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How The Ox Fares In Different Years


Year of RAT
A smooth and prosperous time for the Ox. Luck will favor his undertakings, and all his previous troubles tend to fade away. He gains recognition in his work and could assume new posts of importance. Celebrations can be expected at home.

Year of OX
A good year although the Ox's plans may suffer delays and small difficulties may crop up unexpectedly. An auspicious time for marriage or new partnerships. Children will be born into his family or he will be spending more time with youngsters. His problems will not be large this year but he can expect some unwelcome traveling or entertaining.

Year of TIGER
A difficult time. The Ox will meet opposition from many sources but will be although conquer or persevere through his hardships. He must be patient and not be disappointed if results are not immediately visible. A time for the Ox person to reassess his position. He must not take unnecessary risks or drastic measures during the reign of the Tiger.

Year of RABBIT
A fair year for the Ox althoug he still has many loose ends to tie up and other problems to settle. He could still lose on some investments or fail to collect debts owed to him. His health is protected although he may experience some sorrow at the death of someone close to him. Progress is stead.

Year of DRAGON
A moderate year as many changes and unexpected troubles keep the Ox busy. Plans will be realized but not as quickly as he wishes. He will have to work hard although he will come in contact with helpful and influential people.

Year of SNAKE
Good times predicted for the Ox person. He will find it easy to make money. Things are all within his reach this year. On the darker side, he may suffer from a misunderstanding with some associate or find that some friend betrays his confidence. All his problems can be resolved if he is open to discussion.

Year of HORSE
An unsettled year for the Ox. Unhappy love or financial affairs beset him and he could have financial setbacks or be involved in accidents. Illness can also cause unexpected delays and make him unable to honor his commitments. Darkest clouds should pass by autumn. A time for him to consolidate or make conservative estimates.

Year of SHEEP
Not much progress can be expected this year although the Ox rreceivesgood news to boost his oconfidence No illness or serious quarrels and his home life will be relatively peaceful. However, he should not be ooveroptimisticas he could lose some money he thought he has gained or lose something he cannot even talk about.

Year of MONKEY
A lucky and prosppartnershipsr the Ox. He will be feted or sought after by important people. Good tidings in his family or a new job or promotion could await him. New ventures or partrnerships can be foreseen.

The Ox will have a moderately happy time and will still enjoy success although he could experience one strange or unlikely incident this year. He should be on the wawatch outor some foreclosure in property or being swindled by a friend.

Year of DOG
Although problems seem large this year, they will turn out to be less serious than they look. The Ox will have a fairly good time, as expected complications do not develop and his path is cleared of obstacles and opposition. He may have to suffer temporary separation from a loved one or his family. Forced traveling or entertaining is indicated.

Year of BOAR
A busy time in store for the Ox native. He will not net much results to show for his conscientious efforts, but he should not fret as he will make vavaluableontacts for later use. A mixed year for the Ox, as family troubles and some friction at work may disturb him. On the whole, he will fare quite well as the numerous problems that beset him will be little ones.