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Stephen Jones

251 S. Ventura Road #213  ź  Port Hueneme, CA 93041

(805) 271-9749 ź Cell: 217-4560



Objective: To obtain a position as a Computer Applications/Graphics Designer




*   QuarkXpress

*   HTML Basics

*   PageMaker

*   GoLive

*   PhotoShop

*   FrontPage

*   Illustrator

*   Excel

*   ImageReady

*   Internet Explorer

*   PowerPoint

*   AutoCAD

*   Microsoft Word




Technology Development Center                 Ventura, CA                                                                       2001 - 02

Certificate of Completion:  Web Business Graphics/ Desktop Publishing


Ventura College                                                       Ventura, CA                                                                      1995 – 96

Completed Drafting, AutoCAD, Math and Machine Shop courses.




Electrician                                      Astro Electric, Azusa, CA                                                           1999-01

*   Followed schematics to wire new houses, including electric, TV, phone, and others.

*   Hung light fixtures and ceiling fans, both indoor and outside, solving any installation problems as they occurred.

*   Wired fuse panels, making sure that all connections worked according to plans.


Direct Care Staff                                                 ARC, Ventura, CA                                                                   1997-99

*   Dispensed medications to developmentally disabled residents in group home

*   Prepared meals, following planned nutritional prescriptions for residents

*   Wrote up daily notes of residents’ activities and wrote progress reports on residents


Laborer                                                     Spring Industries, Ventura, CA                                                   1995 - 97

*   Manufactured springs for hydraulic fuel system for space shuttle, and created other               custom items for clients

*   Operated coil machines, mills, kick presses, grinders, sand blasters

*   Followed orderly procedures for preparing items for shipping.