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Nordic Live Show 2003

Oct. – Nov. 2.nd, 2003


A picture of the area's countryside



Updates 11042003;


The Friday is put off for farm tours, farms is yet undetermined, but i am currently finding out if we

can go to a Haflinger breeder and see that farm.

Friday evening is dinner, action fun & auction night - we will have some nifty lots at this auction, and all proceeds from this auction

will go towards the live show, to help cover the live show fee's. If intrested in sponsering an auction lot please e-mail us!

So far donated: sm cm by Deb Poole ( Revelstone Creations )"from down under" Australia, a undetermined repaint by Sanne Winther Studios,

and a yet undetermined "something" from Myla Pearce!!!!

As for the fun part... get ready for so me serious, not totally model horse related fun!!! (hey it dont all have to be so darn serious!!!)

Friday we will have a "pit stop" so every one can stock liquids for the dinners & show days! :)

Please refrain from drinking alcoholic beverages until after the event.

IMPORTANT Show update; It was brought to my attention that the hotels first serve breakfast at 8.00 am.

Due to this the show have been moved one hour, so every one can have their breakfast and all, with out having to rush it down.

Showhall opens at 9.00 am and the shows start at 10.00 am sharp!!!




Performance and foal classes & Divisions

Halter classes & Divisions

Showpacket, Entryform, & lunch + Dinner order forms

Entryform for models

Volounteer judging sheet - Performance and Foal classes

Volounteer judging sheet - Halter classes





More information will be posted when availible!

Please check back for updates!

Have question, do not hessitate to ask - drop us a e-mail!



This show is an EMHCSA membership show!

(aproved 20-1-03!)


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