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My Accord's Web Site

Hello everyone, thanks for visiting my site. This is my first site that I am building, and as you guys will see it's really basic and simple, but hopefully with time I can put some crazy shit in here. This website is mostly dedicated to my car, a 2000 Honda Accord EX, and no, that's not the rims i have. Those are the rims i want in my car, 18x7.5 Rota Subzero, ain't they beautiful =), or Axis Se7ens? what a dilemma. This is an old pic of my car, all the windows are tinted now, 8% in the back, and 39% in the fronts. Looks so much better when i did the fronts, just the back makes it look kinda funky. Kinda bad photoshop, but you get an idea. It will look better in person.




5/2/03 - Major updates in installs and audio: Uploaded pics of my new box and its finished product. Don't forget to check Extras for some great subwoofers. Go to Audio for my complete system.

Thanks to Mudanoman  for letting me borrow his digital camera in countless ocassions. Thanks man, some Sapporo next time?

3/9/03 - Uploaded my new system setup/design, and fixed the Second Skin page because    it took a while to load, so now it should be faster.

2/24/03 - Uploaded Second Skin page.

2/13/03 - Updated the Links and Extras Page.

12/20/02 - Web Page created.


Contact information

E-mail me at, and i'll get back to you. Sorry, it's the only means of communication for now.





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