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Private Pilot Lesson 2

Now that you have experienced flight, it's time to sit down and talk about what it will take to become a Private Pilot


In this lesson you will find out what it takes to become a private pilot, as well as learn about other aviation opportunities. We will discuss the different types of training, human factors in aviation, Code of Federal Regulations (also known as FARs), and ground reference maneuvers.

Lesson Contents

Review of Lesson 1
Discussion of goals and expectations
Aviation Opportunities
Where To Get Pilot Training
Training Syllabus
Human Factors
Collision Avoidance
Code of Federal Regulations (FARs)
FAA Written Exam (Don't worry you won't be taking any exams yet!)
Ground Reference Maneuvers
Optional Assignment

Lesson Objective...2 min
Lesson Content...90 min
Lesson De-brief...2 min


Aircraft Performance Charts, Weather Data, Weight & Balance Data
Jeppesen Private Pilot Manual
Airplane Flying Handbook

Lesson Completion Standards

By the end of this lesson the student should have a basic understanding of what it will take to become a private pilot, the importance of understanding human factors in aviation and collision avoidance, the purpose of ground reference maneuvers, and how to fly them.