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Crowning Glory Tiara

Our newest design was designed at our request, and it turned out STUNNING. This measures 6" wide by 5-1/2" deep and 1-3/4" tall, and has a multitude of irridescent AB/Reflective crystal flowers on a very white silver-plated setting with three white faux pearls completing the design. This is really gorgeous, and you won't be disappointed

Sparkling Highlight Tiara

This magnificent tiara is no slouch for dazzle and beauty. It measures 6" in diameter and nearly 2" high at its center point. It has seven large oval
shapes with a double strand of rhinestones in each one, and smaller ovals
in between. You'll love how you feel with this lovely tiara.


This beauty is low and long, at 7" wide and 6" deep, but only 1-1/2" tall. It has nine rhinestone 'columns' with a larger rhinestone at each apex, gradually getting larger toward the center.

Pearl Band Tiara
A new design and a real beauty, this has a detailed zigzag pattern with white faux pearls on top and bottom, and rhinestone in the center. This measures 5" across and 6" deep.

Rhinestone Web Tiara

This tiara has a very intricate and delicate pattern of rhinestones , almost like rhinestone branches, leading up to a central point. There is one oval shaped rhinestone moveable cluster dangling from the tiara's apex. This
tiara is about 6" in diameter, and 2" high at its apex.