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About Ajit Tendulkar


"Ajit has always been my guiding light in cricket. He was the one who spotted my natural ability and honed that. With his help and coaching I have developed into the cricketer that I am. I am still improving and it is still Ajit that I look to for that help."
- Sachin Tendulkar.

Ajit Tendulkar, the trigger behind the success of one of the greatest batsmen known to the game of cricket, loved the game right from his birth. Not only a brilliant spectator of the game, Ajit also has played the game throughout his years of school, excelling in that field as well by captaining his high school and college teams. The greatest aspect of Ajit is his dedication to the success of his younger brother. Ajit Tendulkar put aside his own cricket career, as well as his personal life, aside to construct a gem of a cricketer, and surely doesn’t regret a bit of it. From a neglected ball boy in his housing complex in Mumbai to an idol of billions around the cricketing world, Sachin Tendulkar stands out today as a God to many fans in the sub continent. As a western observer once said, “If cricket is a religion in India, Sachin Tendulkar is a God”.

Ajit Tendulkar began to scout Sachin when he saw his talent while playing in Sahitya Sahawas, the colony in which Sachin started his quest to the top of the cricket hierarchy. He has been like a needle, poking and keeping Sachin on track throughout his career. As Sachin progressed as a young player, many began to see what Ajit has been seeing from the very beginning. Sachin Tendulkar was like a chick in an egg waiting to burst out and show off his talent. Sunil Gavaskar, another cricketing great, was one of the firsts (besides Ajit) to recognize Sachin’s talent, as he is also from the state of Maharashtra. “A few months down the road I actually saw him bat in the nets and came home to tell my wife that I had seen a future Test star.” (Sunil Gavaskar writes in The Making of a cricketer, book written on Sachin Tendulkar by Ajit) Of course now, over a billion people in South Asia and elsewhere can testify to the uncanny accuracy of Gavaskar’s prediction.

Ajit’s depth of knowledge and passion for the game of cricket is the essential ingredient needed for being a successful coach. Clearly, Ajit has all it takes in being a coach to all generations. Watching the little master bat will convince one of Ajit’s ingenuity.