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Upanatem Models

Welcome to Upanatem Models.

Upanatem Models is run buy me, Martin Mitchell. I am an enthusiastic wargamer and have been wargaming for 15 years. During that time I have made myself lots of terrain for my models to fight over. To find out more about me please visit my home page.

Upanatem Models produces both wargames terrain and complete model railways. Below are some examples of my work.
I make my models to order so if you like my work and are interested in purchasing any please contact me at
Alternatively check out ebay to see if I am selling any items there.

25/28mm Model House

Here is the first model house that I have sold. It is mounted on a wooden base and made from foam board, polystyrene and card. The roof is removable, so that models may move around inside the building, and is made from cardboard and match-sticks.
The picture shows it with the roof removed to the left and some 25mm Saxons (from Gripping Beast).

25/28mm Ruins

This ruin is also mounted on a wooden base for sturdiness and made from foam board, polystyrene and card. Even though ruined the walls are made in the same sytle as the house above and so both models compliment each other nicely.
The same 25mm Saxons, from Gripping Beast, are pictured with it.

N gauge Model Railway

This N gauge model railway is mounted on a 2 foot by 3 foot board for easy transportation and storage.
It has one controller and features a single loop with two platforms at the station enabling two trains to be used even though only one may be running at any one time. The goodsyard has three sidings and a goods shed.
In the foreground to the left can be seen a siding coming off the station. The bumper on this siding may be easily removed to allow more track to be added and the layout extended.