Rewriting all that big crap. You know you love it when I rewrite something :P

Lets see, I'm Isamu, and I go by Izzy. Throughout my life my name which seems to be hard for people to pronounce has led to the development of various creative nicknames, from Izzy all the way to the old Shamoo.
B-day: March 16, 1987
Ethnicity: Japanese and Koren
Born: Prince Georges County, MD, USA
I'm not much of a talker. On the contrary, I pride myself in how much I write. It seems to me like the only method in which I can easily and comfortably express my own thoughts and feelings. I also sit in front of my computer a lot. I used to have a life, and then I don't know where it all went. Maybe the fact that I stopped being social sucked it all away? Far as I know, it looks like a "Chicken or the Egg" question to me. In any case, I'm trying to be social :P