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Welcome to Did you know!!! On this page you get to test your aviation knowledge. Five days a week I will post at least one question but leave the answer blank to give you a chance to ponder the answers. Answers are posted the following monday.

Question #1--You know that a temporary flight restriction is posted every time the President flies through your airspace. But did you know that even so, someone still has the right of way over Air Force One?!?!

Answer-------Lifeguard Flights have priority. I'm having a little trouble finding this source so don't quote me yet.

Question #2--When you are working on your instrument rating you will learn rules pertaining to mountainous areas. Where are these mountainous areas and who decides what a mountainous area is? Answer------Designated mountainous areas can be find at the end of Section 5 in the Aeronautical Information Manual (Section 5-6-5 in the ASA FAR/AIM)

Question #3--When don't you need an ELT?

Answer------FAR 91.207e describes when you don't need an ELT in detail. The one that may be most applicable to you during training is FAR 91.207f(3). "Aircraft while engaged in training operations conducted entirely within a 50-nautical mile radius of the airport from which such local flight operations began"

Question #4--To what address will you send a request for replacement of a lost or destroyed airman or medical certificate or knowledge test report?

Answer-------FAR 61.60 "The holder of a pilot, flight instructor, or ground instructor certificate who has made a change in permanent mailing address may not, after 30 days from that date, exercise the privileges of the certificate unless the holder has notified in writing the FAA, Airman Certification Branch, P.O. Box 25082, Oklahoma City, OK 73125, of the new permanent mailing address, or if the permanent mailing address includes a post office box number, then the holder's current residential address"