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Marlene Mitchell's first novel, Yard Sale is a fascinating new book that reveals the true values in our lives. The most important things are family, friends, and love - NOT possessions.

Yard Sale
Marlene Mitchell's First Novel

Yard Sale is a riveting new novel that tells the story of three generations and three yardsales. The characters come to realize that family and friendships are more important than possessions. Meet Henry Franklin, a deceitful, ruthless man who will stop at nothing to achieve his selfish goals; along with LouJean, whose wit and humor keep everyone on their toes; and the rest of the Holloway and Franklin families. The characters come to life on each page and you will remember them long after you finish the book.

About the Author:

I am originally from St.Louis,Mo. but have lived in Louisville, Kentucky for the past twenty-three years. I am a wife, mother and grandmother who keeps busy with wildlife rehabilation, art of many forms and writing. I am also half nuts from taking care of grandchildren. If everyone leaves me alone, I plan to finish the sequel to Yardsale and two other books that are now in progress.

In The Works:

Return To Ternberry- Sequel to Yard Sale - The story continues with the next generation.
The Chester County Boys - A defunct over-the-hill band and a young singer. Who will make it to Nashville first?
The Women of Hyacinth - The Civil War is over, but the war goes on for the women left with no husbands, no money and only their bodies to support them.

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