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  About the band

      Lord of the Strings is the ultimate Lord of the Rings Tribute band.  As Lord of the Strings we strive to be the top in our genre of Lord of the Rings tribute bands.  We work to be original and don't cover any other Lord of the Rings tribute songs.  Not only do we record tribute songs but we also make songs having to do with modern day fast paced lifestyle.  We work not only for entertainment but also feel that we lead a crusade to inform the ignorant about Lord of the Rings.

Who we are

       Our origins are from another band known as the Phil Collins Project (PCP) founded by Marshall Thompson and Slash Norcott.  The project was quickly abandoned after recording only 6 songs with vocalist Phoenix Henderson.  When string-ists Benjammin and Wood dog joined the band, it took off in a new direction. We are now known as the tenacious band: Lord of the Strings.  When at maximum velocity we are a two bass and three guitars team, working as a synchronized piece of hard rockin' machinery.


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