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Grice - The 4 Maxims

Grice's Theory related too the way people interact during conversations. While this may directly have nothing too do with the internet or too web design, the theories can applied too the way a User Interface is designed and presented. This makes it very relevant too this course and especially this module of the course.

These Maxims give you generalized rules too follow. While the rules are not law, the more adherance too them the better your design will be

  • The Maxim of Quantity - Provide only the amount of information that is required, no more, no less.
  • The Maxim of Quality - Only speak the truth and only speak what you can back up with evidence.
  • The Maxim of Relation (Relevance) - ensure that the information is relevant.
  • The Maxim of Manner - Ensure your information is not obscured or ambiguious. Make it brief and too the point.

What this means is that when creating a website one must follow the maxims in order too create a site that is "communication friendly". One must present the website in such a way that what is implied is true, that the information is what is required, that the information is true and that through all of that information is precise and well ordered. Succeeding in that will result in a "Grice Sound" site. While that is all well and good it would often be quite hard too follow. Many websites flaunt the rules in order too provoke a desired reaction. These reactions cause the user too have there decisions influenced on and too react in a way that they may not follow if it had not been there.