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Private Pilot Lesson 12

One last test before you solo!


In this lesson you need to show me that you can safely handle the aircraft alone. You will be in charge of the entire flight, from startup until shutdown.

Lesson Contents

Review of Lesson 11
Preflight Planning
Taxiing & Run-up
Takeoffs & Landings (Simulated No Power Landing)
Slips & Go-Arounds
Collision, Wake Turbulence, & Windshear avoidance (Knowledge of)
Stall recovery
Emergency Procedures
Logbook & Student Pilot Certificate Signoff
Optional Assignment


Preflight Procedures...30 min
Flight...120 min
Post Flight...20 min


FAR/AIM book
Jeppesen Private Pilot Manual
Oral Exam Guide & PTS

Lesson Completion Standards

The student must display proficiency in handling an aircraft, solo. Again, DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED BY THIS FLIGHT!! It is just to make sure that you are comfortable and safe handling the airplane solo. You will do just fine!