Tania C.

Hey Bella
Long time no see huh? Well, hope college isn't too rough on you. I know
how badly you want to graduate, but it's not far =) Oh and we need to
hook up for a coffee sometime soon!


Tania B.-T.

So we've known each other for almost a year, and god have we had fun
during our classes (and out). Don't worry, I'm sure you'll be moving
out soon. I admirer your courage for staying home. I would've been out
a long time ago if I were you. But anyways, hope we have  lots more days
of fun and hope we can actually plan a trip and go for it! =)


Tanya M.

Don't worry...I put a "Y"! lol, anyways Ditz, it's Bobo just saying HI!
Yeah, those guys...HOT! lol, ok ok, that's our class time talk when
we're bored. =P But we were really just started to get to know each
other this semester, but I do hope we continue.
You're a great friend. Take care hun=)


Camille S. H.

Where are you?? Again we don't talk for ages lol Guess that's simply how we are, but we do care about each other
and that's what counts. =) Love ya a bunch you lil nut, me you and Tania have to get together and do something!
Call me soon! *hugs & kisses*


Dema                                                                            Emily
Andy                                                                            Maggie R.
Steve C.                                                                        Melissa D.
Danny D.                                                                      Fonzi (our next Canadian Idol from the tourism dept.)
Rafal (Misiu)                                                               Antonio (coffee?????)
Jeff                                                                               Matt
Max  C.                                                                        Raf
Taras (yeah I still remember you lol)                          Max
Chris S.                                                                        Jose
Jason                                                                           Mark and his gf (haven't heard from you two in a long time)
Daniel C. (hey papi ;) )                                               Fred

If I missed anyone, let me know through my e-mail