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Nick's Homepage

My Classes this Semester at the U

Inspirational Lyrics...
and He said, "I have seen the others, and I have discovered that this fight is not worth fighting. And I've seen their mothers, and i will no other, to follow me where I am going... so take a shower and shine your shoes-- you got no time to lose,you are young men you must be livin...go now You Are Forgiven!"
~ Dispatch ~
The General

Many days have flown by, many nights have flown too...i ended up walking by myself with my memory of you. And all that i have, and all i wish to be, I can find inside myself, "will you come with me? --Will YOU come with me?"
Crazy Game of Poker

One, maybe two?... three, four, five years ago til today; i'was surrounded by so many. But some nights I spend it all alone...
And I know it sounds like complaining. *(Trust me i do it all the time)...and i can run just as fast as I want to, but I'll always be looking behind as though its following me down that road..
There is only one place that i can go. And that's right inside of my head, its the only place ..only place that I know~ so late at nights, early mornings, I try to find that place
I see an Old Man sitting on a Big Black Rock. He's got a beard hung down to his knees. Wisdom he speaks; knowledge he breathes! I'said "What's your name?"... He said, "I'm Old Man Time !"~
Old Man Time

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