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                                     Discipline Plan

      and Grading Scale



 For your child and all the students in our classroom to have the excellent learning environment they deserve, we are using the following classroom management plan. Our plan is based on mutual respect and cooperation for all students. It is the goal of our plan to develop characteristics of self-discipline, responsibility, cooperation, and problem solving skills.

 For rules to have meaning to the students it is necessary for them to take part in developing them. Therefore, they will have ownership of the rules and be more likely to follow them. For our school wide discipline plan we will be using a concept called think time in our class. Also the children will have their own set of rules and behavior chart to follow. If for some reason your child moves his/her card they will have privileges taken away. Also if the child receives more than three think times per week the parent will be called. 


A= 100-90

B= 90-80

C= 80-70

D= 70-60

F= 59 and below