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Design Rationale

The design of this page has taken on a few forms during its creation. I have tried too follow my own teachings and have been moderatly successful.

Color wise I have gone with a monochromatic blue colour scheme. Blue is a personal choice but it has also suited the sites layout and theme quite well. Blue is a generally appealing colour too most people and it is a safe colour too use. It is available too view for colour blind people thanks too the contrast on the buttons and the fact that almost all text is in simple black on white background.

The whole site is viewed at atleast 800x600, preferably higer. The Site automatically centers itself if the resolution id any higher. The content is specifically sized too fit in the 800x600 viewing plane so much of the tables in the document have a fixed width/size

There were a few image problems in netscape which i have hoped too fix before now but they have proved too elude me. The problem i believe is in the way my image calls slashes direction. IE accepts "/" and "\", Netscape only accepts "/". This was discovered while testing on a friends computer during usability testing.

Future chances too change things would fix up the Netscape problem with the images.