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Private Pilot Lesson 16

Chances are you've been looking forward to this part of flying for a while.


In this lesson you will fly to another airport and then return. The flight to the airport will be a normal cross country flight with no emergencies or diversions. On the flight back, however, get ready for some fun ;)

Lesson Contents

Cross Country Checklist
Planning Weather Into a Cross Country
Determining Fuel Reserves
Filing the Flight Plan
FAR Requirements for the flight
Short & Soft Field Takeoffs and Landings
Diversion Procedures
Lost Procedures
Emergency Procedures


Preflight Procedures...60 min
Flight...120 min
Post Flight...20 min


Flight Computer
Navigation Logs
Flight Plan Forms
Computer with internet access (Optional)
Telephone for calling Flight Service
Oral Exam Guide & PTS

Lesson Completion Standards

The student should, to practical test standards, be able to fly a cross country and handle various emergencies that may arise during a flight.