens call wif Wan, Raihah, Max (woohoo..hehe..), Hamzah, Izat (Wan's fren), Isyak (Wan's fren), n Din!!!..ahaha..

Wah seh this Din..yesterday hor, i was on the way home..n anywayz, yesterday didn't attend my was a one hour guest speaker talk after coming to skool for PFP project for about an hour or so, i went to Qian's house..(lied to mom that i was at Hougang Point wif Wan..muahaha)..

Okk..back to the main i was on the bus arh..then Din smsed me, 'Eh!..neve go MSN?'..hahaha..he miss me arh?..*blush* i said i on the way home lor..reached home around 11, n sis was signing in to the comp..n i was like (-_-")..lasap lor..i got in MSN for a while n informed Din that i will call him since i can't use the comp..then around 12 plus he joined the confrens call wif us.. wat shall i blog about huh?..anyways, Qian seems much better now..good..hehe..n oh yah, my henfon's my henfon bill details :

Local Airtime Call Charge - $99.67
Off Peak - $43.55 (435.5 mins) [wat the hell?!?!]
Peak - $56.12 (280.6 mins) [another wat the hell?!?!]
SmartMessage - $103.60 (2072 messages) [oh my god lor..]

How?..nice eyes almoz popped out seeing my talktime..goodness sia..had a short 'meeting' wif parents juz now..they gonna cut cut cut my allowance *sob sob*..n besides that, i haf to pay abit oso!?!..n next week!!!..aiseh man..needa go do project at Haagen Daaz as mystery shopper de..shit lor..gif me the place so ex one..ass ass ass..

Alrite..tink i log off for now..haha..i seem to be energetic when i m

7.38 pm

PS : Here's an act-cute pic of me..hehe..

Posted by falcon/rara_forever at 10:58 AM EDT
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