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!-!-=El Platano Frito=-!-!


Chu may find yourself axing...

"Why is his name El Platano Frito?"

Well I'm from the Beautiful Country of The Dominican Republic.
I was born in Santiago, but raised in Tampa,Florida.

Well anywayz just recently i got burned really bad cookin some fries. I got 2nd degree burns on both my hands. i only got one finger left and im healed!

well hope you like my migente page... scroll down for shout outs!




-=!!ShOuT OuTz!!=-

Ok i dont usually do this cuz all of my friends are important to me.
but they all bug me to add a shoutout section. so here it is

-=!Mah Brothaz!=-
Alex- DAMN... talk about a nigga thats down... this kid would be ready to fight with or for me
if ever i needed him. Another brother in my eyes. ive only known him for about 2 years
pero this kid and me have been tight since the first day.
no matter what shit goes on we end up brushin our shoulders off and forgeting the problem.
I practically live at his house, which is fun for me but his folks GOTTA be gettin tired of it
His temper is hot like Jalepeños but i wouldnt have no other nigga next to me
when its time to scrap.
Alex, Your my boy make & sure it stays that way or ill hafta Fawk u up.

Dont forget about all the shit we gotta do when were older too...

Tony- Tony is like a brother to me. Ive known him since we was chicuelitos,
we've had our fun but we've gone our own ways in life. but just like all brothers do,
we stay in touch and make sure to tell each other about anything that happens.
he's Puerto Rican and Cuban so hes got the best (and worst) of both worlds...
for example he can lose his temper quick (like Tony Montana) and he talks a lot!
but no matter what hes there to make me laugh, even about the dumbest shit.
Tony Thanks for being there threw the times i needed ya. stay cool, stay true and for god sakes
stay straight... i dont want ANOTHER sister!


-No Matter WHAT, its Bros over Hoes 4 Lyfe-

-Mah Niggaz-

Allen- crazy ass dude, has a fine ass sister =) good mix
D- Baller! definetly gotta look for this nigga on the NBA rosters
Isreal(BoneCrusher)-Big Ass dude, straight from"Bawsten Nicca!"
Exel(Goya)- Bones Lil brother, funny ass guy
Brian(Lips)-Nigga looks like a ninja turle, good baller too, sounds like mike tyson lol
Travis(Timothy)-Whitest black guy you'll ever meet the only thing black about him is his skin.


`=-Mi Chica=-,

My baby Duyen (shes vietnamese) is one of the sweetest girls ive ever met..
Shes short, cute, funny, smart, and she wouldnt leave me over dumb shit...
Basically she's what every good girlfriend should be.
We've only been going out for a month and a half but we've been down for eachother
for a year already and the relationship is still strong.
Id take a bullet for any of my friends but Id die for my girl.
Any good boyfriend would feel the same.
She means a lot to me and no matter what happens in the future shes still gonna be in my heart
This girl has soooo many things about her that just make me feel like i could be with her for a long
ass time...
The way she talks, the way she stands( like tommy from the rugrats) the way she laughs at my jokes... even the stupid ones. the way her hands are ALWAYS warm... i couldn't ask for a
sweeter, cuter girl to be mine.

Te Quiero Beba.

=-!!=-<Mah SistAhs!>-=!!-=

Melissa- This is the FUNNIEST, LOUDEST, CRAZIEST bitch i know!
(and i say bitch with the most respect) she's from Trinidad and shes mixed with asian!
so shes a sexy lookin girl. i got nothin but love and respect for her.
no matter how dumb i am or how crazy i act around her she still loves
her big brother and thats why i return that love unconditionally.
Missy, Chu make me smile, dont eva stop bein you girl. Signal Di Plane!! Parachute!!Pon da Riva, Pon Di Bank! Row Da Boat!! Give em a Run!!

Alyssa- Damn ma!! we've had buckets of fun since we met huh?
I used to have a crush on this girl... like the second day i met her me and tony went to a movies
with her and all our girls. i was acting like a bitch and i got no play from her...
oh well. we become close friends after that tho, cuzz i grew up real fast.
its all good now, we talk about boys, girls, and food... and the future
shes a down ass chick (bitch =þ) foreal...
Mira cubanita... i cant wait to grow up and see who my god children are gonna look like(lol). Im glad
we can be friends and that our first day knowin eachother didnt fuck errything up.

Chloe- This is my Italian princess, shes alex's girlfriend but me and her are tight...
we stay up late talkin on the fone and she never gets bored.. neither do i.
so thats good...i havnt known her for too long but the lil time i have known we've been pretty close
shes always got a friend in me and i always got a friend in her...
and i know that to be true so help me bob...
Chloebear, Thanks for being my friend even though im annoying and shit...
u have a lot of patients with me and i love you for that... oh yeah learn to cook,
ramen soup just doesn't cut it...

Charlene- This girl and me went out for like 9 months.. and she left me for some other dude...
of course they broke up... sad yes.. but i didnt give a fuck =)
anywho shes like a sister to me now... i can tell her anything i want.. cuz i force her to listen
shes funny and shes cute but she cant get on ur nerves quick!
lol but shes still alright in my book. Just like missy shes a Trini/asian mix
so shes got a certian speshulness to her. Alls i know is that her new boyfriend better
take care of her, cuzz i may not be too big but no one fucks with my friends, especially not this one.
Charlene, you can be fucked up sometimes, but for the most part u make me laugh so aslong as
ur there to make me laugh were straight.

Michelle- ONE OF MY FAVORITE WHITE GIRLS! shes really tight
always there when u need her and always makes sure ur feelin good.
since i got burned everyday she talks to me she makes sure to ask
"how are u feeling today?" or "how are you hands doing?"
that makes me feel real good insde =)
Michelle, im glad were friends and even tho me and tony used to crack on u all the time
your still one of my best friends and sistas

Stephanie- me and her dont talk anymore...but sisters are sisters...
when we did talk it was always a fun time, i remember when we slept over at her house for her birthday, that bitch and her friends made me sleep in the closet!! lol
but i still love her regardless...

-=!MaH LadieZ!=-

Alysse- Chloes step sister.. we had something going on.. dont know what happened tho, were still tight
Cassie-Pretty cool girl introduced me to migente, we have a lot in common... but shes a hater! lol
Sheena- Allens good lookin sister. she hits like a man tho....
Taurie-crazy black girl...acts white as hell.. funny sumtimes.. big jugs.. nuff said

"stick a needle in my eye if i don't live & die for M.O.B"-Tupac