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Wood dog fresh

        After a freak radioactive tornado accident, Professor Franklin Amidon forgot his name and assumed the alias Wood Dog Fresh. after becoming a extremely successful  white rapper and signing a bazillion $ record deal with DefJam wood dog set a world record for being the first man to give birth to seven batches of quintuplets, one of whom was Marshall Thompson.

Marshall Thompson

        Marshall Thompson was son of wood dog fresh and surprisingly only six months younger.  Because of his strange birth he had gained mutant powers.  He could pick up radio waves with his brain (only AM not FM ) With this mutant power he never was behind on the news, weather, or traffic.  Although he quickly went insane and his head exploded.  This gave Marshall (now known as Finch) the ability to explode on command.  It wasn't till six other mishaps and bird-like name changes before he finally somehow grew anamantium in his skeleton and razors shot out of his toes.


Only known man to receive Nobel Science awards, Peoples sexiest man and Times man of the Year seven years in a row from the age of eight to fifteen.  Also he was given numerous medals of honor for his successful peace talks in uniting the world.

Slash Norcott

        Love Child from the 1930's Slash never knew his real name.  In 1990, by the age of two, Slash took up the trade of toenails as his father had suggested.  He quickly fell in to a well where he was frozen until centuries later.  in 2001 they finally thawed him out of the well to find that it was not Slash at all but a small helpless tree.

Phoenix Henderson

          Only child of a toothless sharecropper.  Worked the mines until the age of 10 when he moved to Washington.  Here he grew up in the sewers of New York by a bunch of teenage mutant ninja turtles.  He then was transferred to New Mexico were he grew up with wolverines and prickly bushes where he learned the ancient art of drunken boxing.  He finally returned to his share cropper father only to find his uncle and aunt dead along with all the droids.  In a strange turn of events he learned his father was Darth Maro and promptly had him killed by an Italian Cleaner.




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