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Machines for Sale, March 2001

Machine Type

FACE LATHE, type DP 4, WMW-Niles, 1980, height over centers-1250, nominal dia. 2480 mm, 5000 in gap, face plate 3150, rpm 1,4-71, unused, like new. Photo available.
ROLLING Automatic machine, type HF350KRT, M+M, Netherlands, 1986, 5 rollers, height to center 350 mm, DBC 790, 11 kW, 0- 8000 mm/min, excellent condition. Photo available
VERTICAL LATHE, type SKI-16 CNC, TOS, new 1987, 4- jaws manual operate face plate, face plate dia. 1600, CNC TESLA 642, max. dia. 1800, rapid 6000 mm/min-1, never useed. Photo available.
VERTICAL LATHE, type 1512, STANKO, 1983, face-plate dia-1120, workpiece height-1000, swing over bed-1250, 30 kw, well maintained.
HORIZONTAL TABLE TYPE BORER, type H100A, TOS, 1980, spindle-100, face- plate 600, table 1250x1250, MK6, reconditioned- excellent, like new. Photo available.
PLANER, type HZFS 2000x1500x6000/4, Fritz HECKERT, 1989-1990, 4 planer heads, 1 milling head, 1 grinding head, working width 2000, working height 1600 mm, working length 6000 mm, almost unused. Photo available.
GEAR GRINDING machine, type 5M841, STANKO, wheel dia – 320, module 8, 1990, never used. Photo available. 
CRANK PRESS, type PDq 4-4000/5.0/500, KRUPP, 4000 ton, 1982, table 5000x3000 mm, stroke 500, 8 s.p.m., die space 1250, slide adjustment 500, excellent condition- almost unused. Video- tape available.
HYDRAULIC down-stroking double- acting PRESS, type 7D-P-250, DUALFORM, 1985, total pressure 250t, max. pressure of main ram- 125, max. depth of draw- 205, max. size of blank- 1170x1015, stroke of: main ram- 760, blankholder slide- 535; bed area 1470x1220,  excellent condition. Photo available.
HYDRAULIC PRESS, type CEZ 250.3.3, MUELLER, 1982, table 500x700, very good condition. Photo available.
FORGING PRESS, type LKM 2500 C, SMERAL, 1964, start- up 1975, recondition 1994, in production- just 1- 2 months, table 1340x1400, stroke 320, 28 s.p.m., 150 kW. Photo available
UPSETTER, type HKM-B1139A, STANKO, 800 ton, 1988,  ram slide stroke-380, bed die stroke-180, bed die-590x220x660, distance between bed die and ram slide-140, 35,75 kW, excellent condition-almost unused 
COLD CALIBRATING PRESS, type GB20-5, PELTZER&EHLERS, 1974, 5 stations, 200 ton, workpiece dia. 20, length 110, 30-120 s.p.m, for production of bolts from M10 to M18, very good condition.
COLD CALIBRATING PRESS, type BS4-12, 1985, 4stations, 20 ton, workpiece dia. 14, length 110; 75, 85 and 120 s.p.m, for production of bolts up to M12, very good condition.
TRANSFER MACHINE, type 50.006 Multifactor, MIKRON HAESLER SA, new 1977 and 1980, two pieces, 6 stations, excellent condition. Photo available.
FRICTION WELDING MACHINE, model 15, NEI THOMPSON, England, new 1991, perfect condition. Photo available.
SPIN TESTER, type BI 4 U, SCHENCK, serial No. ABF0035, 1988, for testing of rotors with: max. weight 800 kg, length 950 mm, dia 1000, 3000- 200000 1/min. Never used. Photo available.
BALANCING MACHINE, type ZI 5, SCHENCK, serial No. AAG0013, 1988, for testing of rotors with: max. weight 800 kg, dia 750, 650- 6500 1/min. Never used. Photo available.
VACUUM FURNACE, type VTC 224R, IPSEN, 1983, cell dimensions 380x610x350 mm, max. loading 180 kg, working temperature 500- 1320 grad C. Gas- Nitrogen. Never used. Photo available.
ELECTRICAL ANNEAL FURNACE, type TOFR -4-CS)-EM(S) , IPSEN, Two pieces. Endogas, working temperature 750- 1000 grad. C Max. temperature- 1050 C, max. loading 350 kg, cell dimensions 610x910x400, very good condition. Photo available
ELECTRICAL FURNACE FOR HARDENING, type G 1000E, IPSEN Year of production 1983. Endogas, working temperature 980- 1020 grad. C, max. temperature 1010- 1020 grad. C, cell dimensions 610x910x400, very good condition. Photo available

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