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Private Pilot Lesson 5

Know that you know all about slow flight, stalls, and steep turns, here's your chance to fly them.


In this lesson you will practice stall recovery, slow flight, and steep turns. You will also gain proficiency in determining what airspace you are in.

Lesson Contents

Review of Lesson 4
Review of airspace(On ground)
Review of airspace(In air)
Slow Flight
Steep Turns
Steep Turns
Optional Assignment


Preflight Procedures...30 min
Flight...90 min
Post Flight...20 min


FAR/AIM book

Lesson Completion Standards

By the end of this lesson the student should display knowledge, to practical test standards, of airspace. He/She should also be able to perform slow flight, stalls, and steep turns to practical test standards. This lesson can be repeated as necessary to ensure the student is proficient in these maneuvers.