With the news that a Third MK film is in the works and sinces it 10 years since Mortal Kombat graced the silver screen, I though it would be good if New Line Cinemas re-released Mortal Kombat and Mortal Kombat Annihilation as Special Edition DVDs. Each movie could be remastered, touched up and supplied in a double disc set. Also In the case of MKA, a new edit could be done to provide better consistancy between MK1 and MK3. Of course funds are need to do this type of project and this would only happen if there was strong demand for this (which I beleive there is enough MK/Martial arts fans out there who would be interested in this). Below are some of my suggestions for Special Edition Discs of MK and MKA Hopefully Threshold or NEW Line will check these out!!.


Improvements that could be done for a Mortal Kombat special edition DVD:

1. Improved picture quality and color matching.

2. Improve some of the fx shots, such as Scorpions snake hand and snake in the forest visual effect.

3. Recolor the lighting bolt that hits Scorpion to be blue not yellow. All lightning should be blue in color.

4. Reptile needs to be fixed, especially his texture to make it more photorealistic.

5. DTS and dolby 5.1 sound.

6. Commentary by director, Ed Boon, cast

7. Makings of......

8. Martial arts analysis

9. Interviews

10. New MK history documentary

11. Visual effects documentary

12. Stunts documentary.



Hey I liked MKA, but it was no where as good as the first film. A lot of things made the film seem tacky. Hopefully if they ever do a ‘Special Edition’ or perhaps a ‘Directors cut’ or something along those lines could be done to help make a more consistant flow between the first MK and the impending 3rd film. Below is a few suggestions of course none of these could ever be done unless they see a potential profit in this kind of work.

1. Re-Color the film to give it a more consistant feel and warmth like in the first film.

2. Re composite the openning battle with Raiden  and Shao Kahn as some of the bluescreen work has left jagged edges on Raidens arms.

3. Re do the effect of Johnny Cage’s Shadow Kick

4. Remove the Entire Velosphere scene, it is not needed and its tacky. Instead have the actors walk up to the Entrance of Velosphere tunnel (like they do) and instead make the tunnel a Portal like the one Shang Tsung used in MK 1. Remove what Kitana says and about the Velosphere and Re Dub Kitana calling it a “Portal , that can transport you any where on Earth”(filmed behind the actor it wont matter about lip sync). Show the actors (or Body doubles in same costumes) entering portal.

5.Touch up the Nightwolf effects

6. If a 3rd film is being made perhaps they could film an additional scene for this film, the one where Stryker and Kabal are defeated by Rain.

7. I would change the part where Sindel summons the reptiles, I would show her throwing her cape/scarf thing and let it fall to the ground, this time it wouldn’t turn into a reptile. Then I would cut to the scene where the reptiles emerge and add digitally, 3 of the statues from the first MK film (the one that turns Reptile into a Ninja), I would show the semi transparent reptiles climb into those statues and morph into the the Ninja’s. This again would give a more consitant feel to the first film.

8. The scene where Raiden fights the reptiles is some of the worse Stunt double scenes in a film, its so obvious its not Raiden, but rather Ray Park. This needs to be fixed, How I  am not sure but it needs retouching some how to make it look more like Raiden.

9. There was a Quan Chi scene filmed for this movie. I am not sure exactly what it was about, but with the onset of a third film, they most likely will contain Quan Chi, perhaps it could be added back in.

10. A lot of the digital animal/creatures that Shao Kahn summons need re working in some form as the quality of the effects have out dated real quick.

11.The animality scene needs to go. I know they got elements from the game, but the effects are very lame and it really affects the film. The end of a film should be the best part of a film. So unless they would want to redo all the effects ( I wouldn’t) there is a cheaper and better way.  Keep the notion of animality, keep the Nightwolf training, but the unlike the way its originally done, change it.

For example if I was to re editing this film, I would stop the animality where the camera zooms in on Liu Kangs eyes and they turn dragon. I would hold that shot for a second and then reverse it. So in essense its like he has summoned his inner dragon, not turned into a dragon and then using the footage just after Shao Kahn and Liu Kang turn back into human form, I would added a digital explosion of fire as if caused by Liu Kang, (his dragon fire so to speak) The two of them are then thrown to the ground from Liu Kangs blast, Jax says “I have seen everything now”  and then the elder gods appear and say “lets settle it by Mortal Kombat” There you go, a less tack animality, a variation on the notion, where as Liu Summons his inner dragon for power, and does not become a dragon.

12. DTS and dolby 5.1 sound.

13. Makings of.

14. Interviews

15. Stunt/martials features.

16. Ed Boon interview/Director interview

17. Commentary

On another note if they make a 3rd film that is following on from MK, MKA then any addition scenes or story lines that maybe needed for MK3 should be filmed at the same time and added into both MK1 and MKA to provide a more consitant feel.

I Hope New Line or Threshold use these suggestions, if they like them, then they are

theirs to do with as they will.