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Camilla & Mark Wedding/Bröllop April 26, 2003



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Who’s who

Wish List



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A Day to remember

Camilla and I are anxiously waiting for April 26, 2003 to roll around. Who would have thought that we would be getting married? Well, probably all of our friends and family who have been along for our almost ten year journey. Camie and I met on June 4, 1993 in Ottawa at the Swedish residence. That’s where it all began. After four and a half years of living apart from one another, and who knows how many trans Atlantic flights, I made a power move and came to Stockholm in 1998. And we’ve been happily together (in the same city-what a concept!) ever since. Finally, the time has come for the two of us to wed one another and to share this special occasion with our families and closest friends. April 26 2003 will be a special day for Camilla and I, and it will be a day to celebrate!


When and Where

Just in case anybody is confused, we’re getting married in Stockholm, Sweden. If you make it so far, the rest of the information here will be a piece of cake. The wedding ceremony will be held at Bromma Kyrka/Church Saturday April 26, 2003 15:00.

Bromma Kyrka is Stockholm’s oldest building with a history dating back to the 12th century. It is located close to where Camilla grew up and where Camilla and I now live in Vällingby.


Bromma Kyrka


The wedding reception will be held at Ängby Slott following the church ceremony. This castle dates back to the 1690s and it is located on the highest point in north Ängby. Ängby Slott is situated close to Bromma Kyrka -15 minutes away by foot or just a few minutes by car. It is probably best to carpool and pack as many guests as possible into each car. Get friendly with each other! The address to Ängby Slott is St. Ängby gård 168 55 Bromma.

Ängby Slott


Here’s a map to help acquaint you with your whereabouts on April 26th. The little red house shows our apartment in Vällingby.  Bromma Kyrka and Ängby Slott (Norra Ängby) can also be seen. The church and reception hall are located close to one another. If you click on this link you’ll get an interactive map so you can zoom in and get a closer look at the street names and where you’re going.



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Who’s who

Since we’re bringing together two families and friends from across the world, it’s a good idea to get familiar with who’s who. Here’s the short list of names to know. This is also a good chance for the English speakers to learn some Swedish. Names in blue/e-mail links are confirmed guests. Click here to go to our photo album and to put a face to the names.


Bride/Brud and groom/brudgum:  Camilla Franzén and Mark Lal (2 points if you got this one right)

Maid of honour/Brudtärna:  Maria Almér

Bestman:  David Lal

Toast Master:  Roberth Edberg

Flowergirl/Brudnäbb:  Agnes Almér

Church Welcomers/Värdpar:  Karin + Kris Knutson

Hairstylist/Frisör:  Jenny Åberg

Camie’s side of the family, the Swedish and Finnish contingent:

Carina Franzén (mom), Eva Hansen + Zoran (aunt and sambo), Anneli Elomaa (aunt), Irja Reunanen (aunt), Harri+Sari+Sanna Elomaa (cousin + family), Tytti Elomaa (cousin)

Mark’s side of the family, the Canadian and Indian contingent:

Gerda Lal (mom), Greg Larose (step dad), Ben Lal (dad), Dale McKenzie (step mom), David Lal (brother), Olivia + Gerry Neven (sister and brother-in-law), Krishan and Sunita Lal (uncle and aunt), Maninee + Manish Goel (cousin + husband), Vibhor Bageshwar (cousin), Rishi Bageshwar (cousin), Krishna Varma (aunt), Mr. and Mrs. O.P. Verma (uncle + aunt), Anu + Vidur Pama Segal (cousin + husband), Mr. and Mrs. Sanjiv Varma (cousin + wife)

More crazy Canucks, Swedes, and worldly globetrotters:

Anik + Kevin, Ann + Lasse, Bitte + Håkan + Lovisa, Dave G, Dave Wu + Lindsay, Gunilla, Ina + Andre, Jonas, Lori + Francis, Louise + John, Maria + Stefan, Mat, Ola, Katja + Oleg, Per, Riikka + Marco, Ronnie, Sabina + Dan, Sofi + Anders, Sol + Mattias, Stina + Magnus, Teresia + Frank, Timo, Ylva, Åsa


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For the non-Swedes - What to expect at a Swedish wedding

 A Swedish wedding is a lot of fun, and just like a Canadian wedding - it’s the guests that make the party. And since we’ve got such great guests, we can expect a memorable wedding ceremony and celebration. The wedding ceremony lasts for about 30 min. The most important thing about the church ceremony is to be on time. That means be early, not late! Karin and Kris are our official church welcomers and they will help you find your way to a nice seat on the proper side of the pew. After the wedding vows, we’ll stay at the church for some time to shake hands, hug, and throw rice. Camie and I will then disappear into the sunset, but will reappear at Ängby Slott, after everybody has arrived from the church. Then it’s time for a ‘skål för brudparet’ = ‘a toast to the bride and groom’.

The reception is when the real fun begins. Roberth is the toastmaster or MC for the evening. He’s in charge of planning the order of speeches and holding the tempo during the dinner. All family and friends are welcome and encouraged to stand up and say a few words (hopefully nice ones!) about the newlyweds. If anyone wants to sing, the floor is yours! Everything goes… A Swedish wedding should be packed with speeches. But remember that this needs planning, so if you want to say a few words during the dinner, be sure to speak with Roberth before the dinner begins so he can plan. Better yet, send Roberth an email now!


Wish List

What do Camie and I want/need now that we’re getting married? That’s a tough question. Just the fact that we’re able to share our wedding day with our family and closest friends feels like the biggest gift of all. That’s not too corny to write now is it? Seriously speaking, our first wish is for a dream honeymoon to a tropical paradise. We were thinking of taking off right after the wedding, but I am going to defend my PhD thesis in the beginning of June and I’ll need the month of May to study. So, our immediate honeymoon plans have to be put on hold. As it looks now, we’re planning for a late summer/fall vacation. Contributions to our future honeymoon vacation would be great.


Here’s a gift list of other wedding goodies –big and small- that we wish for. We’ve done some window-shopping at Cervera.

v      Boda Nova Gourmet Bestick

v      Boda Nova Combino ugnsform med metallställning och handtag i bok

v      Golvlampa LampGustaf (Keps1, oxid, enkel)

v      Kandelaber

v      Knivar och knivställ

v      Kött termometer

v      Peugeot Pepparkvarn i mörk trä (27cm)

v      Pot Holder och Grillpensel (PCJ Danmark)

v      Små efterrättsformar

v      Soppskål

v      Sov kuddar

v      Teflon stekpanna (28cm)

v      Vackra keramikskålar, temuggar osv.

v      Whiskey glas

v      Uppläggningsfat

v      Vinkaraff


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