Biting wind; Icy heat;
Infallable cold, invincible freeze
Felling men, left and right
Blazing paths across the mind

Howling gale, stinging ice
Fog of white, the blizzard fights
Stream of cloth, one that stings
Blinding pain unto the eye

Stagger forward; shield the head
Strength seeping; it leaves behind
A desperate hope, determined will
Struggle to survive

In the darkness the winds rise, in the darkness the rain falls, in the darkness the night strikes, and in the darkness we fall...

Chants of wights, wails of banshees, the acursed company marches, clattering of bones, skeletons rise, under the will of Neferata.

Moans of zombies, cursed eternal, endless swarms of the dead.

Darkness rise, light world fall, darkness strikes under the night.