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The Legend of Zelda; Majoras Mask full walkthrough has everything that you will ever need to finish this crazy hard game... It has all masks, secret songs, skulltulas, and heart pieces, and much more... not to mention the walkthrough... durf!! Aight if you have any problems though, and wish to contact me, go to

My name is... well that's not important, but this walkthrough is strict copyright of Jase. You may print, and use for your own convinience unless i say otherwise. Also at the end of this there are links to the exact locations of the masks, and items in the game. E-mail me if you would like to use this on your own personal site.

Jason and Ashley Kennon 2004©


1. Introduction

2. Walkthrough

3. Masks

4. Items

5. Heart Pieces

6. Bombers Notebook

7. Skulltula House Strategies

8. Songs

9. Disclaimer

10. Note to Webmasters

11. Credits




In the land of Hyrule, There
Echoes a legend. A legend held
dearly by the Royal Family that
tells of a boy...

A boy who,
after battling evil and saving
Hyrule, crept away from that land
that had made him a legend...

Done with the battle he once
waged across time, he embarked
on a journey.. a secret
and personal journey...

A journey in search of a
beloved and invaluable friend.

A friend with whom he parted
ways when he finally fulfilled his
heroic destiny and took his place
among legends.


This is a kind of parallel world that is similar to and yet different from the land of Hyrule, which was the setting for the Legend of Zelda: Ocraina of Time. Termina is a mysterious place, and the people Link meets here may look vaguely familiar at first glance.

Clock Town rests at the heart of this world. Heading any direction from there will take you to the mysterious regions beyond. The centerpiece of Clock Town is the clock tower. It is the symbol of the town and the center of the activity, as the townsfolk are busy with preparations for the annual carnival, despite rumors that the moon will fall from the heavens in just three days.

Tatl: A slightly overbearing fairy, Tatl is always thinking of her younger brother. She will be the companion that Link will often find himself relying on in this adventure. The replacment for Navi.

Epona: The faithful, young horse that has journeyed with Link throughout his adventures is taken from him by the Skull Kid. Will Link and Epona ever meet again?

The Deku Tribe: The Dekus live primarily in a palace surrounded by the waters that flow from the Woodfall. Their King is terribly stubborn and will not permit people of other tribes to enter his palace.

The Goron Tribe: The Gorons live in the small shrine east of Snowhead and its steep mountainous peaks. Though used to harsh weather, the Goron are in the grips of an unusually fierce cold snap.

The Zora Tribe: Since this tribe lives in the water, they are particularly sensitive to environmental changes. The songs of the Zora band, the Indigo-gos, are popular with people of all races.


Things that can be saved::

-Instruments, Hookshot, etc.
-Songs and items on the Quest Status Screen
-Dungeon Maps, and Compasses
-Rupees desposited at the bank

Things that cannot be saved...

- Cleared maze puzzles, sub-events, conversations with people you've met, etc. (These all return to their original status)
- The number of usable items you have
- Small Keys, Big Keys and Stray Fairies
- The Rupees in your wallet




1. The Deku Curse

Pursue the Skullkid:: Your quest begins as Link pursues the skull kid and his fairies through the forest. This part is a brief reintorduction to the controls of Zelda, so get the hang of them now while you have all the time you need. When you finally catch up to the skull kid, he'll transform you into your first new form.


Dekus have the ability to burrow into flowers and then pop out and float short distances (while burrowing, hold down the button till you see the little puff of smoke). You'll need to use this trick to cross this small cavern, ad a short detours will lead you to a chest full of deku nuts. You can equip these to one of your c buttons if you want, but there aren't any enemies to worry about in this part of the game.

At the end of the road, you'll find a mask salesman who will offer to lift your deku curse if you bring him the mask the skull kid stole. Your search begins in clock town, the massive city that lies at the center of the new continent Termina.


Your new ally tatl suggests that you seek the Great Fairy in the North sector of clock town. You'll come out of his clock tower facing south, so you'll need to loop around the tower to get to the north clock town.

You'll find her cave in the grassy area, but the great fairy won't be able to help you now, as she has lost a piece of her essence.


The fairies send you to recover that lost piece, which is a small fairy floating somewhere in clock town.

The fairy actually moves around a bit. During the day (6 am to 6 pm) you can find it hovering over the water in the small park in the southwest. At night, it moves to east clock town, and you'll need to use the deku flower to get it.


The great fairy gives you a magic bar that you can use to build up little snot bubble with the B button. Fire a shot at the balloon holding up the little green man, and tingle will drop down to sell you his maps. The clock town map is only 5 rupees, and you can easily find that by cutting the shrubs in the corner.


There's another balloon, floating just south of tingle. Pop this one and you'll get the attention of Jim, leader of the brutal "Bombers" street gang. He'll offer you a chance to take the bombers' initiatino, a bloody, no-holds-barred game of hide-and-go-seek. Play if you dare!


There are 5 bombers total: two in the north, two in the east, and one in the west. You'll need to touch them to catch them, but they won't go quietly, so you may need to use your deku spin for a burst of speed.

The 2 in the north clock town are easy: one near where Jim was standing, and one in the corner by the slide. The one in the west clock town is at the top of the stairs, by the swordsman school. But the 2 in the east are trickier. One is on top of the milk bar, and will try to escape by floating away on a chicken when you approach, the other is on top the inn's balcony by the bell, and can only be reached by using the deku flower.

8)The Observatory Path

When you've found all five hide-and-go-seekers, return to the north clock town and write down the numbers on the bombers' shirts as they turn your back on you. Like most street gangs, the bombers can't get enough astronomy and cosmology, and they've claimed the astral observatory as their turf. You'll need this password to access their secret path, which can be found in east clock town.

Hop from step to step over the water, and stay on the water until you turn to avoid the big Skulltula that ambushes travelers. (If you do fight it, Z-target it and bubble blast it when it turns its back). You'll need to use your bubble again on the balloon that blocks ladder, but there are no other enemies here.

9)Meet Pierre

Fans of Zelda: Oot may remember Pierre, the wacky scarecrow you could summon when you needed a hookshot target. Pierre still serves that function, bur now he'll also invite you to dance with him, a process that skips you to the next morning or night. You probably don't have much time to spare, so pass for now.

10)Observe Your Enemy: Get The Moon's Tear

The kind astronomer of the second floor of the observatory will invite you to take a look through his telescope. You'll get a great view of termina field from here, but it's the figure dancing atop the clock tower that commands you attention now. Zoom in on him with a button, and telescope will automatically pan to the grimacing moon above, as it shoots a flaming tear at the observatory.

Take the blue door to the observatory's small yard and pick up the glowing moon's tear. Then take the bombers' tunnel back to clock town.

11)Trade The Moon's Tear

You may have already been accosted by the akindo nut that appears when you pass by the deku flower in the south town. Equip the moon's tear to one of your c buttons and go talk to him now. When he asks about the tear hit the appropriate c button to trade it to him for the land title deed to his flower.

Now you can use this flower to fly to the entrance of the clock tower. It won't open until the night of the final (at midnight), so you might have some time to kill before then.

12)The Heart Piece And Treasure Chest

The heart piece by the entrance to the clock tower isn't hard to get... just fly over and grab it. As old-school Zelda fans know, you get one new heart added to your life bar for every four pieces you pick up. In majora's mask, this is the first of 52 total heart pieces to find!

Getting the other treasure requires a bit more effort. On the final day, a treasure chest appears on the ever-rising scaffold just south of the clock tower. Fly straight towards it from the deku flower, and then hit the A button to drop when you're right against the edge. You'll grab onto it, and can pull yourself up to collect 50 rupees. But you'll lose them if you don't immediately deposit them in the clock tower bank (in the west clock town).

13)Confront The Skull Kid: Get The Ocarina Of Time

At 12:00 am sharp, float across to the clock tower entrance and pay a visit to your new nemesis. There's nothing you can do to hurt the skull kid (he won't attempt to hurt you either), but a well-aimed bubbled blast will knock the ocarina out of his hand. Grab it, and you'll be reminded of Zelda and the song of time she taught you.

Equip the ocarina and play the song shown below to warp back to the moment you entered clock town. You'll lose your rupees. Deku nut, and the land title deed, but keeps the ocarina and your new song.

14)Learn The Song Of Healing: Get The Deku Mask

The mask salesman will meet you at the entrance to clock town, and the song of healing. This versatile melody has many effects, the first of which lifts the deku curse. The process also creates a deku mask, which you can use at any time to revert to your deku form.

When you use the song of time from now on, you'll go directly to clock town, right in front of the clock tower. But as your quest progresses, you can always visit the mask salesman here for friendly (if overly cryptic) advice on how to use your masks.

15)Exploring Clock Town

Every cycle of the game begins here in clock town, and it's here where you'll spend much of your time. If you want to go running off to the southern swamp to begin your quest, go right ahead. But there's a lot of thing to do, characters to meet, and items to win right here in clock town. You can't do everything now, but it's a good idea to get acquainted with the city and its residents before you get too enmeshed in your quest. It's also a great place to kill time, when you're waiting for a specific event or have some extra tome on the clock at the end of a cycle.

16)West Clock Town

Swordsman's School

The swordsman's school offers two courses: the novice one cost 1 rupee and simply goes over the various attacks. In the expert one (which cost 10 rupees), Link earns points based on the difficulty of his attacks... just use the jump attack on every target to get the max score and an easy heart piece!

The Post Office

The postman character is a major player in many notebook events, and this where you can find him at certain times of day (his schedule is on the wall). Come during his training hours, and he'll invite you to play his absurdly difficult timing game. Without a clock to look at, you have to hit the button after exactly 10 seconds- to the hundredth of a second. Either count time by the rotation of Tatl's crosshairs (this takes practice) or come back wearing the bunny hood to make the game easier (the timer will stay on screen). The prize is another heart piece.

Clock Town Bank

Mere moments after unlocking the secrets of time travel, Link is already using its unfathomable power to commit bank fraud. And who can blame him, really? This whole I'll write your bank balance on your forehead system is just begging to be abused. If you remember to warp back to clock town and deposit all of your rupees before each time warp, you'll then be able to withdraw the rupees that you deposited in a completely different time stream, on future cycles! This will probably result in a devastating crash of the bank and the complete destabilization of clock town's economy, but hey, that still beats being obliterated by a falling moon. So defraud away, and earn valuable prizes while you're at it.

The banker gives out prizes as your balance reaches certain milestones. You'll get an adult wallet (which can hold 200 rupees) at 200 rupees, and a heart piece at (gulp) 5,000 rupees.

Lottery Shop

Don't feel bad about using time travel to rip off this lottery... they're the ones paying 5:1 on 100:1 odds, so really, who's cheating who? To make a bit of cash, invest 10 bucks each day in a ticket and go back each night to get the winning numbers. Then, in any future cycle, buy a ticket with those numbers (they won't change) and collect your jackpot of 50 rupees. It's free money, but it requires you to visit the lottery shop twice a day, so it's a bit of a hassle.

The Bomb Shop

You need a bomb bag, so make that one of your first purchases. But forget buying bombs; you can find them for free on the field once you have a bag. Bombchus are fun but not particularly useful, and the powder keg won't come into play until much later.

Come back after saving the old woman who works here to buy the big bomb bag (90 rupees).

Trading Post

You know, I don't think I've ever bought anything here. Arrows, deku nuts, deku sticks and fairies can easily be found for free, and potions just aren't very useful.

If you lose your shield to a Like Like you can buy a replacement here, but it's easier just to kill the Like Like and get it back.

The Curiosity Shop

The curiosity shop serves a few functions. You can buy stolen items here, including the bigger bomb bag and the all night mask (for 500 rupees, on the last night only). It's also where any items stolen from you will turn up.

The proprietor will also buy things from you. You can't sell anything you need, so it's mostly just rare bottled stuff like Poes. The gold dust you win in the goron races nets you 200 rupees!

17)Bombers' Notebook #1: Join the bombers' gang as Link

The bombers' notebook is one item you definitely do not want to miss. It's the key to twenty different subplots that involve many of the game's supporting characters. You can read about the notebook at the sign on the east clock town balcony where the bomber with the chicken hid in the prelude. Then, once you've been accepted as a member, you'll get your own and can join this though street gang in their own ruthless brand of good samaritanism.

There are two ways to join as human Link: Either takes off your deku mask after popping Jim's balloon (and repeat the hide-and-go-seek event): or use the password from the prelude to enter the observatory path and they'll admit you to the gang when you come back out.

You can get started using that notebook right away, as there are a number of clock town residents who need the help of a stranger. I'll point them out in "Bomber's Notebook" corners like this one as we progress.

18)South Clock Town

The First Owl Statue

The most important thing in this part of town is the owl statue. Make sure to strike it with your sword to activate it (you will not need to do this again on future cycles). Now you'll be able to warp back to his statue (when you get the appropriate song), and you can also use it to save you game when you need to shut off the game but don't want to play the song of time and erase your accomplishments.

The Two Treasure Chests

Even as a human, you can repeat the part of the prelude where you trade the moon's tear for the land title deed. Using that deku flower you can get both the chest atop the scaffold, and another one (containing 20 rupees) in the southeast corner of this map. Fly past the scaffold to the straw roof that's just west of the chest, then transform to Link and do a rolling jump (press A before you run off the ledge) to get to the area with the chest.

19)Southwest Clock Town

Free Rupees

You can find 5 free rupees in the box by the bench at any time, and 60 (!) in the river, but only on the second night.

Bombers' Notebook #2: Guru-Guru, Band Leader

Once you have earned the bombers' notebook come here between 6 pm and 6 am on the first or second day to meet Mr. Guru-Guru.

All you need to do to bring him peace is to listen to his bizarre tale, and he'll reward you with the Bremen mask. You'll also get his happiness seal in your notebook.

The Bremen mask makes certain animal obey you (when you march by holding down the B button). Try it out with the dog in south clock town!

20)East Clock Town

More Free Rupees

Forget messing around trying to get 20 or 50 rupees... you can start every cycle with an easy 100 free rupees if you come here first. All that's required is mastery of the rolling jump mentioned previously

Go up the stairs in the middle part of town, so you're above the milk bar. Then face south and do a series of rolling jumps, over honey and darling's sign. You'll find the chest at the end, behind the shooting gallery's sign.

Yet More Free Rupees

That one not enough for you? If you want another 100 free rupees, head to the observatory path, enter your password, and turn left when you get down the stairs. Swim against the wall to avoid another Skulltula attack, and plant a bomb near crack in the alcove at the end (or use your blast mask). The chest inside contains 100 rupees, and you can get it at the start of every cycle. Remember, you only need to deposit 200 rupees to get the adult wallet from the banker.

The Milk Bar

The milk bar is strictly for members only, so they won't let you in during business hours unless you have proof of membership... something that you can't get yet.

Town Shooting Gallery

This shooting gallery offers a couple of neat prizes: You'll get a big quiver if you score over 40 points, and a heart piece if you get a perfect score. But that doesn't matter now, since you can't play until you have a bow.

The Mayor's House

There are lots of interesting people to meet here. The left room contains the mayor, who will be added to your notebook.

The right room contains Madame Aroma, the mayor's wife, who will solicit your help in finding her missing son, Kafei. The Kafei's Mask she gives you is the first step of a long subplot we'll cover in more detail later. You may also find Toto, the Indigo-gos manager, and on the first morning, you can see an interesting event involving Gorman. Both will be added to your notebook.

The Stock Pot Inn

This large building is home to a number of the characters that are covered in you notebook. Among them are Anju, the fiancee of the missing Kafei. Talk to her between 2 and 10 pm while wearing his mask to get started on her side quest (which you can't yet complete).

Anju's grandmother is another notebook character: Letting her read you stories is a good way to kill time, and you can use them to skip ahead 2 hours or a whole day. There's also an amusing subplot regarding her senility if you come while Anju is serving lunch, and then read grandma's diary later.

Many inn events require you to come at night, when it's closed. You can use your deku form to get up to the rooftop balcony, or you can get the inn key and come and go as you please. Talk to Anju after 1:30 pm on the first day and tell her you have a reservation... what do you know, there's a Link in the reservation book! But if you stick around a minute or two, the Link who actually made the reservation will show up and be turned away, you selfish jerk.

Treasure Chest Shop

In this fairly easy game, you run through randomly generated mazes trying to get to the chest in time. As with any maze, the best strategy is just to pick a side (say, left) and keep running so the walls are always on that side of your characters. The prizes (and costs to play) differ per character: Link can win 50 rupees, the deku can win deku nuts, the zora can win 20 rupees, and the goron can win a heart piece (the first time only, of course).

Egads! Yet More Free Rupees?

These take timing, but Link can grab another pair of solver rupees in the Inn. If you get the inn key, you'll find a rupee chest in "your" room (on the 2nd floor). There's another rupees chest in Anju's room, although her door is only unlocked after midnight on Day 3.

Bombers' Notebook: The Mysterious Hand

The inn is home to what is surely the most disturbing notebook side quest. Go to the bathroom at midnight and you'll find a hand sticking out of the toilet. It wants paper badly, and if you give him a paper item (such as one of the deku deeds, or one of the letters involved in other subplots), it'll give you a heart piece. Although I personally wouldn't add anything that's been pulled out of a toilet to my life essence.

Honey & Darling's Shop

These obsessive lovers some how manage to peel themselves away from each other long enough to put on a different game each day. You'll win 50 rupees if you beat each one (it costs 10 to play), and you'll get a heart piece if you beat all three in one cycle. Don't fall off the platform, or it's game over.

Day1 is bombchu bowling. Hit targets at different heights from a spinning platform.

You need a bomb bag for day 2. Using careful l timing, toss bombs into wall-mounted baskets.

You'll need the bow for day 3. You're supposed to hit the targets, but shooting honey & darling is good for a laugh.

21)North Clock Town

The Fairy Mask

Remember how the great fairy asked you to come back when the curse was lifted? Pay her a visit now and she'll give you the fairy mask, an item that is essential for catching the pieces of the other great fairies that have been scattered throughout the game's four temples.

The mask does 3 things:

1. It emits sparkles when a stray fairy is in the room.

2. It attracts the fairy to you once it is freed (they're usually trapped in bubbles, crates, chests, and enemies).

3. It completely revolts me. Purple hair, the hooknose, the moles, and that caked-on mascara on Link's little body... It's a sight I'd hoped I would never have to see.

Deku Scrub Playground

Like honey & darling's, the deku scrub playground game changes on each of the three days. It costs 10 rupees to play, and victory on the first 2 day will earn you 50 rupees. Beat all three in one cycle, and you'll get the heart piece. In the game, you fly from flower to flower on moving platforms, trying to get all the rupees in the time allotted. They give you plenty of time (and there's no additional prize if you're quicker), so take it slowly and carefully. It's a tricky game, but the skills you learn will come in handy later.

Bombers' Notebook #4: Old Lady From Bomb Shop

Come here at a little after midnight on the first day, and you'll see a thief ambush and mug this kind old lady. Give him a taste of your blade and the old woman will reward you with the awesome blast mask, which effectively gives you unlimited bombs! It damages Link, but inexplicably he can prevent the damage (from his face exploding?) by readying his shield with the R button. Also, the bomb shop will begin selling the big bomb bag after you complete this event. If you fail, it will end up at the curiosity shop.

The Heart Piece

Now that you're human again, getting this heart piece in the tree by the slide is a snap. Just climb up the first block and jump across the others to get to the tree.

Part 1 - 1: The Southern Swamp


1)Cross Termina Field

Head out of the south gate in clock town, and the entrance to the southern swamp will be right in front of you. All that stands in your ways is a few chuchus, weak enemies that contain items and regenerate endlessly. Kill them for hearts and magic pots and prune the bushes for bombs and rupees.

If you stray into the tall grass on either side of the path, expect to face a few deku babas. Kill these easy enemies while they're just sprouts for some deku nuts, or kill them when they're fully-grown and get deku sticks.

Before you challenge swamp road, you might want to explore the various hidden pits in these part of termina field. These optional areas and the danger they contain are discussed on the next few pages.

Cow Pit #1

Plant a bomb in the dead center of the log tunnel to reveal the first of several cow pits. The cow you find here can't do anything for you now, but remember this spot. If you come back after you learn Epona's song, you'll find the residents of this pit to be convenient source of life-restoring milk.

Secrets Of The Observatory

If you head west from the south gate, you'll get to the astral observatory. You can use the deku flower to get over the gate, but you'll still need to take the long way out.

Why even bother? Because there are some interesting things to see through that telescope. Best of all is the akindo nut that flies from clock town to a pit just west of the observatory. If you then leave the observatory and track him to that pit, you'll find an akindo that's willing to deal. He'll offer to sell you a heart piece for 150 rupees. Don't got that much on you? Say no and he'll lower it to 100, but that's as low as he'll go. Note that this pit will be empty if you didn't spot the akindo through the telescope first.

There are a couple of other things you can see through the telescope. Follow one of the crow-like Guays as they fly across the map, and you may see it drop some red rupees near the observatory. Sure enough, they'll still be there when you get outside.

You'll also see men standing on the field and waving their hands. They won't be there when you go outside, but you'll find a pit in each of the spots where they once stood.

More Free Rupees

Need more rupees? There are plenty of ways to get them on the field. You can find 5 invisible rupees atop the log tunnel, a hest with 20 in the southeast corner of the map (in the tall grass) and another 20 in a deku baba pit near that. There's another rupee chest atop a stump near the log tunnel, but you'll need the hookshot to get it.

If you don't mind a bit of petty thievery, the most amusing place to get rupees is just south of the observatory. Roll into the tree that the man is climbing, and he'll be knocked to the ground. Then you swipe his rupees and run, hero.

Duel In The Peahat Pit

There's another hidden pit in the tall grass near the entrance to milk road - you can spot it by the butterflies that flutter above it. Inside is a Peahat, a difficult enemy that you may not be ready for yet. But if you're bold and you're quick, you can slay it with 10 - 12 hits of your kokiri sword. Make sure to always stay on the opposite side of its lopsided rotors, or this odd beast will shred Link like a field mouse caught in a lawnmower. If it burrows into he ground, toss a bomb to flush it out and do some easy damage. Victory nets you another sweet heart piece.

Beware Of The Takkuri Bird

If you veer towards the southwest, you can visit milk road, an area we'll cover in more detail later on. But even approaching the entrance will draw the attention of the dreaded Takkuri bird (which appears as a red dot on your map). When this pest hits you, it will either knock a bunch or rupees out of your hand, or snatch a truly important item, like your sword or a bottle. If it gets something good, it will immediately fly off to clock town and hock it at the curiosity shop for birdseed and cuttlebones, or whatever the heck Takkuri birds like. You'll have to wait until nightfall and buy the item back.

It's best to avoid it, but it is possible to kill it. An easy way is to transform into a deku, wait for it to attack, and deku spin right before it hits you. It'll take 15-20 hits, but when it dies you'll get a very rare orange rupees (worth 200r!).

2)Traverse Swamp Road

This small area is fairly easy to cross, especially during the day when it's wolfos-free. Head straight south for now, since the only thing of interest in the east passage is a swamp shooting gallery that you can't participate in until you get the bow.

The one pit, near the bat tree, contains 20 rupees-just enough to buy the map of this area from tingle, which's floating near.

Climb The Bat Tree

This tree isn't too inviting, but the heart piece at the top sure is. The bad bats will try to knock you off as you climb, so first switch to deku form and use your bubbles to shoot down as many of them as you can (Z-target them if possible). Then climb up and claim your prize.

3)The Art Of Slaying Wolfos

As soon as night falls, the wolfos emerge. These crafty enemies can be difficult to defeat if you don't know their weakness... the trick is to Z-target them, then stand so that you'll be just out of range of its claws (don't use your shield). After its second attack misses, the wolfos will be spun around, it's back to Link. Quickly backstab the wolfos with a jumping slash (A while Z-targeted) to kill it in a single strike.

4)Warp Point #2: Koume Is Missing

I believe this area is straight up from when you exit the town. One of the guards tells you about the swamp, so take that exit, (i don't remember which exit it is off the top of my head... I'll have that for you later.)The first thing to do here is activate the owl statue. You'll get the song of soaring soon, and this is a very handy warp spot. After that, head into the tourist info center just south of the entrance. This is where you can sign up for a swamp cruise, which will take you past the giant octoroks. But the tour guide, Koume, has gone missing.

Deed Trading Game #1

There's an akindo nut outside of the tourist info building, and he'll start selling magic beans in the near future (after someone else teaches you how to use them). But for now, you can trade him the land title deed you got from trading the moon tear to the akindo nut in clock town. He'll give you the swamp title deed, and vacate the magic flower so you can use it to get to the heart piece.

5)Follow The Monkey: Get The Empty Bottle

6)Save Koume's Life

If you arrive at the northeast part of swamp A on the first day, you'll find Kotake asleep in her potion shop. On the 2nd and 3rd day, you'll see her fly from her shop into the forest. Either way. She's concerned about her sister Koume, who has disappeared into the woods of mystery.

Fortunately, the monkey that meets you at the entrance to the woods of mystery seems to know where Koume can be found. It runs extremely fast, tough, so you'll need to work hard to keep its pace (your deku form in quicker, so you may want to switch). Ignore the snapper enemies that you pass - the only way to kill them are with bombs or by shooting out of the deku flowers while they're above them. If you ever take a wrong turn, you'll end up at the beginning, where the monkey will be waiting.

After you find Koume, talk to her (as human Link), and then go talk to Kotake. On day 1 she'll be in her shop, but on day 2 or 3 you'll find her here in the woods of mystery. She'll give you a bottle full of restorative potion, which you must take back to Koume. When Koume is healed she'll fly back to the tourist info building, and the empty bottle will be yours to keep.

7)Help The Monkeys

After you save Koume, the monkeys will ask you to travel to deku palace to save a friend... and that means taking a swamp cruise. Just in case something goes wrong, cut the shrubs by the owl statue on your way back, and use your bottle to catch the fairy that appears.

You could also use your bottle to hold the potions Kotake sells, but fairies are far more useful. There is one good use for the potions, though; if you have to redo this quest on future cycles (and you will), you can save time by buying the red potion and taking it directly to Koume.

Get The Pictograph Box

Koume owes you a favor, so this one time only, the cruise is free (gee, and all you had to do to save 10 rupees was save her miserable life). But before you set sail, talk to the man who runs the photo contest. Koume will give you a free pictograph box, a camera that can only hold a single shot. Bring him the best shot you took during the cruise to see if you've won a prize.

8)Take The Swamp Cruise

There isn't much to do on the swamp cruise but enjoy the scenery and take pics with your pictograph box. You can take as many shots as you want, but you can only keep one at a time- so don't save over a favorite shot! The prizes for the contest are listed below, so don't look if you don't want to spoil it.

Watch your step when you get off the boat. The purple water is poisonous to Link, so don't fall in! The monkey will meet you at the entrance to deku palace and tell you what you need to do next.

9)Meet The Deku King

All you need to do now is go straight ahead. Humans aren't allowed in the deku palace, but all deku are... so slip on that mask and go see the king.

The monkey you're here to save is in the cage to the left of the king. After taking to both the monkey and the deku, it should be apparent that diplomacy won't be the solution this time. You have no choice but to infiltrate the castle and save the monkey the old-fashioned-way.

The Winning Shot

Most of the pictures you take on the cruise are worth 5 rupees. A few, like the monkey or the big octorok, are worth 20. But there are only 2 shots that will take the top prize of a heart piece: The deku king, or Tingle, the contest judge missing son. Since you'd have to go back to swamp road to get Tingle, you might as well just snap the king.

10)Infiltrate The Palace

As you leave the throne room, go on the door on the Link's right. Weave around to the north, then cut west and grab the heart piece. It sounds easy, but there's a catch: The entire area is patrolled by deku guards. If you cross their line of sight, they'll toss you right out of the castle. If you're having trouble avoiding them, wait until nightfall, when you can see their line of sight, making this much easier.

11)Buy Magic Beans

On the east side weave through the deku guards and work your way to the pit that is located in the corner at the very end. Drop into the hole immediately! Once inside you'll end up in a cavern with a man selling magic beans. They're only 10 rupees, so pick some up and be sure to fill your bottle with spring water. Plant the bean in the plot of land and pour the spring water to grow a bean flower. Jump onto the bean flower for an easy ride. The flower will fly you over to a rupee chest in the corner.

12)Hop To The Back Door

Refill you bottle with spring water and buy a few more magic beans before you move on. Exit the palace and hop across the lilypads to the small yard in the northeast corner of your map. Grow your bean leaf and ride it to the palace's secret back door.

13)Fly To The Monkey Cage

This is where the skills you learned in the deku scrub playground come in handy. Soar from flower platform to flower platform through the entire palace and into the monkey's cage. But things get tricky when you start running into the mad nuts. They'll try to shoot you down, but your snot bubbles have longer range, so if your aim is good you can snipe at them from the platforms before you jump. If you have trouble with that, just fly at them and dive bomb them with deku nuts before you land. If you fall, you'll have to go back outside and start over, so don't.

Learn The Sonata of Awakening

Talk to the monkey as Link, and he'll urge you to try cutting the rope. When that plan fails, he'll ask you if you have an instrument... transform into a deku and show him your trumpets. The monkey will then teach you the sonata of awakening, the song you need to enter the game's fist temple. And once you learn it, you'll never have to do the deku palace event again, even if you later use the song of time.

Sadly, there's no way to free the monkey yet. And the king wasn't kidding about sacrificing it: Head back in after you've been thrown out and you'll see the monkey being boiled alive! Mmmm... the sweet aroma of hot, juicy, boiled monkey... NO! He is our friend and we must save him! Wipe the droll off your lips and head back outside. Hop across the lilypads to the deku flower and use that to get into the little cave labeled "Woodfall shortcut."

14)Soar Through The Marsh

You've been in this area before, but never from this vantage point. By flying from flower to flower, you can reach the ledges on either side of the waterfall. But watch out for the dragonflies! An unlucky hit from theirs stingers will send you crashing to the swamp below, and you'll have to cut through the deku palace area to get back here. If you get a clear shot, nail them with magic bubbles before you take to the skies.

15)Learn The Song Of Soaring

Waiting at the ledge is Kepola Gebola, everyone's favorite owl spirit guide! Kepola will point you to the near by engraving of the song of soaring, and teach you how to use it to warp to any of the owl statues you've activated with your sword.

You may be tempted to give it a whirl and warp back to clock town or something, but if you persevere a little further, you'll get a chance to hit a new statue right outside the Woodfall temple, and then you'll never have to deal with the koume the swamp cruise or the deku palace ever again.

Spider House #1: The gold skulltulas from ocarina of time are back in this small, optional temple. If you can get all 30 gold skulltulas tokens here, you'll be rewarded with the mask of truth.

But skulltula hunting is a time consuming job, so you may want to wait until after you've cleared the Woodfall temple. When you are ready to go, bring an extra magic bean, and use a deku stick as a torch to burn the web blocking the door. See the skulltula section for full coverage.

Cross The Woodfall Area: The temple won't be there when you first enter this area. To make it appear, you'll want to go counter- clockwise from the entrance until you reach the high platform to the south. But that's not easy to do... the thin bridges are guarded by pesky Hiploop bugs that can't be slain directly. Shoo them with magic bubbles or , as Link, use deku nuts to stun them and the kokiri sword for the kill (or just push them off the bridge with your shield). There are plenty of mad nuts here too, which you can snipe with magic bubbles or dive bomb with deku nuts.

16)Activate Warp Point #3: Play Sonata of Awakening

Strike the owl statue, catch a fairy from the nearby pots, and step up to the deku seal. As a deku, play the sonata of awakening, and the Woodfall temple will appear. If you're running low on time, this is a good opportunity to warp back to clock town, deposit your cash, and play the song of time.

Nearby Treasure

After activating the owl statue, there's no reason not to go for this easy heart piece. Just soar over to the bench in the southeast (the cave above the beach if this area's great fairy fountain), and use the series of deku flowers to fly north to the treasure chest. No need to take long way back: Just use the song of soaring to warp back to the platform (from there, you can fly to the temple).

Part 1-2: Woodfall Temple

1)Weave Through the Roots

The first stray fairy will meet you at the entrance to this temple. All you need to do to get it is slap on the fairy's mask and wait for it to come to you. A second fairy waits in the chest to your right, so you'll have to use the deku flower and hang a very sharp right to get it.

Getting to the door on the other side isn't as easy as it looks. It's guarded by 2 big skulltulas (one in front of each torch), so you'll need to fly right in between them. If they knock you out of the sky you'll have to walk back to the ladders at the south end of your room. Use your spin attack to deal with the black boes on the floor.

Since not everyone cares to find the stray fairies, we'll list their locations paragraphs like these ones. As we mentioned above, there are 2 stray fairies here: One at the entrance, and one in the treasure chest.

2)Hop Across the Poison Pool

Take special notice of the weird flower- shaped mechanism in the center of this room, as it will be important later. For now, it's just the red flower things floating on the poisonous water that matter. You can hop over them on your way to the sole unlocked door on the west side of the room (but only as a deku- the flowers will eat Link!). The second floor is not currently accessible.

There are 4 fairies in this room, but you can only get 2 now. The first is in one of the pots in the southeast corner. To get the other you'll need to kill the deku baba near the locked door.

Get Small Key

You'll need to hop to the deku flower in the center of this room and use that to get to the treasure chest and the small key it contains. Use the same flower to soar to the door to room D.

While you're at the treasure chest, use your magic bubble to shoot down the hive in the northwest corner. That will reveal a fairy that you can attract with the fairy's mask.

3)Get Dungeon Map: Return to Room E

You ran by these spiky snapper turtles in the lost woods, but there's no avoiding them this time. Bombs are one strategy, but the easiest way to kill them is to burrow into the flowers, wait for one to go sliding over you, and pop out at just that moment to send it flying. The timing of this takes some practice, but it's the safest path to victory. Grab the dungeon map, and head back west to room E.

4)Light Brazier #1

As soon as you enter, push the block forward, then loop around (watch out for a big skulltula ambush) and push the block two squares back the way you just came. Then, using a deku stick as a torch, you can easily run some flame from the lit brazier in the corner to the unlit one by the door. Then head on through.

Three fairies here: one in a hive near the center of the room, on in the big skulltula in the northwest corner, and one underwater (but you'll probably want to wait until the water is cleared).

Get the Compass

magic bubbles are the best way to kill dragonflies, but you can hit them with the whole pop-out-of-the-flower trick if you timing is good. Kill both to unlock the door and make the treasure chest that contains the compass appear.

5)Light Brazier #2

Whip out another deku stick, and make a torch from the upstairs brazier. Jump across the floating platforms until you get to the web- covered door at the top. Now you head upstairs to room G.

6)Illuminate the Darkness

This spooky tunnel is infested with black boes, so charge through the darkness doing the deku spin the entire way. When you get to the brazier, use a deku stick to make a torch and light the other three braziers.

When all the torches are lit, scour the room for any boes you missed and finish them off. When the room is clear, a chest with a stray fairy will appear.

7)Soar Across to the Stairs

A bad tumble here may send you back to room B, so be careful! You may want to go to the bottom level and use your magic bubbles to kill the dragonflies before you attempt the flight.

8)Hit the Ladder Switch

As human Link, hit switch #1 to make a ladder appear. If you're low on health, you may want to head downstairs and crack the pots for some recovery hearts before you enter room I.

Two more fairies in room B: One is just in the balloon to your right as you enter. To get the other, use a flower to fly to switch #2 in the northwest corner. Hit that to make a fairy chest appear, and use the ladders to get back up.

9)Defeat the Lizalfos: Get the Hero's Bow

The Lizalfos you face here can be tough if you don't yet know how to fight defensively. Block with your shield until the Lizalfos leaves an opening, then hit it with a jumping jump slash. But beware of its fire breath: That can't be blocked.

The prize is the hero's bow, which you can put to immediate use on your way out. Shoot the eye switch on the ledge in the opposite side of room C to raise the deku flower that will allow you to cross to the mini-boss.

Defeat the Gekko: Get the Boss Key

This battle is a little trickier. After receiving a few easy hits, gekko will summon his steed, a giant snapper. As you may recall, the only way to deal with these guys is to burrow into a flower and blast off when it's directly above you. But you haven't done any damage yet: the will just send gekko scurrying to the ceiling, and you'll have to switch to Link and pick him off with your bow. Get close, he moves pretty fast. After 3 hits he'll revert into a harmless frog, allowing you to snag the nearby boss key.

11)Raise Flower Platform

With the hero's bow and boss key in your possession, head back to room B. from the ledge with the first foot switch, fire an arrow straight through the lit brazier into the unlit one on the big wooden flower platform thing in the middle. It will rise and begin spinning. The poisonous water will finally drain away, giving you easier access to the underway stray fairy in room E.

One more ting to do: From the center of the spinning platform in room B, shoot another arrow through the fire and into the unlit brazier on the ledge be the second foot switch. This will open the door to the dungeon's final room.

12)Cross to the Boss Room
The various alcoves in the south wall contain fairies and the supplies (such as magic pots and arrows) that you'll need to get through this room. When you have them all, shoot the crystal switch from the farthest west alcove to temporarily extinguish the flames. Then quickly fly through the middle platforms from west to east, until you get to the deku flower that will take you to the boss door.

You'll find 3 fairies in the alcoves in the southern wall, and one floating in a bubble inside a pillar of flame. Shoot it with your bow and use the fairy's mask to lure it home.

Masked Jungle Warrior: Odolwa

The game's first boss is a snap to beat. Keep him Z-targeted, and nail him with an arrow whenever he lets down his guard. Then, while he stunned, go for a jumping slash. You can block all of his attacks with you shield, except for his big swipe, which you can roll under. When he begins summoning bugs from the ceiling, you nay want to use the bombs to kill them, or just spin attacks. If you have the blast mask, you can let them gather around while you block, and blow them all up at once.

13)Rescue the Princess

This is optional, so if you're out of time, don't worry. In future cycles you'll be able to warp right to the boss upon entering the temple, rekill him, and save the princess whenever you want. To do so, cut away the vines that imprison her, pop her into a bottle, and hock her at the pawn shop... Err, bring her home, I mean.

The Great Fairy's Boon

If you've diligently collected all 15 stray fairies, take them to the woodfall great fairy's fountain to collect your reward. The cave is in the beach southeast of the temple, and you can reach it by flying from the deku flower at the end of the nearby bridge. The prize is a powered-up spin attack with much wider range.

The Deku King's Reward

Deliver the princess to her home to complete your quest to save the monkey. He'll be freed, the king will get a savage beating, and you'll be rewarded with the mask of scents... just as soon as you go get it yourself.

Follow the king's butler to the treasure room on the west side of the palace area. To get the mask, you'll have to chase him through a massive maze of traps and blind turns.

This'll take practice, but you can save time by being the deku until you need to transform to Link to use the bow on a crystal switch and jump over rock spires. If you want to cheat, try it with the bunny hood.

Archery Practice #1

If you visit Koume after defeating Odolwa in the same cycle, she'll be offering a new safari shooting game. If you can shoot 20 or more of the targets she holds up during the cruise, you'll get a heart piece. If you accidentally shoot her too many times, the game will end, but that doesn't happen frequently, so don't be afraid to take risky shots. This is probably the easiest of the 3 archery games.

Archery Practice #2

And this is definitely the hardest. Don't waste time keeping score: You won't min anything unless you get a perfect score (more than 2180). The first time you achieve that you'll get a bigger quiver, the second time you'll get a heart piece.

This game requires precision! The mad nuts are the easiest to hit, but you have to hit all four each time they pop out (5 time's total). Also, there are two hidden mad nuts that must be shot, in the upper-left and upper-right. Wolfos can run across the screen periodically, and there are four flights of three guays (which fly back the way they came, giving you a second shot). To keep track of it all, listen to the various whistles as each enemy enters the board, and memorize their patterns.

Archery Practice #3
The archery game in clock town is a lot easier. The trick is to shoot the red octoroks and not the blue ones, or you'll waste time (which will prevent you from being able to play the final round, which has five red ones). There are fifteen rounds total, and 50 red octoroks in all. You'll get the bigger quiver or if you already have it then the biggest quiver for nailing 40, but you need to get all 50 to win the heart piece.

Part 2-1: Mountain Village


The Dodongo Pit

Dodongos are tough, so fighting two in close quarters won't be easy. Their weak spot is their tail, but it will take nearly a dozen kokiri swords stabs to bring each Dodongo down (and you'll leave yourself vulnerable to their damaging tail swipes). Instead, go long range and use bombs or your bow from a safe distance (6 arrows to the backside will drop each Dodongo). Hill both and you'll get a heart piece. Just stay away from their exploding corpses...

Skull Kid's Symphony

Every few hours you'll find a new set of notes on this graffiti clef. Plat the tune and earn a few rupees (anywhere from 3 to 60).

The Gossip Stone Quartet

An open pit just off the trail from clock town and a second pit under a bombable boulder both lead to small caves with a quartet of gossip stones. These may look familiar: There are two more gossip stone pits, one between the swamp path and milk road, and one just behind the astral observatory.

The stones like music, but aren't big ocarina fans. Instead, transform into a deku (or any other species) and play the sonata of awakening (or any other song that's colored in your status screen). The large stone will change color (depending on you race). Play the same tune as the same form to all four pits, and you'll receive a heart piece.

Bombers' Notebook #5: Kamaro, Ghost of a Charismatic Dancer

If you're still hanging around in the north part of termina field at midnight, you'll hear an eerie tune coming from one of the frozen trees. Do a rolling jump off the ledge and talk to Kamaro. If you play the song of healing for him, he'll give you the kamaro's mask. Put in the mask and do that funky dance.

The Rosa Sisters

Surprisingly, the ability to break into interpretative dance with a tap of the B button isn't a great asset on the battlefield. But the Rosa sisters, who try to work out new dance steps every night in west clock town, will be grateful for the lesson. Do you sexy dance for them, and they'll thank you with a heart piece.

1)Clear the Mountain Pass

Big chunks of ice block your progress to the north. But as tatl will point out, a dangling icicle provides a solution. Fire an arrow or two and it will obliterate the blockade as it falls.

2)Cross to Mountain Village

This uneventful mountain pass is full of giant snowballs, pesky tektites, and camouflaged white boes. Some of the snow balls contain hearts and magic pots, but be careful: a few conceal white wolfos enemies. Near the top the snowballs will actually block the path, so make sure to save at least a few bombs.

3)Activate Warp Point #5: Head East to Frozen Lake

First things first: Cross the little bridge in the northwest corner of this icy valley and activate the owl statue. You'll also notice a goron here, starved and shivering beneath a frozen waterfall. There's nothing you can do for him now. The building is a mountain smithy where you can get Link's sword upgraded, but the block of ice on their hearth has put them out of business for the time being. Neither of these geniuses have struck on the idea of using fire to melt the ice, but they have heard tales of a hot spring hidden nearby. Head east to goron village for more information.

4)Continue on to Goron Village

The surface of this lake is frozen solid, but you'll still need to use the network of bridges to get across to goron village, since there is no ramp leading from the lake's surface to the city's entrance. Impeding your progress are a trio of white wolfos, who you're better off running from. Tingle can also be found here: He's selling maps of snowhead for 20 rupees and romani ranch for 40. Speaking of the snowhead map, you'll note that it lists a treasure chest in this area. But if you follow it to the spot, you'll find it frozen far beneath the ice. There's no way to get it now.

5)Follow Kepola Gebola

If you reach the exterior of goron village on the first day, you'll find a sentry who will let you in. but he'll freeze up and turn into a rolling snowball on later days, so unless you want to bomb him out of it you won't be able to get inside.

But that's not a problem, since the event we're waiting for happens outside. Meet Kepola at the ramp in west, and he'll guide you to a floating cave. You won't be able to see the platforms yet, but if you follow the feathers he sheds, you'll make it safely across.

Deed Trading Game #2: Buy the Biggest Bomb Bag

One other thing you can in goron village is talk to the akindo nut as a deku, and offer to trade your swamp title deed for his mountain title deed. Is a deal he'll gladly accept, leaving his flower so you can get the heart piece. He'll also offer to sell you the biggest bomb bag for 200 rupees and your big bomb bag. But that offer is for gorons only, so come back when you get the mask.

Get the Lens of Truth

The lens of truth you'll find in the floating cave shows you hidden chests, enemies and platforms, but slowly saps your magic reserves. If you equip it now and fire it up, you'll find an invisible chest guarded by an invisible skulltula. If you have a bomb, you can find a second chest behind one of the big rocks.

The feathers are gone, but your lens of truth will let you see both the path back to goron village, and the specter that awaits you.

6)Pursue Darmani's Ghost: Get Goron Mask

Darmani's ghost isn't quite sure you really can see him, so after your initial conversation he'll go running out of goron village, past the frozen lake, and into the mountain village. Follow him closely and you'll end up in front of the sheer wall past the icy river in the north end of mountain village. With your lens activated, you'll be able to see the hidden rungs that lead to the top of the cliff. When the ladder forks, head right, then left, then right again, and you'll soon find yourself outside of goron graveyard.

Put the goron hero to rest with the song of healing, and he'll bequeath you his earthly form by giving Link the goron mask.

7)Open Hot Springs

The text on the grave will help you learn your new form's abilities, but the cave's biggest secret lies beneath. Transform into goron and give the grave a tug to reveal the first of two hot springs.

When you fill your bottle with hot spring water and empty it at the block of blue ice, the ice will melt. Give it a try on the goron outside, and then refill your bottle, dive off the cliff, and get ready to run. This is time of essence, since the water will lose its efficacy in one real world minute, or if you land in the cold water. You can use this water to defrost the elder, but I recommend you first dash off to the frozen lake and use it to melt the ice that blocks the entrance to the second hot spring. This hot spring id mush more convenient and you want to have to climb all the way up the invisible ladder every time you need a refill.

8)Talk to Baby Goron

If you haven't been inside goron village yet, you need to go there before you can proceed. Human Link needed to speak to the sentry to get in, but goron Link can get in by himself. Just do your goron smash in front of the door and head inside.

Besides an over-priced shop and a bunch of maddened gorons, there isn't much to do here. And that's fine, because baby goron's walls don't get any more pleasant. Talk to the baby and his caretakers and get out of there before you're driven to violence against your speaker system.

9)Defrost the Elder

Baby goron isn't gonna shut up until he hears from daddy, and at the rate his father's moving, that isn't going to be anytime soon. The elder goron actually does get a bit closer to snowhead each day.

When you find him, either bomb or goron punch away the snowball, and empty your hot water bottle. If you've already spoken to his son, he'll give you the first few notes of the lullaby that will finally send his colicky brood straight to sleep.

Learn the Goron Lullaby

The elder goron couldn't remember the whole song, but if you play whet you have for baby goron, he'll fill in the blanks and the goron lullaby will be saved to your song page. Play it here and now as a goron and baby goron will drop like a log, as well as every other goron in the hearing distance. If only the military could somehow harness the power of this astonishing lullaby technology!

In addition to silencing the kid, this song is the key to entering the snowhead temple. And now that you have it, you'll never have to do any of the earlier stuff again.

Get Don Gero's Mask

If you can use a deku stick to light all the braziers in goron village before the first one goes out, you can get the giant chandelier in the roof to start spinning. Then morph into a goron, head back to the red carpet outside of the baby's room, and do your goron roll over the ramp and into the chandelier-mounted pots. One of the five contains a big hunk of what the goron refer to, as rock sirloin.

Grab that, and carefully carry it all the way back to frozen lake and toss it over to the shivering goron beneath the frozen waterfall. He'll reward you with don gero's mask, which lets you talk to frogs. When you bring together all five frogs you'll get a heart piece.

The Razor Sword

If you bring some hot water to the black smith and defrost his hearth, he'll express his gratitude by offering to severely overcharge you for a crappy sword.

Yeah, it's not even close to worth it. The razor sword upgrade costs 100 rupees, take a day, whenever you turn it in, it'll be ready the next morning, falls apart after 100 swings, and can not be taken back in time with you. It's fun to play with, but swordplay won't be much of a factor in the next dungeon, and you can get a permanent upgrade to the gilded sword after that.

10)Roll to Snowhead

After learning the full lullaby, warp back to the mountain village and head to the northwest. This windy road connects that village with Snowhead Mountain, but crossing it isn't easy. You'll need to transform into your goron form, do a goron roll, and hit the ramps at full speed to make it over the gulches.

Goron rolling can be tricky at first. Hold down the A button and press gently forward to build up some steam, you'll start to flame, then the spikes will pop out. When the spikes come, press full forward, you don't need to hold it, and aim for the first ramp. You may want to slow down a bit for the tricky hairpin turn before the second ramp, but don't worry about the snowballs. When you're at full-speed, you'll plow right through them.

11)Play the Goron Lullaby: Activate Warp Point #5

No matter how careful you are when trying to cross this thin ledge, you'll be blown off into the abyss every time. If you want to know why, use your lens of truth: A giant invisible goron is blowing blizzards your way. But we know how to deal with gorons, don't we? Play your lullaby to stop the wind and send the bewitched goron tumbling down the mountain.

Strike the owl statue, bottle an extra fairy from one of the small snowballs near the entrance, and carefully make your way to the mountain. When the snowballs roll your way, just give them a hearty goron punch.

When you reach the mountain area, you'll be attacked by white wolfos, enemies that take more finesse to beat then your goron form can manage. Just roll on by and take the corkscrew path to the entrance of the second temple.

Part 2-2: Snowhead Temple


1)Push the Sliding Block

Either the goron or human Link can easily clear away the ice stalagmites in the entryway. Push the block behind then into the pit, and you'll end up in a chamber with three doors.

You'll recognize the ice block on the middle door, but there's no hot water in here, so only fire arrows will do the trick. For now, just kill the wolfos and head into the door on the right.

2)Roll Across the Bridge

The bridge across this lava pit is out, but a high-speed goron roll can make the leap. Avoiding the ice breath and rolling straight can take practice, but don't worry if you mess up: Lava doesn't hurt gorons.

Before you head into the door on the left, room D, transform into Link, jump across to the stairs, and take a brief detour for the dungeon map.

There are two fairy bubbles here. Use the great fairy's mask and take two good bow shots from the north platform near the crate.

Get Dungeon Map

If you've dealt with the bomb dog in this room before, you'll know to keep your sword in its sheath. The weapon of choice for dealing with real bombchus is your shield; when they charge, whip it out and they'll bounce off and detonate harmlessly. After you grab the map and some rupees head down to room D.

The fairy here is a cinch to get: It's right in the corner west of the chest.

3)Melt the Ice

Room D is a five-story chamber that connects every room in this dungeon, but most of them are frozen shut. But you can melt the one that leads back to room A by firing an arrow through the torch flame and into the ice. That shortcut will come in handy after we get the small hey in room E. If you drop down to level B1 of this room, you'll find a switch in the lava. Step on it as a goron and a chest with a fairy will appear.

4)Move the Block: Get Small Key

The one door in room D that isn't frozen lead to this small room. Grab the blocks and pull them back to reveal a hidden alcove, and a chest with a small key.

If you're collecting stray fairies, keep pulling the block into the farthest notch on the floor, when you get it right, you'll hear a chime. This will make a chest appear, and give you a way to get to it a bit later on.

5)Get Compass: Open Stairwell

After melting the ice in room D, take that door back to room A, and use the small key to unlock the room on the left. There are a lot of ice blocks here, but all you can do now is fend off wolfos ambushes as you grab the compass. Then take a bomb or the blast mask and blow away the wall in the west, revealing a staircase to level B2.

6)Smash Ice Blocks: Get Small Key

If you take a look towards the ceiling in this cavern, you'll see an icicle dangling precariously over each ice block. Fire a few arrows into each one to send them crashing into the chunks of ice that are blocking your path. Then jump from pillar to pillar until you get to the ledge with the big snowball. Bomb or goron punch it away and grab another small key.

Use your lens of truth in the southeast corner of the room and you'll see a hidden alcove with a fairy chest inside. You can jump to it from one of the pillars.

7)Cross to Room D2


To solve this puzzle, transform into a goron, and do a goron press on switch #1, which cause switches #2 + 3 to rise. Then press #4 to raise #5, and press #2 to lower both it and #3 which gives you access to the door. Scramble up switch #4 before time runs out and leap back to the other side.

This fairy is tricky to find... Use your bow, fairy's mask and lens of truth and aim straight up at the ceiling in the center of the room.

8)Roll Across the Snowdrift

Our destination in the second floor of the main chamber is room I. getting there means goron-jumping across a snowdrift to the east side, and jumping another bridge from there.

Crossing angled snowdrifts is easier than it looks. The trick is not to charge up to the flaming, spiky type of goron roll, but to maintain control and take it slow and steady instead. If you hit the wall and start to bounce, release the button and quickly start a new roll. If you mess up this time there's a net, but you won't be so lucky next time. So learn this skill while you can.

9)Wizrobe - Round 1

This nasty mini-boss teleports from square to square, firing unblock able ice beams if you don't nail him with an arrow first. Defeating his first stage is simply a matter of quickly scanning the room, so you can spot him as soon as he pops up.

But after a few hits, he gets tricky, and starts sending illusionary forms to every other square. The real one is the one that does what can only be described as "a jaunty little jig" as soon as it appears, so if you don't see that in the square you are facing, you know he's behind you. If you can't figure out which one is real in the first second or so, just cut your losses and try to dodge the shot.

Victory earns you the fire arrows, which lets you melt those annoying ice blocks in one shot! If you're already into the final day, you may want to use the song of time. With the fire arrow in your arsenal, getting back to where you are now will be a snap.

10)Activate Room C Elevator

The door opposite of the wizrobe's room, in area D2, Leads to the top floor of the room where we found the dungeon map. You can get a new fairy by coming in from this side, and now that you have the fire arrow, you can use this room as a shortcut between floors. If you stand on the platform in the center of the room and shoot both the freezard and the frozen eye switch with fire arrows, the platform will elevate you to the second floor.

You can get the second fairy here by using your lens of truth and hopping across the platforms.

11)Kill Freezards: Get Small Key

For now, pass up the elevator and head back down the stairs to room B. smash the crate for a magic pot if necessary, and then go on a killing spree; One fire arrow for each freezard, and one for the ice block in between.

When you've eradicated the enemies, a chest will appear, containing this area's final small key. Grab that and head back out to room D to put it to immediate use.

Pick Up 3 Fairies in Rooms E and F

If you're collecting stray fairies, you'll want to head back to room F left from the dungeons entryway for three new fairies. First, melts the ice blocks to reveal a switch, which you can hit to create a sliding block. Push that near the ledge with the ledge with a chest to get one fairy, then to the northwest corner of the room. From there, toss a bomb onto the crate above the pillar by the bombed wall to reveal a fairy, lure it over with your mask, or do a rolling jump, and then jump to the other ledge and cross into room E.

If you left the sliding block where you were supposed to, you can use it to jump across to the chest on the other side, and get your 10th fairy.

12)Light All the Braziers

13)Raise the Central Pillar

Head north or northwest in room D to this 2-story room with three doors, three braziers, and three freezards. Light all the braziers with your fire arrows and the center door will open. This will be easier if you kill the freezards first.

If you mess up and fall, melt the frozen deku flower jump back up, if you run out of magic power, you'll find lots of magic pots on the lower level.

The newly unlocked door leads to an alcove of room D2 with a goron press- type switch. Activate it, and the central pillar will rise all the way to the top floor. This blocks some rooms you've already visited, but you can send it back by hitting the counter switch in the basement level of room D. but you should never need to do that.

Kill all the freezards with fire arrows and a fairy chest will appear where indicated on your map.

14)Take a New Route to 3F

Getting around that big pillar isn't going to be easy. You'll need to drop down to the lowest level of room D, and take the stairs back up to 1F. Head into room B and take those stairs to room C, where you can activate the elevator to take you up to level 2F. from there, cross the snowdrift into the ice-blocked stairway and melt it down.

That leads to the third floor of room D. it's a lot like the floor below it, but the snowdrift doesn't have a net. So if you mess up, you'll have to do it all over again.

15)Continue up to 4F

This room is full of snowball-tossing Eenos. Be aggressive and eradicate them all or risk taking a snowball in the back while you use your fire arrows to melt one last ice block.

There's another hidden alcove here, so whip out that lens of truth and head to the southwest corner.

16)Defeat the Lizalfos

A pair of Lizalfos ambushes you in this room, but they're nothing you can't handle. You can use tried and true techniques, or nail them with fire arrows before they swing for two-shot kill.

These two fairies couldn't be easier to get. One rises from each of the fallen Lizalfos.

The Last Fairy

There's only one fairy left, and that's the one in the hidden alcove you might have noticed if you scanned the main chamber with your lens of truth, between the first and second floor. I guess you're supposed to use the deku flower on the fourth floor, but it's even easier if you use your lens, face the northwest corner of this pillar, and make a rolling jump in the alcove's direction.

17)Wizrobe - Round 2: Get Boss Key
---------------------------------- This Wizrobe has a bigger room and more possible appearance spots, but if you know the trick you'll find him to be much easier to beat than the first one. Just jump onto the ledge with the pots, break them all, and set up camp in that corner. From there, you can scan the entire battle field, so you'll immediately be able to figure out which is the real Wizrobe during his second phase. And if you mess up, it's no big deal; his shots will explode when they hit the ledge of your platform, and the ice spread won't be able to reach you in your corner. The only tricky part of this strategy is that you'll have to target him manually, but you should have the hang of that by now.

When you beat him, both doors unlock, and you can take the north one to a small alcove with the boss key. Remember that you can't take this back in time with you, so if you use your ocarina of time to warp back, you'll have to battle this wizrobe all over again.

br>18)Shorten the Central Pillar

Getting to the boss room is a bit complicated. You need to do a goron roll jump from the south side of the fourth floor, but the only way to get to that platform is trough the staircase on the third floor, the one that's full of snowballs.

But the pillar has the entrance completely blocked. So you'll need to transform into a goron and make some alternations.

Head over to the second floor, and use your goron punch to smash the blue sections into pieces. Then head up to the third floor and do the same. When you've busted all four, you'll be able to walk straight across to the snowball hall. Punch those away, head up to the fourth floor, and do your goron roll to leap over the bridge and into the boss room.

19)Thaw Ghot

You'd think we could just leave this guy frozen solid, chisel off the mask, and call it a victory for the forces of good. But Link likes to do thing the hard way, so get arrows and magic pots from the pots if necessary and let loose a fire arrow.

Masked Mechanical Monster: Ghot

Ghot seems happy just to run around in circles and ignore you, but you need that mask he's wearing. So go goron and begin the chase, as a red-hot, full-speed spiky ball of rage, you need to catch up to him and sideswipe him to death. He'll attempt to stop you with long range lighting blasts, short range heat seeking blasts, and back-kicked bombs and chunks of turf. When he's using any of there weapons, stay away from the ramps, since you'll be sitting duck while air bomb. You should be able to get a bunch of hits each time you catch him, and if you can trip him up, you'll get a bunch more. As long as you're dodging effectively, you'll find Ghot to be one of the easiest bosses in the game.

The Great Fairy's Boon

If you've collected all 15 stray fairies, take them back to the snowhead fairy fountain and meet the fairy of wisdom. Her reward is incredible: A double length magic bar! This is a must-have for future challenges like the goron races, and takes a lot of the sting out of such magic sucking items as the lens of truth and special arrows. If you missed a few, go back and get those fairies! The prize is too good to pass up.

20)Biggoron's Apology

Wondering what happened to the giant invisible goron who tried to stop you from entering snowhead? You can find him outside of the temple, way down south near the owl statue. Apparently he survived his fall, regained his visibility, and stopped being evil. So pay him a visit and have a nice chat.

Interlude: Spring in the Mountain Village


Unfrozen Treasures

The veil of ice over the mountain village area has lifted... temporarily. As soon as you play the song of time, winter will reclaim this area unlit Ghot's nest defeat, so enjoy this taste of spring while you can.

If you can find an invisible treasure chest containing 20 rupees in the little cave behind the waterfall. There's another 20 in the pit in the newly thawed passage linking the village basin with Darmani's Tomb. Frozen lake has also thawed, but its treasures are much too deep to be claimed by a human.

1)Get Power Keg Certified

Return to goron village as darmani and you'll receive a hero's welcome. But accolades are fleeting in Majora's Mask, since all will be forgotten in the next cycle. The real reason to return to goron village is to hit the bomb shop. No, not the one inside, but the one outside, in the southeast chamber that was previously frozen over.

They sell power kegs here, but they won't give them to just anyone. First you, as a goron, have to take a little test, which involves transporting a lit keg all the way to the rock-blocked cave near the previously-frozen lake. The fuse won't last forever, so hurry: Start by tossing the keg over the inclines in the cave, and rolling up after it. When you get to the giant rock by the lake, set it down and either wait for the detonation or set it off with an arrow. Return to the shop to receive your certification and a free power keg.

2)Open the Goron Races

The big rock you just blew up was blocking the goron's seasonal race track. Now that it's gone, the races will resume. That's good news for you, since a victory in the races is the first step towards earning the double-powered gilded sword.

You may not be able to beat Ghot, get certified, win the races and get the sword forged all in one cycle. So start a new cycle if necessary and begin by buying a powder keg from the shop in goron village for 100 rupees or from the goron in the clock town bomb shop for 50 rupees. You can only hold one at a time, unfortunately.

The Treasure Game

While you're in clock town buying your powder keg, take a little detour and play the east clock town treasure game. The prizes in this game differ based on which form you are, and the top prize, a heart piece, is reserved for your goron form only.

3)Win the Goron Race

The first and only prize in the goron races is a bottle full of gold dust, the item you need to upgrade the razor sword into the gilded sword. To claim the prize, you need to come in first, which is no small feat. Get an early start by jumping the gun and surging forward as 1 fades. Just go for speed in the first half, and make sure to stay away form the bomb plants, even if one of your opponents trips one, the blast could still hit you. When you get to the final leg, start getting violent! No matter how far ahead you are, your rivals will start catching up, and you'll need to smash them up to assure your victory.

4)The Gilded Sword

The gilded sword is awesome: It does all the damage of the razor sword, but it never breaks and you can take it back in time with you. But even when you have the goron races wired, doing everything you need to do to get it in one cycle takes planning.

Take out 150 rupees in clock town when you begin a new cycle, and use 50 of it to buy a powder keg. Them warp to snowhead and defeat Ghot to bring about spring. When that's done, drop your kokiri sword off with the smithy with 100 rupees to get it forged into the razor sword, and then win the gold dust in the races. You need to bring it to the blacksmiths by the second night, because it will take them another day to make the gilded sword.

Bombers' Notebook #6: Anju, Kafei, - Part 1

The Anju and Kafei subplot is so long and involved we'll have to cover it in two parts. Their poignant love story is not only the key to a couple of exclusive masks and their respective Bombers' Notebook entries, but it's also an integral part of the notebook subplots of aroma. Dotour, the postman, and the curiosity shop proprietor.

The first step is to talk to anju at the stock pot inn between 1:30 and 3:30 pm on the first day to get the inn key. Put on the kafei's mask you got from aroma in the mayor's house and talk to her again, you can do this part up until 7:30, and she'll ask to meet you that night in the kitchen.

Use your inn key or sneak in through the upstairs door to meet her there. She'll give you a letter to post outside.

Drop the letter in any mailbox and wait for the postman to pick it up. You can follow him back to the post office and then on his rounds as he delivers the letter later that day. When the postman rings the bell at the laundry pool, Kafei will run out to get the letter, and you can sneak into his hideout.

He'll give you a memorial pendant to bring to anju. Do that, and then hand around until after 1 pm on the third day, when the door to kafei's place will be open again. But inside you won't find Kafei... he's run off to Ikana unless you already stopped the burglar on the first night.

Instead you'll fins the curiosity shop guy, who gives you kafei's Keaton mask and a letter Kafei wanted you to deliver to his mother that is aroma. We'll discuss what to do with that in bomber's notebook #9.

Take the Keaton Quiz

Finally, we meet the legendary Keaton! I always thought it was supposed to be a Pikachu the resemblance is disturbing, you must admit, but it is actually a three-tailed fox that's fond of pop quizzes. To summon him, go to one of the game areas where the little shrubs run away when you slash them, there's one in north clock town, milk road, and mountain village. Correctly answer three quiz questions, and you'll get a heart piece. If you lose, summon him again elsewhere, or in another cycle.

Interlude 2: Romani Ranch


1)Cross Milk Road: Warp Point #6

If you haven't visited milk road yet, start a new cycles and head over there. You'll find the entrance just past the takkuri bird's perch in termina field.

The small are contains tingle, an owl statue, a detour that leads to the Gorman brothers camp, and one of those weed circles that can be used to summon Keaton.

2)Destroy the Boulder

Up until this point, you've only been able to enter romani ranch on the third day, due to a giant boulder that blocks the road on the first two days. By the time the road is clear, the ranch has become a pretty miserable place: Romani's been lobotomized, the milk trade has been taken over by bandits, and the house is full of clock town refugees desperately trying to convince themselves that the few hundred yards they've put between themselves and the giant meteor's impact point will be enough to keep them from being vaporized instantly. It's not a pretty picture.

But thanks to the boulder obliterating powder keg, you can now reach romani ranch on day 1, early enough to prevent romani's abduction, escort the mil wagon safely to clock town, and well... I guess everyone will still be vaporized by the meteor, but at least they'll meet their deaths with a smile on their faces and hope in their hearts. That's sort of an improvement.

Bombers' Notebook #7: Grog, Cucco Shack's Breeder

If you discover that the world is about to be struck be a giant meteor and your only concern is for your poultry, then you have problems. And solving problems is what bombers' notebook is all about. So grant Grog his odd final wish by putting on the Bremen mask, holding down the B button, and marching around the Cucco shack until you have all 10 chicks lined up behind you. I', not too clear on the science here, but apparently strong leadership is all these chicks needed to go pop-pop-pop and turn into full grown cuccos. Weeping with freakish parental pride, Grog will give you the bunny hood.

Fun with the Bunny Hood

The bunny hood is one of the most useful masks in the game. It greatly increases Link's running speed and makes the range of all of his normal jumps equal to the range of rolling jumps, rolling jumps themselves are unaffected. It also helps you cheat on two mini-games: It lets you see the timer during the postman's time-keeping game, and lets you easily keep pace with the deku king's regent in the treasure room maze.

When Chickens Attack

Brutalizing cuccos has been a beloved Zelda tradition since they were first programmed to fight back in the SNES legend of Zelda: a Link to the past, Majora's Mask keeps the tradition from ocarina of time alive: these chickens are quick to anger and are absolutely ferocious! It fun to try, but be prepared to flee from the cucco shack, because they'll rip Link to shreds in less than a minute.

3)Agree to Help Romani: Learn Epona's Song

It's Epona! And malon... er, romani. But she's as spunky as her Oot counterpart, and once again, she's the key to learning epona's song. All you have to do is agree to help her defend against that scourge of dairy farmers everywhere; the annual onslaught of telekinetic undead alien cow-rustling ghost.

Once you commit to the cause, she'll set up a training exercise for you. While mounted on Epona, you need to circle the farm shooting 10 ghost balloons n 2 minutes. Firing from horseback is easiest when you're coming straight at the target, so arrange a circular loop around that farm that will give you a straight shot at each of the ghost balloons (you need the map to do this).

Succeed, and romani will teach you epona's song. And really, that's all you need to do here, Epona is yours, you can summon her at any time with the song, and that won't change even if you bail on poor romani and her sister, cremia. But if you're a man of your word, come back at 2 am.

4)The Phantom Onslaught

Romani leaves the house at 2 am and heads straight to the barn. Follow her in and she'll reveal the battle plan: You go outside and face down wave after wave of the marauding phantoms, while she stays in the barn and sips hot cocoa. Sounds good!

I know you practiced on Epona, but I find that this part is easier on foot. Just stick near the barn, shoot them one by one, and run behind the house every few minutes to take out the pair that tries to sneak in from the northwest. No matter how many you kill, they'll just keep coming until sunrise at 5 am. Note that if you use the song of inverted time to slow down the game, this will take twice as long but the ghosts will move half as fast.

Your prize is a bottle of milk, the regular, double-use healing kind, not the superior romani ranch milk, and the bombers' notebook seal for romani. The empty bottle is, of course, yours to keep.

If you have some time to kill in real life, make sure to do this event again and fail, just to watch romani get abducted! She'll be returned to the farm, in dismal shape, on the third day.

5)A Date with Cremia

If you successfully saved the cows from the spectral invaders, you'll find cremia in the barn on the second day. Agree to meet her south of the barn at six am, and you'll be drafted to escort her milk wagon to clock town. Don't be late!

Also in the barn, you can do some milking yourself. Play epona's song for the cows and they'll fill one of your bottles with regular milk. You can do this to get milk from any cow in the game.

The Doggie Racetrack

The doggie racetrack is a good place to kill some time while you wait for your appointment with cremia. Just place a bet, pick a dog, and make some cash if your pick wins. If you earn 150 rupees in one session, not necessarily in one race, you'll also earn a heart piece.

There are some pretty tall odds, so you'll need an edge... and that edge is the mask of truth you can earn by clearing the swamp spiders house. Put it on, and lift up each dog in the field to hear what they have to say. If they are in it too win, they will be saying something like "My four paws fell lighter than usual today," or "Today I should do pretty well," or something to that effect. There will be a couple of contenders in every race, but if you pick one with that level of confidence, the odds are in your favor.

6)Protect the Wagon!

The evil Gorman brothers are willing to do anything to protect their stranglehold on the novelty dairy product industry, even if it means destroying cremia's milk supply!

Only Link can save the shipment by keeping the brothers at bay with repeated arrow shots. It can be tricky to handle both at once, so alternate your shots until one shouts and lifts his pitchfork, indicating he's about to charge. Shoot that one full of arrows until he falls back again.

If even one bottle of milk survives, you'll be rewarded with romani's mask, the "proof of membership" needed to enter the exclusive milk bar latte in clock town. You can purchase romani ranch milk there for 200 rupees o bottle! Which when consumed, basically gives you infinite magic for the rest of the cycle. You can also get a free fill up from cremia whenever you do this event again.

If this event gives you trouble, try it again later while wearing the circus leader's mask and avoid the battle altogether!

7)Race the Gorman Brothers: Get the Garo's Mask

There's one more task to complete before you can get the Gorman brothers' seal in the bombers' notebook, and gain the mask that's needed to enter the Ikana area. Just ride Epona to the Gorman brothers' camp, west of milk road, and they will challenge you to a race for 10 rupees.

To win, stay close to the inside track, keep your carrots at mid-level until the very end by hitting the B button regularly but not excessively, and jump the gates which is only possible if you are at full-speed instead of going around. Watch out for sand pits, those can't be jumped and will always slow you down. You can try as many times as you like, so keep at it until you win the garo's mask. You will need it to complete you quest.

Part 3-1: The Great Bay


1)Jump the Great Bay Gate

Leave clock town through the scenic west gate where there are always free rupees in the fountains, and play epona's song to summon your stead. San is not epona's favorite texture, but she will pick up enough speed to jump the blue and white gates that block the bay if you give her enough space and do not spare the whip. That is right; beat that beautiful newborn colt, you jerk! You do not need to worry about the leevers, since you are immune to enemy attacks while you are in the saddle.

There is not much else happening in west termina. There's a submerged chest in the nearby lagoon, but you need to zora mask to get that. There is also a bombable rock between the gates, but you will need the zora mask to get the item that contains it, too.

2)Push Mikau: Get Zora Mask

As soon as you enter the great bay, you will notice a flock of circling gulls to the south west. Swim out to see what they are so excited about, and you will see a half-drowned zora named mikau. Push him to shore, just swim against him for a while, in the direction of the beach. It won't look like you are moving him, but slowly and surely, you are.

Alas, your noble efforts were in vain. Mikau is a goner, but when you play your song of healing, he will find peace and bequeath you with the zora mask, his fishbone guitar, and his role as guitarist in the VH-1-esque zora rock band, the indigo-gos. Read his grave for more info on how to use his abilities.

3)Explore the Beach Area

Before you take to the sea in your sleek new zora form, check out the pair of buildings in the southeast. The rundown building to the north is the second and final skulltula house, where you can get a giant's wallet and a heart piece. Unfortunately, you'll need the hookshot to get past the gate. The other building belongs to a fisherman. Talk to him as Link, and he'll express an interest in trading his golden seahorse for a photo of one of the female bandits that are the scourge of the bay. Behind his house is a pit with 20 rupee and the usual assortment of critters for your bottle.

4)Visit the Marine Research Lab: Activate Warp Point #7

Our next stop is the research lab in the middle of the bay. You can just pull yourself up onto the landing, or you can use this opportunity to practice a very useful technique we call the "dolphin leap". As a zora, swim at a fast speed just under the surface, and then pull back on the control stick right before you reach the raft. If you time it right, your zora form will do a graceful leap from the water and, rolling, on the raft. It doesn't look like much, but this move will let you reach coastal platforms that are too high to pull yourself up on.

From the raft, you can activate warp point #7, shoot down tingle, he is selling maps of the great bay for 20 and of the Ikana area for 40, and enter the research lab. Talk to the scientist there as a zora to here some unexpected and icky news about missing zora eggs. Apparently the zoras had planned to send him seven eggs to keep in his giant incubation tank, but the eggs never made it. You will need to go to the zora hall in south bay to find out what happened to the eggs, and how this relates to mikau's untimely death.

Feed the Fish

Take your empty bottle to a pit like the one south of the fisherman's house or one of the tidepools along the far north and the south coasts, and fill them with freshwater fish. Dump this fish in the smaller aquarium in the marine research lab, and the two captive fish will gobble them up. After about five helpings of seafood, one fish will eat the other fish and eventually burp out a heart piece.

The Zora Pit

Back in termina field, there is a pit near the great bay gate that is blocked by a giant boulder. Blow up the boulder and you will find a pit with an underground pool guarded by bio deku babas that hangs from lilypads at the surface of the water. Shoot them if you want, but don't miss the hives on the ceiling: one contains a heart piece. You'll need to go underwater in your zora form to retrieve it.

Bombers' Notebook #8: Gorman and Mr. Toto

After gaining romani's mask and the zora mask, head back to clock town and visit the milk bar latte. You'll find both Mr. Toto and Gorman there after 10:00 pm on the first and second days.

Talk to Mr. Toto and agree to help him with his sound check. Depending on which mask you're wearing, he'll ask you to stand in a different on stage and play a different piece of music. When all four Link's forms have played their pieces with their respective instruments, you'll get to see and hear them play as a quartet.

Cheap-o Mr. Toto won't give you anything, but Gorman will be so moved he'll give you his circus leader's mask. This will prevent his brothers in milk road from attacking when you escort cremia's milk wagon.

The Pot-Smashing Game

There's a pair of zoras in the south bay that are holding a pot smashing game. The point is to destroy all five pots in a single shot... if your fail, they'll ask for 10 rupees for repairs. If you succeed, you'll get 9- rupees as a prize.

This game was designed to test your zora form's boomerang power. Stand far back from the pots, right in between the 2 zoras, and let those boomerangs fly. Believe or not, the goron can play this game too. Just place a powder keg right in the middle of the pots and get the hell out of there.

Kill the Waterfall Like Like

At night, both sides of the great bay become infested with like likes, annoying enemies that will eat Link's shield, you can get it back by killing them. In general, the best strategy is simply to avoid them. But there's one like like in the south bay that you'll want to pick a fight with.

You'll find it at the bottom of the pool under the waterfall in the south east. As a zora, sink to the bottom and stick to the sides, far from the like like in the center. Use your boomerangs to stun it, and then go in for a close combo of a flip kick. Repeat this trick to kill it and claim its heart piece.

5)Swim to Zora Hall: Activate Warp Point #8

Zora hall is contained entirely in the belly of a giant fish. There are two entrances: One is underwater, through the fish's mouth, and the other is in the back, through the... the fish's ... uh... oh my God, that's disgusting!

Um, anyway, the fish's mouth entrance is guarded by a like like which you can blast right through with the zora's barrier attack, while the um... other entrance is on a small island with an owl. It's here where you'll find Lulu, lead singer of the Indigo-gos and the mother of the missing clutch of zora eggs. She's currently too despondent to talk, so we'll have to look for the answers inside.

6)Talk to the Indigo-Gos

The zora hall is the indigo-gos concert pavilion. Link won't get far here- he's just another groupie to the zoras. But mikau, you zora form, is a member of the back and can come and go as he pleases.

You can get some clues about the situation from Lulu's diary, the door farthest on the left, and you can confirm you coarse of action by talking to band-leader Evan in the room next door.

Deed Trading Game #3

If you talk to the akindo nut in lulu's room as a goron and trade him the mountain title deed you got near goron village, he'll leave his flower behind, allowing you to reach the heart piece in this alcove. Talk to him as any other species and he'll sell you green potions for 40 rupees.

Fun in the Peanut Gallery

There are a couple of interesting thing happening in the balcony of the zora's hall. One zora complains that they can't start the concert until the lights are lit, so you can take care of that by shooting the wall-mounted torches with fire arrows. If you head down to the stage one of the stage hands will give you 5 rupees, but the concert still won't begin.

A more disturbing indigo-go fan is offering cash for photos of lulu. So go ahead! Exploit lulu's grief by photographing her in a moment of personal anguish and selling the film to a potentially dangerous stalker. Enjoy your 20 rupees, sleazebag!

Bombers' Notebook #9: The Postman & Madame Aroma

If you've already received the Kafei mask from madame aroma and completed the postman's time- judging mini-game, you've already completed half of these quests. The other half follows immediately after the first part of anju and kafei's subplot, when you return to kafei's hideout after 1 pm on the third day and receive the special delivery to mama from the curiosity shop guy.

If you use your romani mask to hand deliver the letter of madame aroma at the milk bar latte that might, she'll reward you with an empty bottle full of romani ranch milk, this bottle will be very useful in the next part of the game. If you give the letter to the postman to deliver, after 7:00 pm that night, he'll give you his postman's hat. When you're wearing that, you'll be able to open all the mail boxes in town! And the first time you do so, it doesn't matter which one, you'll find a heart piece.

7)Gerudo Fortress

It's clear that the band of female pirates that the North Bay fisherman spoke of are responsible for at least some of the missing eggs. Grab as many empty bottles as you can get, four would be ideal, so do the madame aroma subplot shown before, and then head back to the North Bay. You'll find the entrance to the hideout underwater, near the metal gate to the north. Swim into the wood barriers to break them open and reveal the lair's hidden entrance.

8)Infiltrate the Hideout

This area is just like the Gerudo fortress in ocarina of time. Instead of regular enemies, you have to avoid crossing the line of sight of the female thieves that patrol this compound. If you get caught; you'll be expelled back to the great bay and have to do it all over again. Inside lie the first four zora eggs and the very useful hookshot.

Your other objective is to get a photo of one of the thieves to trade to the fisherman. He's not too picky, so it doesn't have to be a great shot.

You can use your bow or deku nuts to stun thieves, allowing you to sneak past them for a few seconds. But those aren't the only items that are useful here: you can walk right under the thieves' noses undetected with an item called the stone mask. To get it, do the bombers' notebook entry of the stone mask. Using that here sort of crosses the line between playing smart and outright cheating, so I wouldn't recommend it unless really having trouble with this part.

9)Breach the Sea Wall

The first line of security here is the fleet of motorboats circling the harbor. Wait for a gap, dive into the water, and then sink to the bottom, as a zora. You can raid the three chests here for 20 rupees each, or simply swim underwater to the ramp in the north. In the next gap between boats, climb up the ramp, switch to your goron form, and do your smash attack on the ground switch. Later on, you can use you hookshot to cross directly to the door in the northeast.

After you trip the switch, drop back in the water and swim to the now unlocked green ventilation duct in the southwest corner. You can use that to sneak into the compound's underground sewage and ventilation systems.

10)Cross the Cage Maze

Swim straight at the skull+crossbones board to smash through it. Then pull the first block towards you before you circle around the cages. Keep an eye out for the stretch where there's no ceiling: you can float up through it and then get the chest containing 20 rupees atop the cage in the center of the room. When you sink back to the bottom of the maze, push in the second block all the way and simply loop around to the exit. So, not much of a maze after all, really.

11)Hit the Switch and Run: Grab the Heart Piece

To snag the heart piece from the locked cage in the south part of this room, go to the second floor and smash all the barrels by rolling into them, using bombs, or goron punches. Trip the foot switch you reveal, and immediately roll down to the cage, if you just run, you won't make it in time.

Opening the gate in the southeast requires the same basic strategy. From where the barrels were, shoot the crystal switch, preferably with the zora's boomerangs, to save time, and then dive into the water and swim fro the gate. Watch out for the mines!

12)Ride the Geyser Up

Carefully swim over the vents and mines on the other side of the gate, until you reach the room at the end of the hall. Here you'll find a foot switch, a round bit a grating, and a crystal switch. Trip the foot switch first, then run onto the grating and use your bow to shoot the crystal switch. This will activate a geyser to lift you to the higher level.

Step off the geyser as soon as you reach the second floor, or you may end up hitting a ceiling mounted mine. Climb up the ladder to the telescope, and get a sneak peek at the second part of the compound. Then turn around and shoot the first hanging mine so it smashes into the second. That will give you a clear shot at the crystal switch that opens the door.

13)Stock Up and Head In

The pots and barrels in the last room come back every time you leave and enter again, so you may want to do that a couple of times to fill up on arrows. Afterwards, cross the narrow catwalk, don't worry no one can see you up here, in the center of the compound. If you get caught from this point on, you'll be sent back here.

14)Sneak into the Boss' Lair

Your first goal is to get into the third floor room just past the suspension bridge. It's a snap if you're using the stone mask, but if you're up for a challenge you can do things the hard way. Watch the guards that circle the watchtower and rush in behind the crates when you see a break. From there, shoot the guard at the base of the tower, run to the ladder, and climb halfway up. Wait for the guard on the bridge to turn her back to the ladder, then run up and shoot her from behind.

There's actually an easier route inside, which is to just run for the stairs. But that puts you in a different part of the boss' room, and is harder in the long run.

15)Get the Hookshot: Get Zora Egg #1

If you came in from the stairs, you'll have a tough time weaving through the guards to get within range of the hive of the boss' head. But if you come in from the suspension bridge, you'll be in prime position to nail it with an arrow. Either way, when the hive hits the floor, the thieves will be chased from the room.

The guards never come back, so you can take your time getting the hookshot from the chest. Aim it at the wood beam above the tank, and from there dive into the tank as a zora. The shell blade is difficult to kill, so you may as well just ignore it. Just drop to the bottom, use an empty bottle to snag the zora egg and get out of there. Make sure to double check the bottle, though... every now and then you'll snag a fish by mistake.

16)Get Zora Egg #2

This door is easy to miss if you don't carefully explore the south wall with your hookshot; none of the other doors down there go anywhere. There's a small barrel maze, where you can easily evade the one guard until you're close enough to pop her with your hookshot.

The next room contains a pirate you can't hide from: a dual-bladed warrior who must be beaten in combat to progress. She's not too though, actually, just use your hookshot to stun her when she gives you an opening, and follow it up with a jumping slash. The zora egg tank is just beyond.

17)Get Zora Egg #3

Take your time on this one, since there's a guard patrolling the strip between the hookshot target and the barrel. Wait until her back is turned, then stun and run.

The large, heavily guarded chest n the next room contains 100 rupees. It's hard to get to it without being caught, but it is possible to stun all the guards, hookshot to the chest, and get away before they arise. Or skip the chest and just hookshot from rafter to rafter in to the next room. There you'll fight another pirate duel, try using deku nut for an easy stun, and zora egg #3 is right beyond.

18)Get Zora Egg #4

The T-shaped hall way in this area is patrolled by a guard who turns at unpredictable times, so your best set is to stun her before you hang a left and head to the duel chamber.

After beating a third and final pirate warrior, you'll find the tank with the last zora egg in this area. It's guarded by bonefish, so kill then with you hookshot before you jump in.

19)Drop the Eggs at the Lab

There are seven missing zora eggs, but the pirate only had those four. The others sank near pinnacle rock, our next destination. Remember that you haven't actually accomplished anything yet-if you play the song of time before you get all the seven eggs, you'll lose them all, so don't dawdle! Warp back to the great bay, and dump your eggs into the big tank. Then take your photo to the fisherman's house.

20)Trade for the Seahorse

21)The Pinnacle Rock Area

The fisherman will gladly hand over the seahorse when you show him you pictograph box, but you'll need an empty bottle to carry it, so dump those eggs first. Take the bottle and swim to the two stone spires in the North Bay. Drop to the seafloor and walk on through to enter the undersea pinnacle rock area, where heavy currents will sweep you back to the North Bay if you make the slightest misstep. You can't see them, but the seahorse can: Release it and follow its every movement to make it safely to the deep sea snake pit.

22)Get Zora Eggs #5-7: Reunite the Sea Horses

There are eight holes in this deep pit, each a home to a giant sea snake. Three pits contain zora eggs, but if you kill all eight snakes, you'll also save the seahorse's mate and earn yourself a heart piece.

To lure the snake from their holes, just swim past the entrances and wait for them to pop out. Then swim at them using you barrier attack, and after two hits they'll disappear. You can also use your zora boomerangs for easy wins against the snake at the bottom. If you run out of magic, search the floor of the pit and the holes of the defeated snakes for magic pots.

The New Wave Bossa Nova

When you've placed the final zora eggs in the tank, all seven will hatch, forming the notes of the new wave bossa nova. Whip out your guitar and rock along. Then play the song of time and take a breather.

23)Hitch a Ride to the Temple

When you're ready to challenge the next temple, warp to zora hall and play the new wave bossa nova as a zora for lulu. This will move her to song, and awaken the turtle just off the coast of zora hall. When you then, hookshot onto its back, it will offer to take you to the great bay temple.

Win the Beaver Races

Now that you have the hookshot, there are o bunch of previously inaccessible areas you can now reach. This includes the area in the southeast part of the South Bay where indigo-gos leader Evan said you may find another empty bottle. The rumor is true, but the beaver who are its current owners won't give it up without a fight.

Hookshot up to the tree on the lowest ledge, and then use the chests and foliage on the other ledges to get to the cave near the waterfall. The beaver will challenge you to a simple underwater race where you have to swim through every life preserver, in order, under a certain amount of time. It's pretty easy, actually... just get a good running dive and then stay right on the beaver's tail for the whole race.

You have to beat the first beaver in under 2:00 and his brother in 2:30, to get the empty bottle. Challenge them again for the heart piece, and you'll have to beat 1:50 on both races.

The North Bay Cliff Cave

Return to Snowhead Path

There are two more heart pieces that requires the hookshot, but you'll need some help from an old friend to get them. Visit Pierre the scarecrow at the item shop or astral observatory and play him an original tune of your own crafting with any instrument. Then grab some spring water and magic beans from the akindo nut at the southern swamp, and warp to the North Bay.

Use your hookshot to travel the ledges in the area shown from south to north, there's a cow pit in the middle, and then plat the magic bean at the fourth ledge. The flower will take you to a grassy niche where you can play the scarecrow song to make a hookshot target right outside the cave with the heart piece.

Then warp to snowhead and roll south to snowhead path. Right after the first jump, use you magic lens to see the string of floating platforms that lead to the east. Get as close as you can, then summon Pierre and use you hookshot to get that heart piece.

Mikau's Indigo-gos Tune

In zora hall, go to mikau's room, the one just to your right as you enter the main chamber. Use your hookshot to get to the second floor room and read mikau's diary.

Then head to the bassist's room and whip out your own guitar while you have him z-targeted. He'll invite you to a jam session, where you can finish his songs with the notes you read in mikau's diary.

Evan, demonstrating the same megalomaniacal attitude that tragically broke up the real go-go's, is too big of a jerk to accept songs from other members of his band. So you'll need to approach as Link and play the dong for him on your ocarina. Then cede him the worldwide recording rights and all future royalties in exchange for one measly heart piece.

Spider House #2

With the hookshot, you can finally clear the gate that blocks the entrance to the Oceanside spider house.

If you find and claim all 30 gold skulltula tokens, you'll earn the giant's wallet... but only if you can do it on the first day of the cycle, after that, the prize is rupees.

You'll also find a puzzle inside the house. If you shoot the masks near the skeletons in the right order you'll get a heart piece.

Part 3-2: Great Bay Temple


1)Ride the Turtle to the Temple

The turtle takes you right to the temple's entrance, a simple room with a few braziers, light them for a fairy, and a bunch of barrels. Smash the barrels for bombs, arrows, and healing fairy if you need supplies. If you want to leave the temple prematurely, just hookshot onto the turtle's back.

Light all four braziers before the first one burns out, and a chest containing the first stray fairy will appear.

2)Activate the Waterspout

The fun begins! Turn into a zora and swim to the underwater yellow switch in the northeast corner of the room. Pull it, or push it, depending on which side you're on, to open a flow of water to the waterspout near it. Now you can jump from the lift to the platform in the southeast corner, watch out for the big skulltula on the platform - use your hookshot to kill it easily, jump onto the waterspout, and cross to the other side.

Ignore the other switches for now. The yellow one will turn off the waterspout that's causing the wheel to rotate, and shut off the lifts, and the red one will activate a waterspout that makes the wheel turn the other way. But first you'll need to turn switches in several other rooms to open the flow of water down the red pipe. No one said this would be simple!

There are two fairies here. The first is in an underwater bubble under the entrance platform. The other appears when you kill the big skulltula on the southwest platform, with the rupees.

3)Ride Current to Room D

Things get more complicated in room C. the underwater part of this three-story room contains six exits, but the current caused by the spinning flywheel, which is powered by the waterspout in the last room, will only let you enter two of them at the moment.

The one you want is on the southeast corner of the top row. Let yourself get sucked into it and it will take you to room D.

Swim to the west side of the top floor, or jump across on the flywheel, and smash the barrel on top of the ladder for an easy fairy. The second is in the pot, all the way at the bottom, in the dead center of the room. The easiest way to get it is to fire an arrow all the way down from the top ledge, and lure the fairy up with your fairy mask.

4)Get Dungeon Map: Clear Path to Room F

If you took the right passage, the current will spit you out into room D, if you took the wrong one, you can hop into a nearby passage to get pulled back into room C. swim to the north ledge in room D and use your hookshot to get to the chest that contains the dungeon map. Then go back to your zora form, and sink to the bottom. The path to room F, further east, is blocked by two dexi-hands, which can only be killed by the zora form's boomerangs. Don't try to swim past... They're quick.

Use your hookshot to smash this pot, and then use the fairy's mask to attract the stray.

5)Cross Room E

There are four bio deku babas in this short tunnel. You can take them out with a well-aimed electric blast, swim and hold the R button, or cut them down with your boomerangs, don't use the z-target lock, and deal with the remnants on the ground.

Kill all four dekus, and a chest with a fairy appears.

Get Compass: Get Small Key

Use your hookshot to neutralize the bio deku babas, and then hop across their pads until you're close enough to hookshot over to the chest containing the compass. Then turn into a zora, sink to the bottom, boomerang the dexi-hand, and snag the first small key. Watch for the dekus and bonefish that may be lurking underwater.

A fairy is in a pot in the southeast waterway. You can hit the pot with your hookshot from the ledge.

6)Take the Current to Room G

Jump into the waterway with the fairy pot and you'll be swept back to room C. from there, swim to the bottom and take the other open passage to the room shown here. Ignore the shell blade clams on the ground and the octoroks on the surface, and climb from the water onto the red pipe. Balance carefully, and that will lead you to the door where you can use your small key.

7)Destroy Wort: Get the Ice Arrow

The first room contains nothing but a pair of chuchus that you can kill for unlimited arrows and magic pots. You might as well stock up, but I prefer to use the trusty hookshot against wort, who's waiting on the ceiling on the next room. Look up, and it'll drop down to fight.

Use the hookshot to pull away its bubbles, and stab them with your sword. Keep this up until you get a clear shot at its big eye, the hookshot does as much damage a arrows, so there's no point switching. When wort lets loose all its bubbles, switch to your sword, cut a path to wort, and give it a few more nasty pokes in the eye.

8)Turn the Red Crank

The ice arrow is a lot more useful in majora's mask than it was in ocarina of time. Not only can it make icebergs on water, it can also turn enemies into ice blocks! Try it out on an octorok in room G, then hop across its frozen body and turn the first red crank.

9)Cross to Room I

Head back to room C, and then into the passage to room D. fire ice arrows to make a bridge you can use to hop across to the south door.

10)Turn the Second Red Crank

Getting to the crank in this room is simple. Fire an ice arrow at the chuchu to turn it into a sliding block, quickly push it to the crank, and use it to pull yourself up. You may want to lure the chuchu closer to the crank first, so it won't melt prematurely. Then turn the crank, smash some barrels, and head back out.

11)Defeat Mad Jelly: Get the Boss Key

Repeat the loop you took last time to get to room F, through the tunnel east of room D. then make another ice bridge to get to the passageway with the icicles in the north part of this room. Switch to fire arrows to melt the ice block, and head inside to face a Gekko, and his sinister pet, mad jelly.

Use fire arrows or regular arrows to nail gekko when he's about to throw a slime. He'll gather the slime and leap to the ceiling. Quickly hit it with an ice arrow while it is hanging from the ceiling, and it will freeze, crash to the floor, and break into pieces. Switch to fire arrows, and take another shot at gekko.

12)Reverse the Flywheel

To get back to room B, you can take the waterway in room F back to room C, or play the song of time to warp back to the beginning of the dungeon.

If you've turned all the red cranks, the waterspout in the northeast corner will be active. Aim you hookshot at the target above the waterspout, and jump from there to the final red crank. Turn it to activate the second red waterspout, and then turn the yellow rank in the middle of the room. With only the red waterspout active beneath the gear, the flywheel in room C will begin turning in the other direction.

13)Turn the First Green Crank

We can go to the boss room now, but we won't get far until we open un the green pipe. The first green crank is in the room north of room C: fire an ice arrow at the source of the waterfall in room c to plug that up and gain entry.

Once inside, hookshot to the barrels in the center, kill the tektites, and make an ice bridge to the green crank.

Here's a tricky one... look for a hole in the ceiling grating north of the yellow platform. Make an ice bridge to a spot under, near the wall, and hookshot from there onto the roof. A fairy chest awaits you up there.

14)Ride Current to Room L

Now that you have reversed the current, you can get into a few new rooms. Jump in the water in room C, and swim into the top level passage, on the east, that used to flow backwards from room F.

That passage will now sweep you right through room F, and into room L.

15)Freeze the Gears

The trick here is to freeze the waterfall that's turning the gear at just the right moment, so the flywheel ends up more or less horizontal, allowing you to use it as a bridge to the door. You'll need to fire an ice arrow while you're in the northwest lift, going up, and still a bit below the gear. It will take a couple of tries to get the timing right; if you mess up, melt your ice block with a fire arrow and try again.

When you get it right, do a rolling jump from the lift onto the gear, and carefully make your way over the door.

There are two fairies here, in the chests located in the north and southeast alcoves. The get the fairies, you'll need to hookshot to the chest from various points on the gear, or from the horizontal lift in the northwest.

16)Turn the Final Crank

Use ice and fire arrows to turn on and off the waterfalls that hold the teeter totters up. Use that to get to the crank, turn it, and use the same method to get to the exit.

Two more fairies here. One is in the pool under the first teeter totter; sink down as a zora and smash the barrel. To get the other, climb across the pipe from the gear to the chest in the southwest. Zora Link is tall enough to pull himself over the kinks in the pipe.

17)Confront Gyorg

This part is easy if you have done everything right. Go through the passage at the bottom of room C, to the south, and you'll end up here. Float to the surface, climb up the pipe, turn the last green crank, and hop across the water spout to face the boss.

One of the fairies is in the passage that leads back to room C. Pop it with your boomerangs and swim to get it. The other is under the gear, and you can shoot at it from the pipe.

Gargantuan Masked Fish GYORG

Gyorg is a fairly easy boss if you have mastered the zora technique of leaping like a dolphin from underwater. If not, you'd better have full health or a recovery fairy, because you probably won't be able to hit Gyorg without taking a hit or two in return.

As human Link, stand in the center of the platform and scan for bubbles rising to the surface of the water. Then run to that side of the platform quickly z-target Gyorg, and fire a regular arrow, if you are not quick, he'll try to knock you into the water. That will stun him for a few seconds, just enough time for you to slap on your zora mask, dive into the water and hit him with the zora r-button barrier attack. Then do your dolphin leap directly back onto the platform. If you have to swim to the ledge and pull yourself up, Gyorg will probably catch up and gulp you down before you can make it.

Eventually, Gyorg will release a bunch of baby fish, but this won't really affect you strategy. Ignore them and keep alternating arrow and barrier attacks until Gyorg id toast.

The Great Fairy's Boon

When you catch all 15 stray fairies, take them to the fairy fountain in the rocky shoals of south bay. You will need to use your hookshot to get there, and bring a regular bomb to blow up the rock that is blocking the cave.

The fairy's prize is double length life bar, represented by a white border around your heart containers. That means every enemy now does half the damage it used to! Congratulations: As far as combat is concerned, you are now basically immortal.

The Great Bay Jumping Game

Now that the temple has been cleared, the fisherman in the north bay is back in business, holding a daily jumping game. Swim to the western tip of the coral reef north of the beach area, and wait for his boat to come by. Hop aboard, take a brief ride, and then hookshot onto the tree in the circle of five small islands. Pay the man 20 rupees and jump to the middle. Then simply jump to whichever island has a lit torch. It is an easy game: You only need to do it 20 times to get a heart piece.

18)The Indigo-Gos Play at Last

Now that lulu has recovered and the great bay has been cleared, there's nothing stopping the indigo-gos from playing their long-awaited concert. When you return to the hall, you will find the zoras assembled on the balcony above the stage. Transform into your zora form and talk to lulu on stage to start the concert. You do not get anything for doing this, but it is not a bad show.

Don Gero's Frog Quintet

The Unfrozen Lake Chest

After defeating the gekko mini-bosses in both the great bay and woodfall temples, you may have noticed both turned into frogs. That's five total frogs we have seen so far, the entire don gero quintet.

To assemble the five frogs, you have to defeat ghot to bring about spring in the mountain village, and then put on your don gero's mask and talk to all five frogs in the same cycle. This means beating both gekko mini-bosses and talking to the frogs they leave behind, as well as the frog in clock town, the frog in the southern swamp, and the frog that appears after beating ghot. When they all assemble on the lily pads in mountain village, lead them in song and get a heart piece.

That is a lot of work for a little reward, but you can pick up a second heart piece by diving to the bottom of the now-unfrozen lake east of the mountain village.

Bombers' Notebook #10: The Curiosity Shop Guy

Once you have completed the event in anju and Keaton's subplot that involves the curiosity shop guy, where he gives you the letter for madame aroma, you have only one thing left to do stop the burglar in the bomb shop woman event, then show up after 10PM on his shop on the third day, and buy the all-night mask. It costs 500 rupees, an amount you can holds if you have won the giant's wallet at the Oceanside spider house.

Anju's Grandmother

The all-night mask has one use: preventing Link from falling asleep. The only time he falls asleep is during the long stories told by Anju's grandma. With this mask on, you can visit her at the stock pot inn and stay awake through both stories. In the first story answer the question correct, and in the second answer wrong. Each time earns a heart piece.

Part 4-1: Ikana Canyon


1)East to Ikana Canyon

There's virtually nothing of interest in East Termina field. The only pit is on one of the column-sand to get it, you'll need a magic bean, some water, and a good sense of timing. But since the prize is just a bombchus, you are better off skipping it altogether.

The enemies in this area include real bombchus, during the day, and blue bubble during night. Your shield is the best weapon for both: It will knock back the bombchus which will then detonate and extinguish the blue glow of bubbles, allowing you to attack them safely with you sword or you can just shoot them with arrows.

You'll be immune to damage while you are riding Epona, which is necessary to jump the gate, but the detonating bombchus will slow you down and the pesky bubbles can still curse you. The curse is just annoying; it prevents you from using your sword fro a minute.

2)The Canyon Pass Area

You'll need to carefully avoid the enemies in this area to get enough speed to jump the pair of metal fences. There are a few hidden things on the way, but nothing really worth stopping for. The secret pit under the Goron-punch able red rock in front of the first gate only contains a bombchus, and the hidden pot atop the t-shaped rock (you can get to it with the scarecrow's song and hookshot) contains a recovery fairy.

If you approach the west cliff while wearing the Garo's Mask, the spectral Watchman will raise a hookshot target so that you can pass. But for now pull yourself up onto the small ledge to the north, and we'll explore the Ikana Graveyard.

Bombers' Notebook #11: Shiro, the Invisible Soldier

If you do a bit of exploration in the canyon pass, you'll notice a mysterious circle of rocks. Use your Lens of Truth to see the secret: It's Shiro, a fallen guardsman in desperate need of medical attention.

Bring him a red potion and he'll recover his vitality and visibility. He'll also reward you with the stone mask, probably the most useful optional mask in the game!

As long as you wear this, you are as invisible to enemies as Shiro was. Try it out on the Bombchus and Nejiron in this area; they'll ignore you completely if you don't run into them or something. It will also let you breeze right through the pirate hideout area!

Secrets of the Graveyard

The Ikana graveyard in manned once again by Dampe the gravedigger, who somehow managed to retain his name from Ocarina of Time. He hides in his house by night, when the graveyard is taken over by undead Stalchilds, and patrols during the days, when the only enemies are bad bats.

The bad bats do get a little annoying, especially on the second day, when they are out in force. Kill them all while Dampe is in the graveyard (on that day only) and he'll reward you with 30 rupees. The only other secret here is the hidden pit in the ring of stones: Bomb it open and get five bombchus.

3)Awaken Skull Keeta: Get the Captain's Hat

The massive arch in the north part of the graveyard is blocked by a large skull. Play you sonata of awakening to make the great skull Keeta rise, and then slap on you Bunny Hood and chase him through the northern loop.

Whenever you are near the metal barriers, a wall of fire will appear. It won't be dispelled until you kill the two Stalchilds that appear, so finish them quickly with a single horizontal slash. If you are a good shot, you can slow skull Keeta down by shooting him in the legs with arrows; if not, just run.

When you catch him, go wild with you sword (you can continue to stun him with arrows too). He's easy to defeat if you watch out for his shadow when he tries to jump above Link.

If you lose the chase or the battle, you can start again by leaving the graveyard and re-entering. When you do catch him and win his respect, hookshot over to his chest and grab his captain's hat.

4)Grave Smashing - 1st Night: Learn the Song of Storms

Wear your captain's hat in the graveyard at night, and you'll be able to order around the grave- circling Stalchilds. Each night they guard a different grave, and if you tell them to open it, they'll do so with verve. If you do that on the first might, they'll create a pit to a three room dungeon.

Kill all the bad bats in the second room and a chest with 50 rupees will appear. This will also make it easier to shoot the three braziers with fire arrows, unlocking the door to the final room. There you'll face an Iron Knuckle. It look tough, but its horizontal swings are too high to hit Link if he's close, and the vertical swings are easily dodged. So stay close and swiftly cut it to pieces. The curtain will lift, and the spirit Flat will teach you the song of storms.

Grave Smashing - 2nd Night

The grave that the Stalchilds encircle on the 2nd night leads to a different area of the same dungeon. Use you lens of truth to see the hidden door, and see the invisible Keese and skulltulas in the room beyond. Bomb the wall there to enter the final room, where you can fight an Iran Knuckle to win a heart piece.

Grave Smashing - 3rd Night

You'll find part-time treasure hunter Dampe wandering around in the crypt that the Stalchilds can smash open on night three. Dampe is too blind to see where he's going, but if you leads him to each of the six sand pits in the room, he'll dig them up. To do that, simply z- target him and slowly walk to each pit. To lead him to the two elevated pits, guide him to the brown platforms at the far end of the room. They'll lift him to the far sand pits, but you need to run over and meet him there with your z- target, or he'll just fall back off. There's one floor master enemy here, so watch for it shadow, then dodge and kill it before it makes your life miserable.

When the big poe appears, block its attacks and then pelt it with arrows to kill it. The chest that appears contains an empty bottle.

5)East to Ikana Canyon

At the east end of the canyon pass, you'll find a sheer cliff blocking the way to Ikana. The watchman won't let you pass as you are, but if you wear the Garo's Mask he'll raise a tree you can use as a hookshot target.

The path beyond is full of Nejiron enemies that explode when they're hit. But if you wear your stone mask, they won't bother you.

6)Battle the Garo

Whenever Tatl senses a presence in Ikana, you know there's a Garo nearby. Put on your Garo's Mask to lure it out, and kill it easily by blocking its dive and hitting it while it's down. The bested Garo will then give you information about the Ikana area, so fight the whenever you can.

7)Cross the Washed-Out Bridge: Activate warp Point #9

The only way to cross this broken bridge is to use your ice arrow. Freeze both Octoroks to get to the other side, where you can easily ascend the Ikana cliff with three hookshot shots. Up top you'll fins Tingle selling maps of this area for 20 and clock town for 40, and an owl statue.

There are tons of places to go here, but the one that interests us now is the cave far to the north, the apparent source of the dry river bed that cuts through the canyon. To get there, you'll need to pass by the music box house ,which is surrounded by Gibdos. Keep you distance: Gibdos are lethal and can't be killed (although you can turn then into ReDeads by shooting them with fire arrows). The house is locked up anyway.

8)Restore the River

The Ikana cave is the home of sharp, Flat's equally dead brother. He'll attack you viciously until you play the song of storms. That will restore the Ikana river, turn the wheel of the music house, and ultimately kill all the Gibdos. Score!

Incidentally, you can also use the song of storms to cure yourself if you are ever cursed by blue bubbles.

Deed Trading Game #4

In the far south of Ikana canyon you'll find that Akindo nut in the deed trading game. After trading all the previous deeds, talk to him as a zora and he'll pay you 200 rupees for the ocean title deed you got in zora hall, and vacate so you can get that heart piece.

9)Sneak into the Music House: Get the Gibdo Mask

As you approach the music house, you'll see a little girl examining the river. If she spots you, she'll dash back inside and lock the door, so be stealthy! The stone mask is great here, but if you don't have it and couldn't sneak in, you can always lure her back out by plating a bomb on her doorstep and hiding on the riverside of her house. When she comes out to investigate the source of the blast, sneak inside and head downstairs.

Gadzooks! It's a Gibdo... Sort of... if you reach for your sword, young Pamela will kick you out of the house, so reach for your ocarina instead and play the song of healing. Dad will be healed, the Gibdo Mask will be yours (it allows you to talk with Gibdos and ReDeads), and everyone will be happy.

10)Beneath the Well

after you get the Gibdo Mask, dive into the well in the hills above Pamela's house. To unlock each of the thirteen doors in this dungeon, you'll need to put on your Gibdo Mask and talk to the Gibdos that block each door. Each wants one specific item, and won't go away until you bring it to them. Fortunately, all of the items can be found within the dungeon itself, except for a blue potion and 5 magic beans. Grab both before you come in (you can get the blue potion from the akindo nut in Ikana Canyon).

10)The Bottom of the Well (continued)

One warning before we begin. You need to keep moving in this dungeon, since many of these rooms contain floor masters enemies that will drop down and pull you back to the beginning of the dungeon. If you see its shadow over yours either run, or get out of the way and attacks when it hits the ground.

1) In the first room, give your blue potion to the Gibdo in the north and the magic beans to the one in the east. We'll head north to cover that section first.

2) You'll find fish (get two) and water in the alcove here. Then use your deku form to float over the spiked logs, and give the item to the Gibdos that wants them. Keep heading north.

3) Grab some bugs from the west alcove, and smash the pots in the east alcove if you are short on bombs (you'll need at least 10). Watch out for Boes hiding in the pots.

4) That's all you need to do here: The room to the north contains a fairy fountain (no Gibdos want fairies) and the room to the east has an invisible chest containing 50 rupees since these Gidbos only want bugs, you might as well pay the optional rooms a visit.

5) On your way back to the entrance, go to the room with the hot water. You'll need to transform into a zora to kill the Dexi-Hand, and then stay against the north wall to avoid the flame jets. Remember that the hot water will cool in one minute, so you'll need to hurry!

6) Float over the spiked logs again and return to the room where we started. Head west this time, and give the Gibdo blocking the west door 10 deku nuts (if you don't have any, head north, give the Gibdo your extra fish and kill the deku babas for some extra nuts).

7) Give the farthest west Gibdo the hot water. In the room he guarded you can get milk from the cow by playing Epona's Song.

8) Give the north Gibdo the 10 bombs, and do battle with a big Poe. Just block with your shield, wait for its attack to miss, and then hit it with an arrow. After five shots, it will leave behind his big Poe token. Grab it in a bottle.

9) Head north. If you want, light the two torches on the west wall and a chest with fifty rupees will appear. Give the Gibdo in the north the big Poe.

10) Carefully sneak past the spiked logs, and give the milk to the final Gibdo.

Get the Mirror Shield

As you use you fire arrows to light the four braziers in this room and the chest containing the mirror shield will appear. As you can see, this is not your father's mirror shield, but one of the fancy new grimace-of-despair mirror shield that are all the rage theses days.

As horrific as it may look, it does not work the same as the classic Mirror Shield: Just stand in a sunlight area, hold the R button, and use your control stick to reflect the light onto ht sun switch (which make a ladder appear) and the sun block (which is destroyed by the light).

11)Go Buy a Powder Keg

When you climb out of the Mirror Shield chamber, you'll find yourself in the courtyard of Ikana Castle. This is out next destination, but you'll need a powder keg to beat it, so warp back to clock town now if you don't have one.

To get back into the castle, take the side entrance, hit the crystal switch, and reflect the light with your shield to destroy the block.

12)Enter Ikana Castle

There are four ReDeads in this room, but they are not in the mood to talk. They're in the mood... to dance! Yep, slip on the Gibdo Mask, Garo's Mask, or Captain's Hat to turn these ReDeads into dancing Machines. Then calmly walk up and cut them into pieces. Then use fire arrows to flip the two ice-encrusted eye switches on the pillars surrounding the dance floor. We'll head to the north wing first.

13)The Castle's North Wing

Smash the pot at the entrance to the next room for a magic pot. Then transform into your deku form, hit the crystal switch, and dash to the deku flower closest to the column with the foot switch. Burrow into the flower and wait for the floor to drop. Then burst out of the flower to raise the floor, drop, burrow, and burst again to float to the switch. Transform back to Link, hit the switch, and leap to the exit.

In the next room, there's an invisible platform between the entrance and the foot switch. Trip the switch as Link, and then either shoot the big skulltulas hiding behind the columns or jump across to the exit (you'll need to use a rolling jump to clear the final chasm) or shoot the mines into each other and use the deku flower to fly across as a Deku.

Run quickly through the stairwell to avoid the blue bubbles on your ways to the roof.

14)Trip the Exterior Switch: Fly to the Heart Piece

Climb onto the thin blue and brown-striped ridge that surrounds the roof, and go to the platform directly above the castle's front door. Droop down and use the deku flower to fly to the foot switch. Trip that as Link, and then jump to the other column and use the flower to get back to the platform over the entrance.

You need to get back to the first floor anyway, so you have nothing to lose by going for the heart piece. To prevent possible interference, stand by shooting all the Keese you can see. Then hit the crystal switch in the north courtyard with an arrow, and do a rolling jump to the column with the deku flower. Fly from column to column and snag that heart piece before the Keese regenerated and knock you down, or the fire turns back on.

15)The Castle's South Wing

Go back inside, but head south this time. If you opened the hole on the roof, you'll have a nice sunbeam you can use to dissolve the sun block and incinerate the floor master in the first room. Keep one of your undead masks on so that you can make the ReDeads dance a jaunty jigs while you slaughter them too.

The next room contains a Wizrobe, one of those annoying mini-bosses from the snowhead temple. Just find a corner where you can scan the room, shoot the one that spins as soon as it teleports, and use your shield to block any shots he gets off. The only thing blocking the stairwell past him is more ridiculous dancing ReDeads.

16)Blow Open the Skylight

From the south stairwell, you can finally access the center part of Ikana's Castle roof. Plant your powder keg directly above the skylight there, and when it blows jump in after it. You now have all the sun you need to melt the sun block at the east end of the room, and to kill those goofy ReDeads one more time.

17)Battle the King's Guard

These guys don't have mask or goofy names, but they put up as good a fight as any boss, so you'd better be ready for it. You can try to avoid the fight with your captain's hat, but that ruse will only go so far.

Start by aiming your fire arrows at the curtains that drop over the windows. While it will take good swordsmanship to knock to foes down, you'll need direct light to get to the kill. Lure them close to the sunbeams, and then take them down by blocking their attacks and doing quick-counter attacks. When they fall, run to the sunbeam and reflect the light at them until their bodies burn away.

When both subordinates are dead, the king will enter the fray. He has a big shield, but he has trouble blocking forward trusts (forward and B button while he's z-targeted). If his head detaches and attacks you separately, just roll out of its way or run away with the bunny hood until it reattaches and he becomes vulnerable again. When he drops, use reflected sunlight to dispose of the corpse, as you did to his henchmen.

The Elegy of Emptiness

The Elegy of Emptiness is just the coolest Zelda song ever. Sure, the name makes me want to kill myself, but the ability to make horrific little totem Link, Dekus, Gorons and Zoras rocks. They're simultaneously cute and disgusting; cruel, adorable mockeries of life itself! And of course, they're pretty handy in the stone tower too.

The Ghost Hut Duels

For 30 rupees the proprietor of this mini game will give you three minutes to battle the four ghost sisters. If you play him the song of healing, he'll knock the price down to 10.

The first three ghosts are typical: Block and slash after their attack. But the final one creates three illusion forms that circle you. The true ghost spins once, so if you want the heart piece prize, aim your arrows at the one.

18)Scale the Stone Tower: Activate Warp Point #10

The entrance to the stone tower is in the southeast corner of Ikana Canyon. Climb up the tongue of the demon statue, and you'll be faced with a series of floating platforms in a huge vertical area. Jump across the three platforms to a ledge with a foot switch. Step on it and play your elegy of emptiness to leave a totem of Link behind. Then hookshot to the next ledge, where you'll find a Beamos and a second switch. The Beamos is too far away to hurt you, so put on you Zora or Goron mask (the Deku id too light) and play the Elegy again on the switch. Hookshot up another level, and as your final non-deku form, play the elegy one more time. Now you should have totems on all three switches, and the platforms should have risen so you can cross to the other side.

Ignore the first three switches you see there (they are for return trips only) and repeat the process. Hookshot up to the first switch, and leave one totem before hookshoting to the next (this will erase the previous totem of that character). You may want to toss a bomb at the Beamos this time, since it's dangerously close to the switch, and you can cross from there.

If you have made a scarecrow song, you can play it now to get a target in the long strip of land with all the ReDeads. There isn't anything too exciting there, just some supplies in the pots. To hurry on to the final switches, just Hookshot up three more ledges, and you'll find the temple entrance and an owl statue.

This is the only time the order matters: Facing towards the dungeon entrance, leave a totem on the middles, right and left switches, in that order.

Bombers' Notebook #12: Anju, Kafei, Et Al - Part 2

When last we left this subplot, Kafei had run off to Ikana Canyon to confront Sakon the burglar. Now that we have access to that area, it's time to see this quest through. After playing the first part of this event, meet Kafei outside the burglar's hideout (in the south part of the canyon, near the akindo nut) at 6:00 pm on the 3rd day.

After you follow the burglar in, the door will shut, Kafei will trip on alarm, and you'll have to run through a five-room dungeon to save the sun's mask before it falls into the fault. You alternate playing Kafei and Link: Kafei pushes blocks to solve simple puzzles, while Link battles enemies (use deku nuts and jumping slashes for quick kills). To unlock each door for Kafei, push the blocks onto the blue switches. Yellow switches are good too, since they slow down the conveyor belt, but beware the red ones, which speed it up! If you are not there to grab the sun mask when it gets to the end to the belt, you will lose this event.

If you do recover the mask, meet Kafei at Anju's room in the stock pot inn at 4:30 am that night. The happily reunited couple will reward you with the couple's mask.

Part 4-2: Stone Tower


1)The Stone Tower Entryway

Even if you don't care about the stray fairies, it's important to make all the fairy chests appear in this temple so you can use them as hookshot targets in the future. To get the first one here, shoot the switch in the left eye of the giant statue that faces the entrance to this temple. Stock up on magic pots from the handy crates in the northwest corner, and then go through the door to the left.

Hookshot to the fairy chest you just revealed for fairy #1.

2)Create a Skylight to Level B1

Either bomb the wall in this room or lure a real bombchus over to do it for you. Then quickly kill the bombchus before they can do any damage: you need those crates in there.

Smash the big crates (with rolls or Goron punches) to get at the smaller ones behind them. Then take on of those and lay it on the first switch. Use you Elegy on the other three switches (the big one will require the Goron's weight) and the gate to the second part of this room will lit.

Go to the brown, grassless patch in the northwest and blow it open with a bomb. Then head downstairs.

Get the Dungeon Map: Get Small Key #1

If you blew open the skylight, you'll be able to use your mirror shield to reflect the light onto the sun block, opening a path to the chest with the dungeon map.

As a fire-immune Goron, wade into the lava and grab it. Then pick a fight with the four armors in the lava (just punch them and stay close until they start spinning, which is your cue to run away before they explode). When all four fall, a chest with the small key will appear.

Fire at the hookshot target to get to the right of the door to pull yourself up to fairy #2.

Get Small Key #2

After grabbing the first small key, head back upstairs and unlock the locked door in the northeast corner of room B.

There are two ways to get to the other side of the pool in the next room: Either do one of those dolphin flips up, or, if you just can't get the hang of that swim into the Dexi-hand over the door and let it toss you up, grab the small key from the chest and head east through the underwater door.

Get the Compass

There's a sunbeam hitting the bridge at the surface of this room, and you can reflect that sunbeam onto a nearby mirror. But this is no ordinary mirror: It holds in the light and doesn't release it until you put down your shield. So if you charge it up long enough, you'll have enough time to run up to the mirror and reflect the beam it emits onto the nearby sun block. This will reveal a chest with a compass, and open up a convenient shortcut to room A. then cross the bridge and unlock the door to room E.

You can't get any stray fairies here now, but you can set some up for the future. At the pool bottom, hit the footswitch surrounded by the mines. On the surface, shoot a fire arrow at the ice switch above the door. Both of these switches will make up-side down chests appear.

3)Network the Mirrors

Use you Goron punch to smash away the pillar that's blocking the sunbeam in this room. Using that to clear the first sun block is easy, but the next part takes finesse. You need to charge the mirror to Link's left, and use that reflected light to charge a second mirror before you can get the light close enough to reflect it onto the sun block. Wear your stones mask so black boes and Nejirons (in the alcoves at the end) don't interfere.

The chest behind the first sun block contains fairy #3, and a chest with fairy #4 will appear if you burn away a specific sun switch.

4)Float over the Lava

You'll need to do a long distance Deku flight to get to the door on the opposite end of this room. If you're collecting stray fairies, do the Goron switch thing before you blast off (see below).

As a Deku, you'll need to fly from vent to vent and let the updrafts give you enough lift to make it to the next one. It's the distance between the second and third vents that's trickiest, especially with the real bombchus crawling in the grating. Hove on the second vent until the bombchus is out of the way before you attempt that lest leg of the flight.

As a deku, you can fly to the chest with fairy #5 in the alcove to the left of the first vent. To reveal the chest with fairy #6 (near the exit), drop to the bottom and goron smash the switch in the lava. That will extinguish the ring of flames in the other end of the map, giving you a few seconds to roll there and hit the foot switch.

5)Garo Master: Get the Light Arrow

The Garo master is quicker than the regular Garo, but not much tougher. If you block his strikes, he'll quickly recover and strike back, so back flip away instead and force him to teleport above you. Then you can step away and stab him when he lands.

The prize is the light arrow, this temple's major item. If you're not collecting fairies, just warp back to the entrance now. If you are, continue south and use your hookshot to unmask the armored Hiploop in the next room.

Battle Eyegore for Fairies

Head south past the room with the armored Hiploop and you'll find yourself on the bridge in room C. you can take that bridge back to the dungeons entrance, but first you'll need to get past an angry Eyegore.

Block the Eyegore's laser with your shield, and shoot him in the eye with you light arrow to blind him. When he's stunned, follow up with another arrow or a sharp poke in the eye with the hookshot. Repeat and a chest with fairy #7 will appear upon his death.

Then loop back around to the other side of this room (through room D) and toss a bomb over the gate to activate the crystal switch near the Beamos. Swim across the pond, flip onto the other side, and shoot the sun block with a light arrow to destroy it. Then grab fairy #8.

6)Flip the Stone Tower

The next step actually takes place outside the temple. Warp back to the owl statue, and leave a totem on the middle switch to clear a floating platform out of the way. Then from either corner of the ledge with the statue and pots, fire a light arrow at the red scarab jewel on the ledge below the entrance.

The entire Stone Tower area will flip, leaving you on what used to be the ceiling. Head back to the temple, where everything will be inverted, and you can finally get all those weird up-side down treasure chests. You can fire at the same red scarab at any time to put things right again.

Make a brief detour in room A before you flip the tower. Use your light arrow to shoot the sun switch in the south part of the central basin. An upside-down fairy chest will appear on the roof and you can grab it after the temple flips.

Collect Fairies: Get Small Key #3

The tower hasn't really been turned upside-down. It's actually been inverted, so this area is like the image on a mirror behind held above the stone tower. This means that the rooms and their content are still in the same place in relation to their other horizontally, but have been flipped vertically. So our next stop, Room E, will still be east, but level B1 is now above 1F. Confused yet?

To get into Room E, clear away the sun block with a light arrow. All the water has drained out, but the skylight on the floor now act as vents, and you can use those to reach the rooms many levels.

Getting the small key here is easy, but the fairies take some work. First, turn into a Deku and, ignoring the deku flower, jump off the ledge into the first vents and let that carry you to the alcove on the other side. There you'll find fairy #10.

Then jump down to either side of the bridge, on the floor near the vents, and shoot a light arrow at the sun switch that has previously been underwater. That will reveal and upside-down fairy chest you can get when you flip the temple back to normal.

Use the vents to fly to the ledge in the east side of the room, where you'll find a silver foot switch. Take off you Deku mask and play The Elegy of Emptiness to leave behind a totem. That will clear the ring of fire in the top south ledge. Use the west vent (which goes the highest) to fly there as a Deku and get fairy #11.

To get the small key, drop down onto the north-to-south bridge and go north until you find the foot switch. Hit that, and use your hookshot versus the Hiploop on the bridge so you can get to the chest safely. When you've got that, let the west vent take you up to the highest ledge, and head inside.

7)The Rotating Rooms

The top door in room E leads to what used to be level B1, a series of three small rooms. The first woo feature red scarab switches like the one outside the temple, and will rotate the entire room when hit with light arrows.

Rotating the room is pretty much all you need to do in the first one. Switch to your Goron forms and run across the lava, the shoot the switch again to get the doors back on the ground level.

The next room is much trickier. You must push the moving block from one end of the room to the other by pushing it a couple of squares, rotating the room (so it ends up in the grooves of what used to be the ceiling), and repeating the process until you can slide it into the block-shaped hole that unlocks the door.

8)Wizrobe - Yet Again

Don't go out of your way to find a good spot this time, just stay in the doorway and shoot Wizrobe from there. It's a good vantage point, and you are safe from the lava that drips down from what was Room C's floor. You can reflect his fireballs with your shield, and, if you use light arrows, you can off this chump in four shots.

When he dies, hookshot up to the chest that appears and take the stairs to 1F.

9)Cross the Ghost Room: Get Small Key #4

This room, once a simple courtyard, is now infested by Poes. You can ignore them, but undead things are always fun to kill with light arrows, since they explode in such pretty colors.

When you've had your fun, fly across the pit, but don't open the door on the other side. Instead, rolling jump to your right (or use the Deku Flower). If you trip the foot switch in the small maze (and leave a totem on it), you can extinguish the flames around the chest with the small key. But the death armos won't make it easy for you... unless you wear you stone mask. Then they'll ignore you altogether.

10)Soar Across the Abyss

With the pool emptied and the bridge far above you, there's nothing you can do in the next room but fly across. Before you go, make sure you fire an arrow at the mines so they knock into each other and explode. You'll need to be able to get into that alcove, since one Deku Flower burst won't take you all the way across. Watch out for angry pots!

11)Battle Gomess: Get the Boss Key

The door on the other side of the abyss leads to the converted bridge in room E. There isn't much to do here but stock up on magic pots from the crates and fend off blue bubbles. As I mentioned before, undead creatures aren't a big fan of light arrows. The blue bubbles are no exceptions, and their loss is your gain because they turn into purple rupees worth 50 whenever they're hit.

At the end of the path you'll face Gomess and his cloak of bats. The bats protect him from your attacks, but they'll run for cover when you light up the room by shooting Gomess in the chest with a light arrow. That's your opportunity to rush up and stab him in his green crystal. If you run out of magic pots, you can get more by killing the bats.

You can block most hits from Gomess' scythe, but when he spins it around it's unblock able, so back or slide-flip away. When he finally falls to your blade, grab the boss key and head back outside.

12)Trip the Room V Foot Switch

After you fly back across the abyss in room D, hang a left and enter this small alcove in the entranceway. You can jump right over to the final foot switch, but there's a nasty death armos guarding it and not a lot of room to maneuver. One option is to kill the death armos by shooting a light arrow into that glowing panel on its side and then following it up with a quick slash when he's stunned. But if he not directly in your way, it easier just to use the stone mask.

The switch makes another upside-down chest appear on the ceiling of this room. It contains a stray fairy, but right now it's only important as a hookshot target. Pull yourself up to it and open the final locked door.

13)Battle Eyegore - Round 2: Get the Giant's Mask

The inverted temple has an Eyegore too, and it's not pleased about what happened to the last one. This one seems much more aggressive, so have your shield at the ready as you approach and take it out with ranged weapons like your light arrow and hookshot.

When it dies, a chest with the giant's mask will appear. This nifty bonus temple item can only be used on the upcoming temple boss.

14)To the Boss Chamber

If your magic bar isn't at least half full, you may want to go forage for magic pots before you face the boss. When you're ready, hit the switch, and wait for the spiked logs to give you an opening, and hookshot to the chest on the ceiling. You'll land right in front of the boss door.

Giant Masked Insect Twinmold

This is an odd boss fight, as the enemies are completely indifferent to Link and the only real challenge is in using you Giant's Mask effectively. Slap it up and Link will balloon twenty times his original size, which is big enough to battle the centipedes in hand-to-hand (or rather sword-to-face) combat. The enemies' weak points are their heads and the tips of their tails, so concentrate your attacks there.

The mask power comes at a price, which is that it drains your magic energy. When you're running low, start smashing the buildings scattered around the battlefield for magic pots. Giant Link cannot pick up the tiny pots, so you'll have to take off the mask and search for them at your normal size. If you have to fight Twinmold again, a good cheat is to drink some Romani Ranch milk and never run out of magic at all.

If you do run out of magic, you have two options. One is to stay normal size and to finish Twinmold with arrows to the head and tail (they move fast, so don't fire unless you're really close). The other is to hang around one of the grey buildings and wait for one of them to smash into it, hopefully unearthing a few magic pots.

Collect the Final Fairies

Twinmold may be dead, but we're still missing a trio of fairies. All three are found in the right side up version of the stone tower, but in chest that were revealed performing actions in the inverted temple. If you've followed the guide closely, you've already revealed all three. Warp back to the owl statue, flip the temple again, and go fairy hunting.

Fairy #13 is right in the first room, in the chest at the bottom of the pit that we used as a hookshot target. Head east into room D to grab fairy #14 from the now underwater chest that appeared when we shot the sun switch. Then continue north, looping through rooms F, G and H, to get to room I where Fairy #15 awaits (in the chest that appeared when we hit the crystal switch).

The Great Fairy's Boon:

This Great Fairy Fountain is easy to find, since it has its own building right by the dungeons entrance (it's just south of the entrance by the game's auto-map).

If you collected all 15 yellow fairies, you'll be granted the Great Fairy's Sword, a massive Biggoron-esque two-handed sword that you can equip to a C-button.

The Secret Shrine

Itching to bust some heads with that new sword of yours? There's no better place to put it through its paces than the secret shrine, the secret area behind the waterfall in northwest Ikana Canyon (southwest on the game's auto-map). You'll need to fire a light arrow at the switch above the door to enter, and even then you'll be turned away if you don't have at least 16 heart pieces. Not that you'll need that many: Each of the four rooms contains one mini-boss you already beat when you were much weaker, and they'll drop like flies when faced with your new arsenal. But that's the fun of it, really... That and the fact that you earn a heart piece for killing all four.

The enemies shown below are in clockwise order, from left to right. Each has been powered up a bit, so be wary (but not too wary, because they're still total chum). Each victory will also net a silver rupee (100 rupees). 1- Lizalfos, 2-Wizrobe, 3- Wort and 4- Garo Master.

Bombers' Notebook #13: Dotour Mayor of Clock Town

If you've completed all of bombers' notebook corners so far, you should only be missing one seal. That's mayor Dotour's, and completing his entry is easy. Just walk into his office while wearing the couple's mask and remind him of what's really important in life. (Love or something. I guess? I still think being struck by a falling moon is important. But that's just me). Ta da! If you have all the seals (and therefore all the masks) you're more than ready for the game's finale.

Finale: Majora's Mask


1)Confront the Skull Kid

When you've completed your mask collection, cleared all four temples, and finished your bombers' notebook, your quest is nearly at its end. All that's left is to return to the place where it all began: The clock tower where you can confront the skull kid at midnight of the final day.

This time, play the Oath to Order you learned at the end of the woodfall temple. This song will summon the help you need to put an end to the skull kid's nefarious plans.

2)Talk to the Mask Children

Calling the next part of the game "surreal" would be barely scratching the surface. The game's final setting is a grassy plain with a single tree, at which five children have gathered. They're each wearing one of the boss masks, and they all want to play with you.

Believe it or not, almost of all this is optional. If you'd like, you can walk up right to the kid wearing Majora's Mask and go straight to the last boss. But if you'd like one final challenge, agree to play with the children wearing the boss masks. Each one will ask for 1-4 masks before the game begins and an equal amount when the game ends. So to play all four games, you'll need all twenty masks. If you have them all, and beat all four games, you'll be rewarded for it. Not only you will receive the four final heart pieces, but you'll also get the game's secret final mask.
Odolwa Child: Deku Dungeon: 2 Masks.
Ghot Child: Goron Dungeon: 4 Masks.
Gyorg Child: Zora Dungeon: 6 Masks.
Twinmold Child: Link Dungeon: 8 Masks.

The Odolwa Child

If you've completed the deku scrub playground game, you shouldn't have many problems with this deku-oriented mini dungeon. You'll need to fly from the flower to the rotating platforms which have flowers on the tips and pop out of those when they are near your destination. The catch is that in the final stretch, when you are flying from the heart piece in the northeast corner to the exit in the northwest one, you'll have to watch out for a spiked log rotating in the opposite direction. You'll need to time your landings carefully and burrow into the flower when the spikes pass overhead.

There are Gossip stones everywhere here, but they only give tips about where to find masks. So if you have them all, just skip it.

The Ghot Child

You have to use the notoriously twitchy goron roll over a long series of thins ledges and nerve-racking jumps in this area, but it's nowhere near as difficult as it looks. The trick is to start your roll and aim straight ahead. If you're perfectly straight, you can take your fingers of the control stick and watch as your goron automatically ricochets off the three open treasure chests and make all the necessary leaps to arrive safely in the island in the center of the map. The exit is a straight door west, but the heart piece requires one tricky maneuver.

The Gyorg Child

After the challenges of the too last dungeons, the Zora form's final game is surprisingly lame. It's just a network of tunnel with a string current but no obstacles. There's no real strategy here: Either rely on luck or just go left, left, right and left for the heart piece, and left, left, right and straight for the exit. The other rooms have gossip stones, so you can get more tips about missing masks, if you haven't already traded away your mask of truth.

The Twinmold Child

Finally, it's Link's turn to shine. He'll get an opportunity to use his new Great Fairy's Sword to shred some foes in room B, D and F (which contain Lizalfos, Garo Master and Iron Knuckle respectively). If these battles leave you hurting, make sure to use your song of storms to coax recovery fairies out of the many gossip stone that you'll pass.

After defeating the Garo master, hookshot up to the chest of arrows and enter room F, where the Iron Knuckle awaits. As you've done before, stay close, attack fast, and don't worry about anything except his over head attack. The price here is bombchus, and for once you'll be grateful, since you can't get past the next two rooms without them!

To reveal the switch that activated the ladder in room E, you have to release the bombchus so that it explodes near the crack of the wall. It takes good timing, but isn't too challenging. The puzzle in room F is much harder, since the crack is on the ceiling! You need both time it carefully and aim your bombchus exactly right to succeed here. When you do that the heart piece is yours.

The Fierce Deity's Mask

The final mask is the one big secret in Majora's Mask. If you trade away all 20 of your masks to the other kids before you talk to Majora, he'll give you a new mask: The obscenely powerful Fierce Deity's Mask. This turns Link into a full grown adult with a projectile-firing sword that no enemy can effectively defend against. The only Majora Strategy you need for this form is Z-target and press B rapidly.

If you earns this mask and then beat the game, if will be added to your save file. If you warp to any other boss in the game, you'll find you can use them against them, too!

3)Battle Majora's Mask

If you're looking for a fair fight, skip the Fierce Deity's Mask and go against Majora the old fashioned way. This boss has four progressively, more difficult forms, but should be fairly easy to beat for anyone who brought a full quiver of arrows.

Its first form barely attacks at all, you can use arrows to stun it, but that's kind of a waste of precious resource. Whatever weapon you use, you'll need to hit the mask in the back to hurt it. For its second form, all the other boss masks join in the fight. Fortunately, Majora also begins using a fire beams that can easily be redirected with your mirror shield against the other masks or Majora itself. Kill the other masks now, while it's easy to do, since they only take three shots each.

After that, Majora grows legs. This is where arrows start to come in handy, but time them carefully, since this Majora is quick. If you don't want to waste them, use your deku form here. It has it bubble power, can damage downed Majora with its spin attack, and has a useful 360 degree shield to guard against Majora's flurry of attacks.

The final form is the most aggressive. Those whips can do some damage, so concentrate on preventing its attacks by hitting it with an arrow whenever it pauses to launch an attack of its own (keep it Z-targeted constantly). Then dash forward and give it a taste of your Gilded Sword or Great Fairy's Blade.

Congratulations!!! You just ended one of the best Nintendo 64 games ever, the

Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask.


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