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Private Pilot Lesson 11

It's almost time to solo, but first can you pass this pre-solo written??


Sure you can pass! Infact I guaruntee you will get every question right. Actually you have to get everything right according to the regulations; But I promise it won't be hard. You WILL be able to get everything right and at the same time have all the knowledge necessary to conduct a safe flight by yourself!

Lesson Contents

Review of Lesson 10
Pre-solo written exam
Review of Pre-solo written exam
Optional Assignment


Objective...2 min
Lesson Content...120 min
De-Brief...2 min


FAR/AIM book
Jeppesen Private Pilot Manual
Oral Exam Guide & PTS

Lesson Completion Standards

By then end of this lesson the student will have passed the pre-solo written with 100% as a grade. This lesson can be repeated as necessary. DO NOT BE INTIMIDATED BY THIS EXAM!!