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 First of all Welcome to LLHdotcom. This web page is best viewed under a (1280 by 1024) or (1024 by 800) resolution!!

I have not completed this website, but I hope to finish it soon. Yes I realize this is an Angelfire account so don't email me on how lame I am for using an Angelfire account because when I get some advertising offers or have a certain amount of visitors I will get a domain name.

For now I just hope to help out newbies on geting started.

I still need a lot of help so if anyone would create guides or have suggestions please contact me at LLH_F01@hotmail.com. Credit will be giving and your contribution will be greatly appreciated.

And for Newbies fell free to email me with your questions, problems, or suggestions, i'll be happy to help.

One more thing read the discaimer before you continue so I don't have any legal problem

And special thanks to Nuphonic Blue and Expert01

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