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The third ďMortal KombatĒ film has been announced, but when and with who, well thats yet to be decided.  

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Lets just hope the story is a little better than MK Annihilation.

I myself am an aspiring film maker and script writer, currently writing my third screenplay (although yet to have sold any)

WARNING: Before reading this be warned that this storyline does not follow any previous storylines or story arcs in any other Mortal Kombat Game, Movie or TV Series.The source for this piece of work,  is the accumulation of all storylines and characters from the wide range of MK mythology available and I have used this to create a new storyline for Film that differs significantly in some aspects to previous versions. So please any MK purists donít complain on my changing of some previous key MK storylines and plots. I also beleive that a new film title would be in order to break the stereotype of the first two films.....Also the film should introduce fatalies and make it a more mature, horror mythical feel to it. As point of reference Shinnok would be refered to, seen as a statue but thats all, he is the god of evil and those who are evil follow him. If this concept turned into four films then the fourth would be about Shinnok.


Written by Chris K



This story starts 10 centuries ago, Shang Tsung although not yet known by that name is the son of a King of an Earth Realm city. For many years under this King,  peace has existed in this region and his royal island city protected by an un-impenetrable wall.

Until one day a portal to another realm opens and in marches the invading armies of Shao Kahn, lead by none other than Prince Goro (imagine the Rock, but with 2 extra arms eg: a more human look in appearance than an over tall and fake looking costume) and Commander Rain (at this stage Rain does not wear his Ninja Uniform but a more military armoured uniform).

The invading force does not take long to wipe out a few villages and then soon an attack on the Royal city begins. Personally lead by the Emperor himself (who is always accompanied by his personal guard, Reptile). Defences of the island city are great but are broken when Shao Kahn makes a deal with the King's 17 year old son. The city falls. 

Also at this point we will be introduced to a 14 year old Shinjinko, he will witness the betrayal of the King by his son and  he will then be seen fleeing the Royal city just after an apparition appears to him calling him the chosen one. But this is the only part of film one he will be in. His main role will be part 2 or 3.

lAt this point Raiden and his four elemental gods arrive (Wind, water, Earth and Fire). They are confronted by Goro, Rain (Rain has god like powers at this stage)  and Shao Kahn.  A battle of great power begins. Rain v.s Fujin, Shao Kahn and Raiden. Goro and his armies take on the other Elemental gods.

The Outworld forces are great and have immortal powers, many more villages and innocent people are either destroyed or injured in this godly battle. Raiden and Shao Kahn fight but its basically even and during their fight Shao Kahn kills more innocent humans who are trying to defend themselves (this part sets up future confrontations with the two). Raiden sees this and flees to the heavens pleading with the Elder gods to intervene as Earthrealm is no match for the powers of immortal invaders.

The Elder gods declare that to take Earthrealm, Shao Kahns minions battle on a more even ground, a ground of Mortality and so it came to pass the competition of  Mortal Kombat was created.

To claim Earthrealm Shao Kahn would needs to claim 10 tournaments straight. One tournament every generation. Raiden was given time to prepare.

Shao Kahn and his forces return to Outworld, along with the King's son, who Shao Kahn renames Shang Tsung. Many years pass and Shao Kahn teaches the dark arts to Shang Tsung. He becomes very wise and an eventual adviser to his Emperor. As an old man (70 years in age and after proving his loyalty time and time again to his master) he is taught by the Emperor how to sustain his life by consuming souls and so Shang Tsung becomes immortal.

 Over the next 9 Centuries Prince Goro and Rain win every Tournament for Shao Kahn. One more victory and Earthrealm shall fall.

Scene Cuts to present time, 6 months prior to the next kombat tournament.

In Outworld, we see Shang Tsung (an elderly man, white hair, long beard etc) secretly worshiping a statue of the fallen elder God Shinnok. He asks how he can claim Outworld for himself and he makes a sacrafice. This begins his plotting against his Emperor. As he finished his sacrafice a portal opens and in walks the powerful Netherrealm Sorcerer Quan Chi (who also worships Shinnok). Together they plan to over through the Emperor and claim his realm and his power for themselves during the next Tournament.

As the Emperors personal adviser Shang Tsung manages to convince his emperor to personally compete in the next tournament and claim Earthrealm personally. Shao Kahn agrees with this.

Shang Tsung now travels to Earthrealm to prepare for the next tournament which will be held on his island (the former kingdom of his father many centuries ago).

Now we introduce two Ninjas both wear the uniform of Sub-Zero's (neither is actually referred to as Sub-zero at this point) they are two brothers, almost  zombie slave like under Shang Tsung power, they are his servants and protectors while on Earthrealm.  Shao Kahn and his warriors arrive

Enter Scorpion, at this point Scorpion is human, although an usually gifted ninja with great power hired by Shao Kahn himself as an adviser while on Earthrealm.

Quan Chi manages to use this all to his advantage by tricking Scorpion into thinking that the eldest Sub-Zero was responsible for his families murder and if he serves Quan Chi, he will ensure that the two brothers are released from Shang Tsung control and allow Scorpion to claim revenge.

 Meantime Raiden and Fujin are training the  Earth realm champions, Liu Kang, Kai and Kung Lao in the white lotus. All have great potential but Raiden sees that one Liu Kang will be the chosen one. He trains him personally. We also see Raiden showing Liu Kang how to manifester inner powers, eg: his dragon fire etc.

Mean time as tournament approaches, a number of disturbances have occurred in the cities around the world strange things in the sky, attacks by mythological type creatures and all sorts of things (basically itís a side effect of the tournament, as  Outworld  warriors enter Earthrealm via portals to compete in the tournament, creatures and other things can sometimes slip into our world (it has happened every hundred years and explains, myths about werewolves, vampires etc). We see a number of quick shots of portals opening and things entering earth, but to quick to see what.

 Introduce the Special forces, Agent Jaxson Briggs and Agent Sonya Blade. (mk's answer to Xfiles) who come to investigate a number of visious murders in New York by a strange creature with blades on its arms and huge fangs (introduce Tarktana creature). So picture Sonya and Jax (dressed like FBI agents)  chasing this creature through a crowded city street  but before they can kill it, it gets killed by another, by Baraka. The appearance of Jax and Sonya would be a sub plot if not a cameo as such for this film. Basically to introduce the idea of the Government investigating these Supernatural Events, this would eventually lead to a further role in Second story.

As one of the scenes of portals opening and strange creatures slipping into earth we see,  Johnny cage in a cameo scene of sorts, while out cruiser on his luxury boat strange creatures board and try to kill his guests, but the movie star martial artist is more that capable and fends them off.

To the tournament begins on Shang Tsung island, a place of great evil and betrayal. 

The Outworld forces consist of Goro, Rain, Reptile, Baraka and Mileena.  The over seer of the tournament is the council of the Elder gods. Before the competition begins, Shao Kahn declares he will enter personally. Fearing this Raiden also declares he will enter.

The rules are simple, by entering you give up your immortality, you risk your life but your soul is protected by the Elder Gods.  So the battle begins. I wont write how each battle is won or lost by who But Liu Kang kills Goro, a feat never accomplished by a human. But the final battle comes down to Raiden and Shao Kahn and Raiden wins and yet spares his life.

The badly injured and disgraced Shao Kahn is dragged back to his Outworld  Palace by the loyal Reptile and the cunning Scorpion. Scorpion then attacks Reptile nearly killing him, at this point we will see Reptile shed his human form, basically tearing his skin off like a costume. Reptile then slips into a ventilation shaft or something and this allows Shang Tsung and Quan Chi time to kill the Emperor. By Killing him Shang Tsung manages to take many of souls the Emperor has claimed and thus Shang Tsungs Youth is restored. Now a powerful Sorcerer, Shang Tsung and Quan Chi has implemented phase one.  Shang Tsung uses his magic to raise the dead Emperor into the air and sends his body crashing through a window out of the Palace.

 As promised Shang Tsung releases the Sub-Zero Brothers from his slave power.

Scorpion and the older Sub fight to the death, This is all witnessed by the younger brother (as Scorpion wanted it, in that whats the point of death if there is no family to mourn).  Both Scorpion and the older Brother die by each others hands. In the commotion the younger Sub-zero and slips through a portal to back to  Earthrealm.

The film ends with the Outworld being claimed by Shang Tsung and Quan Chi. Shao Kahnís body floating down a river. Raiden declaring peace and safety from invasion for Earthrealm to Liu Kang and Kung Lao.

The  Older Sub-zero and Scorpions souls emerging in Neatherrealm (home of Shinnok) still fighting each other.  Both being are tormented for their dishonrouable deaths. Sub-Zero is reborn as a shadow of his former self and Scorpion as a demon who still needs vengeance for his families murder. Learns Sub-Zero did not do it, Quan chi did.

Deep under the Outworld Palace we see Reptile discovering a strange altar and huge egg.


A deadly alliance has been formed by the all new and powerful Shang Tsung and Quan Chi. Outworld belongs to them but the powers in Earthrealm is their goal which would lead to the conquering of the Elder gods.

 Since Shang Tsung was born in Earthrealm he is not bound by the Elder gods decree for Mortal Kombat. But he does not have the power to claim the realm from the Thunder god. So begins their quest to raise an army of the dead.  An ancient army once ruled by the fabled dragon king. Who has long since be forgotten.  But to do this they need a number of ancient artefacts including an amulet (the amulet of Shinnok) and a book long since lost. But thatís not all,  a number of warrior souls will also be needed to reanimate the army. So begins there search. 

Shang Tsung returns to Earthrealm and Quan Chi to the Netherrealm looking for it.  While in Netherrealm Quan Chi encounters Scorpion (who does not reveal he knows Quan Chi was responsible for his familyís death) and once again bargains for his aid. He will release him from this hell if he serves Quan Chi and aids him in his search. Scorpion agrees. Meantime, The soul of the older brother reborn as a Shadow has been transformed by the Brotherhood of the Shadow (who happen to be the guardians of the Amulet of Shinnok)  into Noob Saibot. Now with new powers and a taint of pure evil on his soul, he has a new agenda, to kill Scorpion, Kill Quan Chi and to claim Earthrealm as his own.

Back on Earth, Shang Tsung is seen in an abandon wear house or similar, before him are members of the Lin Kuei, including Sub-zero. The Grandmaster of the Lin Kuei has a cybernetic arm, Shang would make a reference to the technical skills of these ninjas. Also there are Blackdragons (Kano, Kabal, Jarek) and Red dragon (Malvado etc) members the tension is thick, But Shang Tsung makes it very clear they are not hear to fight amongst each other but are there to work for him.

 Each must retrieve a number of artefacts from various locations. He doest care how, but tells them the rewards will be great for success, but make no mistake, failure will be worse than death. Sub-Zero refuses to work for Shang Tsung and he is banished from his clan. The rest go off to retrieve what Shang Tsung wants.

Meantime Raiden is in his temple. Training members of the White Lotus. Liu Kang and Kung Lao are also there. Raiden senses the presence of Shang Tsung.

The  Lin Kuei recruited by Shang Tsung , Smoke, Cyrax and Sektor (all human Ninjas at this point ) steal for him an ancient book from a museum. In the battle two guards are killed by Sector in an unusual fashion after one of the guards shot Cyrax in the chest.

Introduce the Special forces again, Agent Jax, Agent Sonya and a new one Agent Jones (Sonya's trainee) this time they meet with the Museum researcher and lead Detective who can shed some light on the missing artefact and the crime scene. Introduce Nightwolf and Stryker (who will be a cameo type role).  Nightwolf goes intro great depth about mythology, Kombat tournaments and powers, Jax and Detective Stryker are sceptical and then Nightwolf demonstrates his powers. Suddenly his words hold more truth. Nightwolf then informs them of the second part of the book in L.A. Jax, Sonya , Jones and Nightwolf quickly by jet head over there. Just in time to confront Kano, Kabal and Jarek. A battle ensures. But things go even more crazy when the Red Dragon arrives and tries to steal the book From Kano. In the battle Kano brutally kills Agent Jones while Sonya is left help less. Nightwolf using his special powers takes out Jarek, and blasts Kabal in the face, but he manages to escape. Then its left with Kano and Malvado who quickly team up and manage to escape with the second book.

Back at the Lin Kuei HQ we see Cyrax being automated.

Shang Tsung returns to Outworld with his 2 books, accompanied by Kano and Malvado.

Meantime in Netherrealm, Quan Chi and Scorpion confront the Brotherhood of the Shadow, Scorpion and Noob fight for the first time in their new forms. Quan manages to steal the Amulet and wipe out most of the Brotherhood, even thou they too, like Quan Chi worship Shinnok. He then opens a portal back to Outworld, Scorpion who at this moment was winning flees, but Noob follows.

Back in Outworld according to the books, Shang Tsung and Quan Chi learn all that is necessary to raise the army. All the that is needed is the souls of powerful warriors. Some how Shang Tsung manages to create a false Kombat Tournament, he also manages to get Raiden out of the picture for a while and to block this from the Elder gods. He then invites some of Earths, Outworlds, Edenia and Netherrealms greatest warriors to compete. This scene would allow for a heap of cameos by most of the MK universe.

The main fighters are Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Jax, Sonya, Nightwolf, (who are all there to find more info on the scene)  Kano, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, The cyborg Cyrax, and  Noob Saibot. The tournment goes well as most warriors fall, Shang Tsung and Quan Chi suck their souls into a Soulnado, Scorpion reveals he knows that Quan Chi was responsible for his familyís death and begins to fight and during the fight, Quan knocks Scorpion into the Soulnado.

Back to Shang Tsung, who has over used his powers leaving him weakened and then when he competes, he  greatly underestimating Liu Kang, he loses and is disgraced. Liu Kang is regarded as champion. But that night He is murdered in cold blood by Shang Tsung and Quan Chi. Raiden Senses this and comes to fight.

But its too late, Using the souls of the fallen warriors they manages to break open the heavens and gain more souls and so the rising of the dead army begins. Raiden and the Deadly Alliance begin to fight, much like the opening Scene in MKD.

Then we see Dragon King return, Raiden sacrifices himself and in the process Shang Tsung and Quan Chi are killed (Quan Chiís soul is sent back to the Netherrealm).  The film ends with Scorpion awaking in the heavens and the Elder gods telling him of his destiny.


Picks up very similar to the MKD game. But we are now reintroduced to Shinjinko who tells his story how he was tricked into aiding the resurrection of the Dragon King along with Reptile. This final film shows very similar story to MKD.

Raiden returns as the Dark Raiden, Sub-Zero is now on the side of good, gathering forces to kombat the Dragon King.  We see the return of Lui Kang in zombie form and Scorpion who is the main star, is reborn as an agent of the Elder gods. The plot of part 3 is the joing forces of Earthrealm to defeat the Dragon King.  When the Dragon King falls and all is safe. The film has one more twist or suprise, The Elder Godís send Scorpion to the Netherealm to seek revenge on Quan Chi.  Thats where i would end it for a trilogy, but if a forth film was to be made, In Scorpions battle for revenge, he could do something that would unleash the God Shinnok into Earthrealm and that could be the fourth film, but   I would say it would end on the third.


Done and Done.


Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Concept by Chris K.

If Mortal Kombat was to ever return to television perhaps it could be turned in a weekly series called Mortal Kombat Mythlogies, where an older character like Shujinko starts each show off as if telling a story or reading from an old book or something along those lines and each weeks its a different story about a different character from the Mortal Kombat universe. All live action. With first class effects and great actors. This would allow for anyone to sit down and watch an episode with out seeing from any point in the series at each episode would be like a mini movie about a partical character or event in the MK universe. Another point of interest would be guest stars, famous actors that maybe inclined to make cameos or appearances in an episode.

Some characters may have more than one story dedicated to them others may only form part of a story and so one. There would be no story arc, or continuing plot each week, its an independant episode. And they range in time periods as well some could be set 1000s years ago when the Elder gods battled it out or some could be set last week when JAX was appointed to special forces etc:

For example season 1 could include 24 episodes and focus on the following story lines

Week 1: Mortal Kombat, destiny of the Monk (focuses on Kung Lao)

Week 2: The Rise of The Thunder god.

Week 3: Chill of the Night: The life of a cold assassin.

Week 4: Special Forces: Mission over (Jax and Sonya become partners)

Week 5: Survial in Outworld: Looks at a young Shao Kahn and his rise to power

Week 6: War in the Heavens (Elder gods wage war)

Week 7: Life in Hollywood: How Johhny became Famous

Week 8: Life Long Grudge (Scorpion V.s Sub-Zero)

Week 9: Liu Kang Born for Destiny (Why is Liu Kang the choosen one)

Week 10: The Rains coming ( the Life of Rain in the Edenian Armies)

Week 11: Netherrealm (Looks at Quan chi)

Week 12: Black Dragon sees Red (Kano and Malvado start a massive gang war in the streets of L.A)

Week 13: Tale of a Soul Stealer: (Shang Tsungs rise to power)

Week 14: Automation ( How the Lin Kuei build a new assasin)

Week 15: The Prince (Goro claims his throne)

Week 16: The Elemental gods Quest ( Fujin leads his brothers on a quest)

Week 17: Cursed for Life (Scorpion swears revenge for his famliy and becoems demon)

Week 18 : Reptile (shows reptiles recruitment by Shang Tsung)

Week 19 : Liu Kang in Mortal Kombat ( focuses on Kangs victory of Shang Tsung and Goro)

Week 20: Death by Black Dragon (Sonya looks for revenge when her old partner is killed by Kano)

Week 21: Brothers of the shadow ( Focuses on Noob Saibot)

Week 22: God of Thunder : ( Raiden must confront Shao Kahn personally)

Week 23: Shinjinko's fable (basically a 2 part episode of the storyline from MKD)

Week 24 Part 2: