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When conducting usability tests there are a number of aspects too keep in mind. Be totally prepared for the tests, have everything you need. Be polite and courtious and make sure the subject is comfortable. Ensure that consent from participating parties is/has been completed and explain too them what they will be undertaking. Get them doing the test at there own pace and let them ask any questions. When completed thank them for participating and ask them if they have any other comments that were not covered in the test.

Analysis Terms

  • p-value - The probability value - used in statistical calculations. Relates too the chance that something succeded through chance
  • one-tailed test - Used if you have predicted the swing and the direction
  • two-tailed test - Used if you have predicted the swing but not the direction
  • standard deviation - the variability from the mean. The larger the deviation the the larger the difference between predicted values and actual values.
  • t-test - Statistical test that compares means
  • Independent samples - Where data collection is from a large pool of different aptitude users.
  • Correlated samples - Provide users with 2 different tests and find out which one was harder.
  • Single sample test - One group is tested against one expert result