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Have you ever wondered what was in your husbands, wives, or childrenís email? Hello, my name is Buster Dallas, for twenty years I worked for the now multi-billion dollar Microsoft Corporation, mostly utilizing in the MSN Developmental Department. Now at 45 I am retired, but with all the years of experience I learned at Microsoft, I have found a way to use my knowledge to help others. The knowledge Iím talking about is gaining access, usually through ISP numbers and networking services, to obtain individuals passwords to their MSN Hotmail, Yahoo, and AOL account email. I also have the knowledge and equipment to gain access to Yahoo and AIM Messenger conversations. Some might say this is a way of defrauding a persons privacy, but lets face it; this day in age the computer or online web-browsing is becoming more and more a way of destroying relationships and childrenís innocence. In a poll conducted by Forbs in the year 2003 it showed that 65% of relationships or marriages end due to online affairs. It also showed that between the ages of 8 through 13, children were already exposed to graphic material via email, not to mention the many abductions that have accrued as a result to online conversations. So donít you think It should be your right as a wife, a husband, or a concerned parent to be entitled to view the contents of emails and instant message conversations? Well now that Iíve explained what it is I do and why I do it, here are the rules and regulations, if you are interested in this offer.