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Private Pilot Lesson 1

Congratulations!! You are about to fly a plane for the first time!!


In this lesson you will learn how to do many things from preparing for a flight, to landing an aircraft. You will get a chance to do one takeoff and landing, as well as practice some basic airwork maneuvers.

Lesson Contents

Preflight Planning And Performance Charts
Preflight Inspection
Cockpit Management
Checklist Usage
Starting Procedures
Normal Takeoff
Climbs & Descents
Changes in airspeed
Normal Landing
Parking & Securing the aircraft
Post Flight Discussion
Optional Assignment


Preflight Procedures...45 min
Flight...90 min
Post Flight...20 min


Aircraft Performance Charts, Weather Data (Supplied by instructor in this lesson)
Aircraft Headsets
Aircraft Checklist(Supplied by instructor in this lesson)

Lesson Completion Standards

By the end of this lesson the student should have a basic understanding of what it takes to prepare for a flight, as well as maneuver an aircraft on the ground and in the air.