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Private Pilot Lesson 8

By now you will know just how much of an effect the weather has on your flight. It's time to learn what causes that nasty weather that keeps you on the ground.


In this lesson you will learn about weather, its patterns, systems, and sources of weather information.

Lesson Contents

Review of Lesson 7
Basic Weather Theory
Weather Patterns
Weather Hazards
Sources of Weather Information
Optional Assignment


Objective...2 min
Lesson Content...240 min
De-Brief...2 min

--Note: This Lesson is meant to stretch over atleast two days-- Equipment

Aviation Weather Services Book
Jeppesen Private Pilot Manual
Oral Exam Guide & PTS

Lesson Completion Standards

By the end of this lesson the student should have a clear understanding (to practical test standards) of weather, its patterns, systems, hazards, and sources of weather information. This is a long lesson and will likely take atleast two days to complete. This lesson can also be repeated further as necessary to give the student a chance to meet practical test standards.