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Accessories are what make the outfit look the way it looks. With accessories you make a ugly dress beautiful. Our accessories include from hair accessories to jewelry that can be worn with your gowns. All of our accessories are $5.99 plus tax.

Crystal Flower Hair Pins

The Pointed Star Design and Large Daisy Design are 7/8" across, and the
Small Daisy Design is 5/8" across. The prongs are 3" long.

Crystal Daisy Hair Spirals

They come in nine colors and they are Topaz, Silver/Gray, Deep Purple, Black/Clear-Grey Petals, Red, White,Soft Rose,White with Clear Center and Pale Blue. Our cute little daisy hair spirals are slightly smaller than the Crystal Flower
Hair Pins above and have a curly-Q wire which easily screws into your
hairdo. These measure about 1/4" wide and come in packages of one
dozen; your choice of nine vivid colors.

Classy Clips

You have your choice of our largest hairclip at 4" long and 1" wide, or a
pair of clips which are 2-1/2" long.

Rhinestone Hairpins

You have your choice of our largest hairclip at 4" long and 1" wide, or a
pair of clips which are 2-1/2" long.

Heart Anklet

This Hearts Anklet 8" chain is silver-plated and reflects the way you feel.


To add a simple elegant touch, try our Sultry Anklet, 8" and silver-plated.


Tiny slanted rectangular rhinestones create a modern design that is 16"
long. Simple yet sophisticated! Matching 1" earrings are included.

Floral Arrangement

Rhinestone flowers all around, this design really SPARKLES - each small
flower has 7 circular rhinestones in it. The silver-plated chain is 16" long,
and the matching earrings, included, of course, are 1" long.


This is similar to our Ultimate Wedding Set, which we carry in silver with
white faux pearls, or gold with ivory faux pearls. But this set has ALL
rhinestones on a silver-plated chain. The chain itself is 16" long, with an
additional 3" extension, for a total of 19". The matching earrings are
1-1/4" long. This is a GORGEOUS piece of jewelry, and we are proud to
offer it at a great price.

Supreme Set

Add this beautiful matching rhinestone elastic bracelet to your Supreme
necklace and earrings for the perfect look!

This 7" bracelet matches our silver wedding set by the name of The Best
(the price of the bracelet is discounted if you buy the complete 3-piece
set). This is an elegant and popular design.


The Quadruple Row Bracelet is shown on the left, with Triple Row on the
right for comparison. This has a 7" silver-plated chain and lots of beautiful
small rhinestones to give this a very expensive look.


A great bargain, and quite a beauty. This includes our own special design,
Exclusive, with matching earrings and bracelet, all in a silver-plated setting
with white faux pearls. The added bracelet is 7" long.