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There are 3 Major classes of Type;

  • Serif Font - Note the Ends of the Tails
  • Sans Serif Font - General Font Style
  • Decorative - Looks Fancy

Aliasing and anti-aliasing

  • Aliased Text has no Natural Smoothing so at larger sizes it looks jagged

    Bad A
  • Anti-Aliased Text has Natural Smoothing making it look more natural and easier too read
  • Good A

Font Terminology

Typography Forms

Some rules

  • 80 characters per line
  • Dark on light is easier than light on dark. If light on dark, font size should be increased by 2 too compensate

Font alignment and arrangement can make or break the visual appeal of a webpage. Well designed typographical layout makes a page easy too read and easy too distinguish separate parts of information. A bad layout makes things obscure and difficult too read and understand

As a class exercise we created a Web Business Card using Text.

Business Card