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Private Pilot Lesson 18

Fatigue is bad enough on the ground. You certainly don't want to experience it in the air


In this lesson you will learn about physiology and its relation to flight. It is important to understand why makes you feel the way you do, so that you can stay ontop of your game in the air.

Lesson Contents

Types and Symptoms of Hypoxia
Curing Hypoxia
Symptoms of Hyperventilation
Curing Hyperventilation Plan Similarities and differences between Hypoxia and Hyperventilation
Middle ear and sinus problems
Spatial Disorientation
Scuba diving & flight
Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
Stress and Fatigue
Medical Certificates
Optional Assignment


Objective...2 min
Lesson Contents...120 min
De-Brief.0..2 min


Jeppesen Private Pilot Manual
Oral Exam Guide & PTS

Lesson Completion Standards

The student should, to practical test standards, have an understanding of flight physiology.