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Welcome to my page. Let me introduce what my page is about. First of all, my homepage is mainly about movie reviews. I am an International student from Malaysia and currently studying in Canada/Vancouver. The most common thing I would do with my friends during the weekend is to watch movie. I am going to give my point of view about those movies that I watched before. I will try to put in a space for the readers to write in their feedback or E mail me for feedback!!

I like to play basketball a lot. I used to represent my school in Malaysia and now I am representing my school here in Canada. We played against all the high school in Vancouver. It is a very good experience for me because all these players are expecting to NCAA and scholarship to colleges. Therefore, their standard and skill of basketball is extremely different compared to Malaysia's.

>A bunch of us in a French restaurant in Quebec City.

>This is my family. My brother is 12 years old different than me.

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