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Descendants of Chester C. Richie Generation No. 1 1. CHESTER C.1 RICHIE1 was born August 1824 in Sangamon Co., Illinois2,3, and died July 16, 1906 in Pepin Co., Wisconsin. He married (1) ELIZABETH JARRETT March 01, 1849 in Jackson Co., Illinois4. He married (2) ELIZABETH ASKINS5,6 September 17, 1865 in Jefferson Co., Iowa7, daughter of DAVID ASKINS and MARY. She was born July 31, 1834 in Richland Twp., Guernsey Co., Ohio, and died Abt. September 01, 1903 in Pepin Co, WI. Notes for CHESTER C. RICHIE: Physical Description: 6 ft., dark complexion, black eyes, black hair. Source: Certificate of disability for discharge, April 16, 1862, Company G, 11th Iowa Infantry. More About CHESTER C. RICHIE: Burial: Round Hill Cemetery, Arkansaw, WI Military service: September 09, 1861, Enlisted in Capt. Sam. McFarland's Company G, 11th Inf., Iowa, honorably discharged Apr 16, 1862; re-enlisted in Co. M, 4th Iowa Calvary Dec 1, 1863 and honorably discharged Jun 2, 1865 More About ELIZABETH ASKINS: Burial: Porcupine Cemetery, Pepin Co., WI Children of CHESTER RICHIE and ELIZABETH JARRETT are: i. MARY A.2 RICHIE, b. 1845, Jackson County, Illinois. ii. ALLIFIAR RICHIE, b. 1847, Jackson Co., Illinois. iii. FRANCES ELIZABETH RICHIE, b. 1854, Jackson Co., Illinois. iv. MINERVA RICHIE, b. 1859, Jackson Co., Illinois. Children of CHESTER RICHIE and ELIZABETH ASKINS are: 2. v. MARTHA JANE2 RICHIE, b. November 02, 1866, Eau Claire Co., Wisconsin; d. September 1890. 3. vi. WELCOME SYLVESTER RICHIE, b. March 03, 1868, Frankfort, Pepin Co., WI; d. 1940, Cayuga Co, NY. 4. vii. CARRIE LEOTIA RICHIE, b. October 12, 1872, Pepin Co., Wisconsin; d. December 07, 1910. viii. CORA B. RICHIE, b. March 21, 1878, Frankfort, Pepin Co., Wisconsin; d. August 02, 1892, Pepin Co., Wisconsin. Generation No. 2 2. MARTHA JANE2 RICHIE (CHESTER C.1) was born November 02, 1866 in Eau Claire Co., Wisconsin, and died September 1890. She married (1) MELVIN STEWART. She married (2) ARTHUR MACARTHUR. More About MARTHA JANE RICHIE: Burial: Round Hill Cemetery, Arkansaw, WI Children of MARTHA RICHIE and ARTHUR MACARTHUR are: 5. i. MARY ELIZABETH3 MACARTHUR, b. May 07, 1886, Porcupine, Pepin Co., WI; d. August 07, 1965, South Pasadena, CA. ii. CHESTER SYLVESTER MACARTHUR, b. March 16, 1890, Porcupine, Pepin Co., WI; d. June 06, 1938. 3. WELCOME SYLVESTER2 RICHIE (CHESTER C.1) was born March 03, 1868 in Frankfort, Pepin Co., WI, and died 1940 in Cayuga Co, NY. He married SOPHIA CAROLINE MARKMAN8, daughter of JOHANN MARKMANN and SOPHIE. She was born April 25, 1876 in Florence, Goodhue Co, Minnesota9, and died June 13, 1930 in Independence, Iowa10,11. More About WELCOME SYLVESTER RICHIE: Burial: Emerson Cemetery, Conquest, Cayuga C, NY More About SOPHIA CAROLINE MARKMAN: Burial: 1930, Mt. Hope Cemetery, Independence, Iowa Children of WELCOME RICHIE and SOPHIA MARKMAN are: i. JOHN CHESTER3 RICHIE12, b. September 27, 1892, Durand, Pepin Co, WI; d. November 25, 1967, Cayuga Co, NY; interred in Emerson Cemetery; m. ALVINA. More About JOHN CHESTER RICHIE: Military service: Bet. June 26, 1918 - June 07, 1919, Served in France from July 1918 to May 1919 ii. JUDD W. RICHIE12, b. 1895; d. Abt. 1896. 6. iii. ILA MAE RICHIE, b. September 30, 1898, Fairchild, Eau Claire Co, WI. 7. iv. HARRY SYLVESTER RICHIE, b. 1902, Fairchild, Eau Claire Co, WI; d. August 18, 1964, Independence, IA. 8. v. LAURA KRESS RICHIE, b. November 24, 1905, Cartersville, Jasper Co., MO; d. April 11, 1983, Waterloo, IA. 9. vi. LEONARD ARTHUR RICHIE, b. March 30, 1908, Independence, IA; d. December 27, 1990, Ontonogan, MI. 10. vii. JESSIE BERNICE RICHIE, b. March 20, 1911, Independence, Buchanan Co, Iowa; d. March 10, 1992, Syracuse, NY. 11. viii. DAVID ROBERT RICHIE, b. June 29, 1913, Independence, IA. 4. CARRIE LEOTIA2 RICHIE (CHESTER C.1) was born October 12, 1872 in Pepin Co., Wisconsin, and died December 07, 1910. She married (1) EDMOND BIGNELL April 12, 1887 in Waterville, Pepin Co., Wisconsin. She married (2) WILLIAM MCKINLEY MANORE November 19, 1893 in Arkansaw, Pepin Co., Wisconsin. He died December 15, 1910. Children of CARRIE RICHIE and EDMOND BIGNELL are: i. VERNIE OLIE3 BIGNELL, b. March 13, 1888, Pepin Co., WI; d. January 07, 1892. ii. NELLIE R. BIGNELL, b. August 28, 1889, Pepin Co., WI. iii. FRANKLIN BIGNELL, b. 1890, Pepin Co., WI. iv. WILLIAM BIGNELL, b. 1893, Pepin Co., WI. Children of CARRIE RICHIE and WILLIAM MANORE are: v. WILLIAM MCKINLEY3 MANORE, b. August 31, 1896, Pepin Co., WI. vi. LEE L. MANORE, b. May 20, 1899, Pepin Co., WI. vii. GRACE ETTA MANORE, b. September 12, 1901, Pepin Co., WI. viii. VANGHN ODELL MANORE, b. October 30, 1907, Pepin Co., WI. Generation No. 3 5. MARY ELIZABETH3 MACARTHUR (MARTHA JANE2 RICHIE, CHESTER C.1) was born May 07, 1886 in Porcupine, Pepin Co., WI, and died August 07, 1965 in South Pasadena, CA. She married LT CLAY GOTCHY13 September 25, 1904 in Pepin Co., WI. Notes for MARY ELIZABETH MACARTHUR: Mary and LT moved to California about 1930 More About MARY ELIZABETH MACARTHUR: Burial: August 13, 1965, Forest Lawn Cemetery, Glendale, CA Children of MARY MACARTHUR and LT GOTCHY are: i. BEATRICE SADIE4 GOTCHY, b. October 05, 1905, Chicago, IL; d. December 23, 1905, Chicago, IL. More About BEATRICE SADIE GOTCHY: Date born 2: October 05, 1905 ii. REX LT GOTCHY, b. November 07, 1906, Aberdeen, SD; d. April 23, 1995, Salt Lake City, UT. iii. COSETTA GENOA GOTCHY, b. February 26, 1911, Watertown, SD. iv. ORLETTA LORRAINE GOTCHY, b. February 09, 1914, Watertown, SD. v. LAY LYMAN GOTCHY, b. November 18, 1915, Watertown, SD. vi. MAXINE VIVIAN GOTCHY, b. February 14, 1919, Watertown, SD. vii. LT HOLMAN GOTCHY, b. September 28, 1922, Salt Lake City, UT. viii. MARY ANLEE GOTCHY, b. April 05, 1929, Salt Lake City, UT; d. April 05, 1929. 6. ILA MAE3 RICHIE (WELCOME SYLVESTER2, CHESTER C.1)14 was born September 30, 1898 in Fairchild, Eau Claire Co, WI. She married HAROLD BEATTY. Children of ILA RICHIE and HAROLD BEATTY are: i. THELMA4 BEATTY, d. 1976. 12. ii. IVADELL BEATTY. iii. EVELYN BEATTY, m. WERNER. 13. iv. GERALDINE BEATTY. 14. v. HAROLD BEATTY. 15. vi. ROBERT BEATTY. 16. vii. ALFRED BEATTY. 17. viii. MARILYN BEATTY. 7. HARRY SYLVESTER3 RICHIE (WELCOME SYLVESTER2, CHESTER C.1)14 was born 1902 in Fairchild, Eau Claire Co, WI, and died August 18, 1964 in Independence, IA. More About HARRY SYLVESTER RICHIE: Occupation: Baker Children of HARRY SYLVESTER RICHIE are: i. ELIZABETH4 RICHIE, d. Bef. 1983; m. PETERSON. ii. WILLIAM S. RICHIE. 8. LAURA KRESS3 RICHIE (WELCOME SYLVESTER2, CHESTER C.1)14 was born November 24, 1905 in Cartersville, Jasper Co., MO, and died April 11, 1983 in Waterloo, IA. She married (1) HARRY SHADMAN. He died 1940 in Cato Twp, Cayuga County, NY. More About LAURA KRESS RICHIE: Burial: Mount Hope Cemetery, Independence, IA Children of LAURA RICHIE and HARRY SHADMAN are: i. WINONA4 SHADMAN, b. June 19, 1922. ii. CAROLINE SHADMAN, b. February 28, 1927. 18. iii. BLANCHE SHADMAN, b. June 19, 1931, Cato, NY. iv. ARMENIA SHADMAN, b. August 17, 1936. 19. v. RUBY SHADMAN, b. March 08, 1939. Child of LAURA KRESS RICHIE is: vi. RAYMOND4 RICHIE, b. June 10, 1943. 9. LEONARD ARTHUR3 RICHIE (WELCOME SYLVESTER2, CHESTER C.1)14 was born March 30, 1908 in Independence, IA, and died December 27, 1990 in Ontonogan, MI. He married IOMA WHITE15 June 05, 1935 in Ellsworth, Pierce Co., WI. She was born September 29, 1913 in Arkansaw, Pepin Co., WI, and died September 29, 1991 in Appleton, WI. Children of LEONARD RICHIE and IOMA WHITE are: i. MILDRED4 RICHIE. 20. ii. KENNETH RICHIE, b. August 28, 1942. 10. JESSIE BERNICE3 RICHIE (WELCOME SYLVESTER2, CHESTER C.1) was born March 20, 1911 in Independence, Buchanan Co, Iowa, and died March 10, 1992 in Syracuse, NY. She married (2) WALTER LOREN HOFFMAN May 17, 1933 in Port Byron, Cayuga Co, NY16, son of EUGENE HOFFMAN and MARY RUSSELL. He was born September 28, 1886 in Phelps, Ontario Co, NY, and died February 21, 1943 in Conquest, Cayuga Co, NY. More About JESSIE BERNICE RICHIE: Burial: March 13, 1992, Cremated; ashes under stone at Emerson Cemetery, Conquest Twp, Cayuga Co., NY Cause of Death: Cardio-pulminary arrest, due to metastatic cancer, due to lung cancer Cremation: March 13, 1992 Social Security Number: 127-20-8871 Child of JESSIE BERNICE RICHIE is: 21. i. SLYVESTER ROBERT4 RICHIE, b. Abt. 1930. Children of JESSIE RICHIE and WALTER HOFFMAN are: 22. ii. RAY DAVID4 HOFFMAN, b. June 03, 1934, Cato, Cayuga Co, NY. 23. iii. GERALD LAWRENCE HOFFMAN, b. June 06, 1939. 11. DAVID ROBERT3 RICHIE (WELCOME SYLVESTER2, CHESTER C.1)17 was born June 29, 1913 in Independence, IA. He married BLANCHE ANNEN June 03, 1940 in Plum City, Pierce Co., WI. She was born 1910. Children of DAVID RICHIE and BLANCHE ANNEN are: i. BETH4 RICHIE. ii. ARTHUR RICHIE. Generation No. 4 12. IVADELL4 BEATTY (ILA MAE3 RICHIE, WELCOME SYLVESTER2, CHESTER C.1) She married STRINE. Children of IVADELL BEATTY and STRINE are: i. JANET5 STRINE. ii. JOYCE STRINE. 13. GERALDINE4 BEATTY (ILA MAE3 RICHIE, WELCOME SYLVESTER2, CHESTER C.1) She married BUSHELL. Children of GERALDINE BEATTY and BUSHELL are: i. RONNIE5 BUSHELL. ii. ARNIE BUSHELL. 14. HAROLD4 BEATTY (ILA MAE3 RICHIE, WELCOME SYLVESTER2, CHESTER C.1) Children of HAROLD BEATTY are: i. KAREN5 BEATTY. ii. DAVID BEATTY. iii. DUANE BEATTY. 15. ROBERT4 BEATTY (ILA MAE3 RICHIE, WELCOME SYLVESTER2, CHESTER C.1) Children of ROBERT BEATTY are: i. JAMES5 BEATTY. ii. DIANE BEATTY. iii. ROBERT BEATTY. iv. KIM BEATTY. v. DENICE BEATTY. vi. KODY BEATTY. vii. ANGIE BEATTY. 16. ALFRED4 BEATTY (ILA MAE3 RICHIE, WELCOME SYLVESTER2, CHESTER C.1) Children of ALFRED BEATTY are: i. DEBBIE5 BEATTY. ii. VICKIE BEATTY. iii. CHERYL BEATTY. 17. MARILYN4 BEATTY (ILA MAE3 RICHIE, WELCOME SYLVESTER2, CHESTER C.1) She married HIGDON. Children of MARILYN BEATTY and HIGDON are: i. PAM5 HIGDON. ii. NEIL HIGDON. iii. IRENE HIGDON. iv. JESSIE HIGDON. v. SAM HIGDON. 18. BLANCHE4 SHADMAN (LAURA KRESS3 RICHIE, WELCOME SYLVESTER2, CHESTER C.1) was born June 19, 1931 in Cato, NY. She married (1) RICHARD HERBERT BECKER February 19, 1952. He was born February 07, 1931 in Waterloo, IA. She married (2) ARNOLD HARRY QUINN October 30, 1964. He was born June 14, 1927 in Independence, IA, and died August 1969. More About ARNOLD HARRY QUINN: Burial: Mount Auburn, IA Cemetery Children of BLANCHE SHADMAN and RICHARD BECKER are: i. MARIE CRYSTAL5 BECKER, b. July 23, 1952, Waterloo, IA; m. (1) MARK S. BENNETT, June 19, 1971; b. June 12, 1950, Cedar Falls, IA; m. (2) VICTOR JACKSON, December 04, 1989; b. February 17, 1947, Omaha, NE. ii. LINDA LORRAINE BECKER, b. December 04, 1953, Waterloo, IA; m. (1) RICHARD ALLEN SHEPARD, May 06, 1972; b. November 01, 1949, Benson, MN; d. April 08, 1988; m. (2) DAVID SWANSON, February 14, 1986; b. October 26, 1954, Nevada, IA. iii. LEONARD JOSEPH BECKER, b. November 25, 1955, Waterloo, IA; m. DEBRA METCALF, October 01, 1977; b. May 16, 1957, Waterloo, IA. iv. RHONDA MAE BECKER, b. September 15, 1959, Waterloo, IA; m. (2) DEAN CURTIS RUTH, August 11, 1979; b. March 01, 1956, Waverly, IA. v. TIMOTHY ALLYN BECKER, b. January 15, 1964; d. May 15, 1964. More About TIMOTHY ALLYN BECKER: Burial: Eagle Center Cemetery, Eagle Center, IA Child of BLANCHE SHADMAN and ARNOLD QUINN is: vi. DAWN MALYN5 QUINN, b. April 15, 1966; m. (1) DEWAYN G. FERRIE; b. December 03, 1964, Waterloo, IA. 19. RUBY4 SHADMAN (LAURA KRESS3 RICHIE, WELCOME SYLVESTER2, CHESTER C.1) was born March 08, 1939. She married CLIFFORD R. COOK. Child of RUBY SHADMAN and CLIFFORD COOK is: i. SUSAN5 COOK, b. 1968, Cato Twp, Cayuga County, NY; m. ANTHONY SCOTT MCQUAID. 20. KENNETH4 RICHIE (LEONARD ARTHUR3, WELCOME SYLVESTER2, CHESTER C.1) was born August 28, 1942. He married ILA MAE AUGUSTA BURTON May 23, 1964, daughter of HARVEY BURTON and LILA WEHAUSEN. Children of KENNETH RICHIE and ILA BURTON are: i. LAUIE ANN5 RICHIE, b. September 28, 1965; m. WAYNE GERALD VANDENLANGENBERG, October 01, 1994; b. March 02, 1961. ii. GENE AUTHOR RICHIE, b. April 11, 1967; m. PEGGY KAY RICKER, July 16, 1994; b. October 08, 1970. iii. DIANE LYNN RICHIE, b. February 26, 1970. 21. SLYVESTER ROBERT4 RICHIE (JESSIE BERNICE3, WELCOME SYLVESTER2, CHESTER C.1) was born Abt. 1930. He married GRACE. Children of SLYVESTER RICHIE and GRACE are: i. MICHEAL5 RICHIE. ii. CAROL RICHIE. iii. ROBIN RICHIE. iv. ROBERT RICHIE. 22. RAY DAVID4 HOFFMAN (JESSIE BERNICE3 RICHIE, WELCOME SYLVESTER2, CHESTER C.1) was born June 03, 1934 in Cato, Cayuga Co, NY. He married (1) PATRICIA MAE ZELLER October 02, 1965 in Almond, Washara Co, WI, daughter of CARL ZELLER and CLARA OLSON. She was born March 25, 1937 in Wild Rose,Washara Co, WI, and died December 18, 1988 in Monroeville, Allegheny Co, PA.. He married (2) KAY ELLEN DUTTER August 07, 1993 in Butler Twp, Butler Co., PA. She was born August 31, 1941 in Butler, Butler County, PA. More About RAY DAVID HOFFMAN: Adoption: 1943, To Ray and Iva Hoffman after Father's Death Baptism: 1955, Roman Catholic, Syracuse, NY Education 1: 1962, PhD., Lehigh U., Bethlehem, PA Education 2: 1952, Wayne Central School, Ontario, NY Education 3: 1956, B.S., LeMoyne College, Syracuse, NY Education 4: 1958, M.S., Lehigh U., Bethlehem, PA More About PATRICIA MAE ZELLER: Burial: December 21, 1988, St. Martins Cemetery, Portage Co, WI Cause of Death: Breast Cancer Education 1: 1966, M.S., Nursing, Catholic University Education 2: 1955, Graduate, Wild Rose High School Education 3: 1958, R.N., St. Mary's School of Nursing, Rochester, MN Education 4: 1962, B.S., Nursing, Marquette University Children of RAY HOFFMAN and PATRICIA ZELLER are: i. DAVID CARL5 HOFFMAN, b. October 05, 1968, Montclair, Essex Co, NJ; m. SHARON LEONARD, May 27, 1995, Philadelphia, PA; b. Philadelphia, PA. More About DAVID CARL HOFFMAN: Education 1: 1986, Graduate, Greensburg Central Catholic High School Education 2: 1990, B.A., Communications, University of Pittsburg, Johnstown Education 3: 1994, M.S., Communications, Temple University Education 4: 1999, Phd., Communications, University of Iowa ii. JEFFERY WALTER HOFFMAN, b. August 13, 1971, Latrobe, Westmoreland Co., PA. More About JEFFERY WALTER HOFFMAN: Education 1: 1993, B.S., University of New Hampshire Education 2: 1989, Graduate, Greensburg Central Catholic High School 23. GERALD LAWRENCE4 HOFFMAN (JESSIE BERNICE3 RICHIE, WELCOME SYLVESTER2, CHESTER C.1) was born June 06, 1939. He married JANE E. SCHUTT. She was born June 21, 1943 in Syracuse, NY. Child of GERALD HOFFMAN and JANE SCHUTT is: i. GERALD LAWRENCE5 HOFFMAN, b. March 18, 1983. Endnotes 1. LDS Microfilm, Source 1553670, Batch 9013601, sheet 13. 2. 1900 Federal Census, Frankfort, Pepin Co., WI. 3. Military Certificate of Discharge, Pension Application File, SC 357 314, born in Sangamon Co., IL and is 36 yrs old. 4. Letter, Mette (Mrs. D. Kent) Holbrook, Jan 13, 1993. 5. International Genealogical Index. 6. Census Record, 1850, p. 35, Lockridge Twp, Jefferson C, Iowa. 7. Marriage Certificate, Jefferson Co, IA Marriage Register, p. 496. 8. Birth Certificate, Goodhue Co., MN, Certificate # 1-136-17, Born April 25, 1876 to John and Sophie Markman. 9. Birth Certificate, Certificate # 1-136-17; Goodhue Co., MN, dob: Apr 25, 1876; Florence township, Goodhue county, MN. 10. Tombstone, Mt. Hope Cemetery, Independence, Iowa, Tombstone Inscription: Mother - Sophie D. Ritchie - 1876 - 1930. 11. Death Certificate, Iowa, Dept. of Health, Div. of Vital Statistics, A10-123, Sophie Carrie Ritchie; dob April 24, 1876, pob MN; dod June 13, 1930, pod Independence, IA. 12. Information from Jessie Richie Hoffman, ca. 1980. 13. Letter, Mette (Mrs. D. Kent) Holbrook, Jan 13, 1993. 14. Information from Jessie Richie Hoffman, ca. 1980. 15. Personal letter, Millie Martens, d/o Leonard and Ioma Ritchie, 7/22/00. 16. Marriage Certificate, date of marriage: May 17, 1933 in Conquest, NY. 17. Information from Jessie Richie Hoffman, ca. 1980.