Daniel: So I'm Jansen's ho?
jsd115 (12:51:11 AM): i always used to stay up with yicong this late since 8th grade
jsd115 (1:11:53 AM): i'm missing two teeth
jsd115 (1:12:05 AM): bad fight
Gin No Yari (8:36:38 PM): bak
Smagic109 signed off at 8:36:40 PM.
Smagic109 signed on at 8:36:44 PM.
Gin No Yari (8:36:47 PM): wb
ort4zyph (8:49:19 PM): anyway, i wonder if cash is more of a pervert than snoopy
Gin No Yari (8:50:15 PM): The most important job is not to be governor, or first lady in my case.
Gin No Yari (8:50:17 PM): LMFAO
BuraBullets (8:50:33 PM): shit....
BuraBullets (8:50:39 PM): america is going down....
That quote was by Bush
Yao: Does he (Victor) owe you?
Girl: Yes
Yao: Sorry didn't hear your answer, does he own you?
Girl: Yes
Daniel: Well you're a mallet.
Izzy: I'm a hammer?
Daniel: No... you're a duck
Greg Eden: You mean mallard
Mr. Rogers: I had a mass taken out of my head
Smagic109 (10:50:27 AM): according to the psycho stats for cs, i've been playing for 24+18 hours since the 7th
Smagic109 (10:50:33 AM): i don't think that's possible
Gin No Yari (10:50:37 AM): 42 hours?
Gin No Yari (10:50:39 AM): ur anaddict!
Smagic109 (10:50:40 AM): ya
MrClueless18 (7:55:16 AM): sweet
MrClueless18 (7:55:21 AM): I mite b able to get linux working
MrClueless18 (7:55:25 AM): hualalluah
Gin No Yari (3:05:32 AM): how much wood would the woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would chuck wood?
jsd115 (3:05:51 AM): not much
Gin No Yari (3:05:58 AM): oh yeah?
Gin No Yari (3:06:09 AM): how much nose would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck would chuck nose? :-P
jsd115 (3:06:11 AM): yeah
jsd115 (3:06:23 AM): i think it'd slap izzy hard
Gin No Yari (3:01:23 AM): omg
Gin No Yari (3:01:24 AM): ur up at 3
jsd115 (3:01:30 AM): lol
jsd115 (3:01:33 AM): yep
Gin No Yari (3:01:35 AM): omg
Gin No Yari (3:01:42 AM): im gonna save this quote just to prove u were up at 3
Gin No Yari (8:53:27 PM): wheres john x_x i need to know what i missed in math
zhangshunyu7 (8:53:46 PM): probably screwing himself
BB Boy50 (9:21:16 PM): what's the definition of albedo?
jcthefffreak (9:22:04 PM): um aren't tehy teh ppl whose hair is all white and red eyed?
Randy: (to John) Have some decency!
Jonny: White girls are easy
Noah: Here's advice. If you're stuck on a math problem, go eat.
John: Works for me!
John: Wrap up a hunk of cottage cheese!
Randy: Uh, John, cottage cheese is liquid
John: I mean the package it comes in
Gin No Yari (1:02:39 AM): wtfh u doing at such an hour
Gin No Yari (1:02:47 AM): o_O
jsd115 (1:02:50 AM): lol
jsd115 (1:02:52 AM): downloading music
jsd115 (1:02:55 AM): and talking to ppl
Gin No Yari (1:02:56 AM): r u trying to buy even more hos?
Gin No Yari (1:02:59 AM): o_O
jsd115 (1:03:00 AM): lol
jsd115 (1:03:04 AM): i don't need to buy any
Gin No Yari (1:03:06 AM): true dat
jsd115 (1:03:08 AM): they just come to me
Gin No Yari (1:03:13 AM): like mosquitos
jsd115 (1:03:16 AM): yeah
jsd115 (1:03:19 AM): they just want me that badly
MrClueless18 (6:52:47 PM): randy's custard
Correllian2000 (5:20:20 PM): actuallly.... ghetto izzy has some potential
MrClueless18 (5:38:51 PM): momentum
MrClueless18 (5:39:04 PM): and.... friction
MrClueless18 (5:39:11 PM): yep
Gin No Yari (11:16:34 PM): you will sleep
MrClueless18 (11:16:57 PM): in bed with music
MrClueless18 (11:17:34 PM): music isn't even tangible
Gin No Yari (11:17:49 PM): how should i know
Gin No Yari (11:17:54 PM): unlike you ive never actually tried
Daniel says:
if I gave myself a wedgie I would b screaming in utter pain
Yes he would know
Daniel says:
no u don't!
Daniel says:
MrClueless18 (3:51:00 PM): <_<
MrClueless18 (3:51:04 PM): >_>
MrClueless18 (3:51:07 PM): *thwack*
Gin No Yari (3:51:15 PM): are you afraid
Gin No Yari (3:51:17 PM): that someone will eat you
Gin No Yari (3:51:21 PM): because you thwacked me?
MrClueless18 (3:51:28 PM): yes
MrClueless18 (3:51:38 PM): of course
"There's always something bigger" - Qui Gon Jinn, Star Wars
Gin No Yari (11:34:48 PM): is john actually practicing... oO
jsd115 (11:34:53 PM): i have no clue
Gin No Yari (11:34:56 PM): lol
jsd115 (11:35:52 PM): he's probably doing his mom
bluDragen88 (4:22:19 PM): but thats not his faulk
bluDragen88 (4:22:20 PM): fault
bluDragen88 (4:22:21 PM): doh
Randy obsession with Faulk?
Richard: I've always wondered... what does Jay walking mean?
Me: I think it means John
Mike: No that's Gay walking.
You have to admit that was awesome
Zettai Reido says:
you're a yellow african man
Zettai Reido says:
born in russia
Daniel says:
Daniel says:
Daniel says:
Daniel says:
Daniel says:
damn my typing skills
Zettai Reido says:
Zettai Reido says:
you mean yessss?
Daniel says:
Daniel says:
I meant yesso
Zettai Reido says:
yess... oh
Uhhh I'm still confused
Gin No Yari (12:27:38 PM): Commoner's Three Laws of Ecology:
No action is without side-effects.
Nothing ever goes away.
There is no free lunch.
Gin No Yari (12:27:47 PM): ouch!
MrClueless18 (12:27:48 PM): NOOO
Gin No Yari (12:27:50 PM): lol
MrClueless18 (12:27:51 PM): MUST HAVE FREE LUNCH
Must have been quite a shock...
Me: hey preston
Preston: yep
M: sup?
P: yep
M: you going to correll's today?
P: yep
M: ah, and it's today
P: yep
M: 2-5?
P: yep
M: thats all you ever say?
P: yep
M: doh that was a question you could answer with-
P: yep
M: argh i keep letting you do that!
P: yep
M: bah, see ya there
P: yep
M: argh
P: yep
What a great phone conversation, don'tcha think?
Daniel: My lunch is running away!
When he was chasing me
theresa: I would only do that with the hotest guy in the world
kevin: oooh!! james!!!
daniek: haha, u think james is the hottest guy in the world
Talking to kevin, by Daniel
Mike Li: That poser!
On Daniel's statement below
Daniel says:
Daniel says:
Daniel says:
What Daniel does all day...
jctheff FREAK (9:43:24 PM): that thing sticks out like a big dick!
jctheff FREAK (9:43:37 PM): and u forget
jctheff FREAK (9:43:48 PM): u would have smacked your head!
John lies... it looks like a tank barrel damnit, not some explicit object he wishes he had...
Blight says:
and btw i say capitalism is stupid too
Daniel says:
no it isn't
jcthefffreak: I made a John Chai in Madden
jcthefffreak: he can't catch for beans
jcthefffreak: he runs the ball like a monster
Gin No Yari: and he's ugly
Gin No Yari: and stupid
jctheffreak: yeah
Daniel says:
what mike does all day:
Daniel says:
Daniel says:
Blight says:
Daniel says:
Daniel says:
Daniel says:
bluDragen88 (10:45:48 PM): its like
bluDragen88 (10:45:55 PM): you gave the ball to faulk 7 plays in a row
bluDragen88 (10:46:00 PM): and then you give it to warner
Gin No Yari (10:46:01 PM): he'd get like 4 TD
bluDragen88 (10:46:12 PM): who lets it get picked off
bluDragen88 (10:46:17 PM): and gets himself injured
bluDragen88 (10:46:18 PM): in one play
bluDragen88 (10:46:21 PM): its like a darwin awards
Gin No Yari (10:46:28 PM): lol
bluDragen88 (10:46:32 PM): he removed his own lack of skill from the team
bluDragen88 (10:46:35 PM): so they would do better
Gin No Yari (10:46:41 PM): yah
bluDragen88 (10:47:02 PM): what a sucky retard
Shaking his head slowly, the dark-eyed elf says to the slender, scorpion-tattooed man, in sirihish:
"The cot, sir, he has a fekking -cot- with him, of all the things Krath could..."
FrostyM2 88 (10:49:40 PM): shuttup, need major help
The ALMIGHTY Great One says:
I got rejected
31 inches...
Randy: Who's your daddy!
Daniel Aisen: My dad?
Randy: Who's your daddy!
Daniel Aisen: My dad?
Eric Ma: Who wants vanilla extract?
John: Me!
[Eric hands John the vanilla extract]
John: Tasty!
He actually drank some, and sniffed it for about 10 minutes while we all stared in horror
John: Lets chug these too
Rich: Code Red isn't good for chugging
Rich: Ok lets chug these cans so we can use them.
John: Chugging contest!
Mike: Alright
[Rich John and Mike start chugging]
Isamu: John you fucking moron! You crushed the can!
[John finishes his can]
[Richard burps into his nose]
[Mike tries to burp but begins suffocating because he can't]
John: Oh, sorry
Richard: I burped into my nose!
Mike: I can't... breath...
[Mike burps]
Mike: There we go
Isamu: Think about air...
Rich: Fan?
Mike: Propellor?
Rich: Breathing?
Mike: Gas?
Mike: She's like a blond... you know, stupid, slow, ugly...
John: She's not blond
Mike: I know that
Rich: You're a blond too then, John
John: Put me in front of a game console and I'm up all night.
John: If I don't come I know what you guys are going to be doing. I can just imagine it... 'No! Stupid touchdown!' 'Damn my cornerback' 'Shit I got sacked'... Madden all night.
John: I know! We can use one of those cardboard things that come with posters!
Mike Li: You mean those big toilet paper tubes?
John: No I mean if you buy a lot of them...
Mike Li: Lots of toilet paper tubes?
John: No!
Richard: Oh I know what he means! A giant cardboard waistbasket!
Rhage: If at first you don't succeed... you're a loser! A LOSER!! Mwahahahahahaha!!!! Ahem.
I know that...
Albert Kung: Hey in Taiwan, you can't get court marshalled unless you're in active military service!
Bright boy... that's in America too
Richard: Man Izzy, the whole day when Chai was here all we talked about was how you completely deeked him out during football.
Talking about my football skills... at least the remnants of what I used to have
bluDragen88 (11:23:40 PM): so wait
MrClueless18 (11:23:45 PM): I believe it
bluDragen88 (11:23:45 PM): they found out about us yicong?
chillingmist (11:24:03 PM): @_@
chillingmist (11:24:06 PM): NOT RANDY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
chillingmist (11:31:28 PM): kevin is going about with JAMES??
bluDragen88 (11:34:31 PM): yicong will you go to homecoming with me?
chillingmist (11:34:41 PM): yea
Gin No Yari (2:14:34 PM): im not mr rogers!
Gin No Yari (2:14:38 PM): i dont even look like him!
porky751 (2:14:42 PM): well u are now
Gin No Yari (2:14:43 PM): go ask someone who at least looks like him!
porky751 (2:14:52 PM): im not asking danny
Gin No Yari (4:37:09 PM): hey porky pig
Gin No Yari (4:37:21 PM): just a note:
porky751 (4:37:26 PM): - -, its a pig, not porky pig
porky751 (4:37:27 PM): kinda like pork
porky751 (4:37:33 PM): but not really
Porky Eddy Pig
porky751 (4:41:01 PM): gah gah gah
Goo goo gah gah o_O
Alex: Ok... do you go to chatrooms on the internet?
Izzy: Umm... no...
Alex: Ok you go to chatrooms on the internet... what do you chat about?
Izzy: I don't go to chatrooms...
Alex: I see, you chat about sex. Do you harass children?
Izzy: Dude I don't go to chatrooms...
Alex: Ok, so you harass children and your sn is "HotNSexy66"...
This is his interview...?
Ms Allen: Tu t'appelle un et tu t'appelle deux.
Tsao: What? But I called it first!
Kung: Hahah
The joys of double Alberts... err... hells, rather
Jeff: Every time we pass by them Daniel starts cracking up, then John starts laughing, and I start laughing after that.
Make sense? Nope. Ask Daniel.
John: What happened to your hand?
Jeff: Oh the usual
Mike: Oh man did you sprain your wrist masturbating!?
Do we want to know...
Dewdrop087 (4:48:41 PM): i just thought of that
Dewdrop087 (4:48:50 PM): how do they reproduce then?
Dewdrop087 (4:48:51 PM): oh ew
Gin No Yari (4:48:54 PM): they mass produce orcs :P
Dewdrop087 (4:48:57 PM): thts a very bad mental image
LoL great thoughts...
Izzy: Damnit I had to run over here (314) from French class at 173!
Olexiy: Oh yeah? I came from the portables!
Thats gotta suck
Mike: Cool, what class are you in?
Izzy: Um... yours...
Mike: Wow! Really? I didn't know that!
Izzy: I sit... like... two seats in front... and left...
Izzy: Ok, it was... #2117...
Spencer: You think I'd remember, fool?
As they say, the wise man know himself a fool?
Ms. Allen: Al-bear?
We just gotta love the French pronounciation of that name... (Albert)
porky751 (5:54:22 PM): omg, were we supposed to do the satellite thing in the labbook including the debriefing
Gin No Yari (5:54:27 PM): yeah
porky751 (5:54:42 PM): GOD DAMNIT
Gin No Yari (5:54:47 PM): o_o
porky751 (5:55:02 PM): WTF WTF WTF
Gin No Yari (5:55:51 PM): foog
Gin No Yari (5:55:54 PM): Nm = newton meter
porky751 (5:55:58 PM): stupid son of a bitch making us use the damn labbook he should go to hell @#(*$^@*!gonna stick a graduated cylinder up his@$(*&%@#*$
Gin No Yari (5:56:07 PM): ...
porky751 (5:56:16 PM): ah, much better now
Woah... and I used to think Eddy was a nice little kid too... ^^;;
porky751 (5:49:43 PM): i was hoping to make an alien satellite, but this race of aliens can only function in 2 dimensions
No Eddy, things don't quite work out that way :)
Richard: Hey Daniel was it true that Mr. Acton hit on you?
Daniel: ... what the hell!?
Richard: Didn't you say that?
Daniel: No...
Richard: Well what DID you say?
Daniel: I said he wanted to talk to me!
Richard: So he WAS hitting on you!
Eh... TMI...?
Durin's Bane says:
i know how to make spaghetti!
The ALMIGHTY Great One says:
The ALMIGHTY Great One says:
*boils water*
Durin's Bane says:
The ALMIGHTY Great One says:
*throws spaghetti in*
Durin's Bane says:
Durin's Bane says:
*watches a burning daniel run around in circles*
The ALMIGHTY Great One says:
The ALMIGHTY Great One says:
u said it b4 me :P
He's masochist...
The ALMIGHTY Great One says:
reading funny convos
Durin's Bane says:
The ALMIGHTY Great One says:
and doing summer reading
The ALMIGHTY Great One says:
(and eating)
Nope, he wouldn't forget. Definitely not.
The ALMIGHTY Great One says:
tummy yummy
The truth is out: Daniel even eats his own stomach
The ALMIGHTY Great One says:
the 2nd quote!
The ALMIGHTY Great One says:
Sentinel of Pandora says:
The ALMIGHTY Great One says:
that was a sigh of relief!
Daniel would like to point out the quote 2 below was a sigh of relief!
You have asked to have a voice conversation with The ALMIGHTY Great One. Please wait for a response or Cancel (Alt+Q) the pending invitation.
Makes it sound like I'm asking a conversation with God or something
The ALMIGHTY Great One says:
no classes with him
The ALMIGHTY Great One says:
Awww poor Daniel, not in the same class as Matt Jordan
pillzdude (12:41:45 AM): When she gets tired she just lays there and screams and tells me to finish because its starting to hurt
Eh......... no comment
Zylor Klanoslay says:
It is the responsibility of intellectuals to tell the truth and expose the lies. - Noam Chomsky
The ALMIGHTY Great One says:
The ALMIGHTY Great One says:
it's the responsibility of the intellectuals to make the lies and manipulate the stupid!
Zylor Klanoslay says:
Zylor Klanoslay says:
well then
Zylor Klanoslay says:
i need to manipulate you
Yes Daniel brought that upon himself
we have a kid
With Randy.
lol. I just dive right in... it's not too hard... lol it feels like...likethe general is the deep end of the pool, with waves and sharks and those floating mines appearing every now and then (yes, weird pool ^^")...and then all the other sections are just little shallow wading pools (you know, the kind that all the 2-year-olds pee in....but SC never has pee in their pools!)
TsukiGoKim talking about the general forums... which are a pain since there's a post every several seconds, quite literally.
AmazonessQ4 says:
someday i will be.. staring... at pictures of my hot friends
AmazonessQ4 says:
or seeing them on tv... movies.. @_@
Zylor Klanoslay says:
AmazonessQ4 says:
hearing their music!
AmazonessQ4 says:
idolizing them
AmazonessQ4 says:
that would be weird..
More Yicong comments on '05
Gin No Yari (5:05:44 AM): yicong != virgin? ;-)
Cyprine8758 (5:05:50 AM): HELL YEA
Yicong taking it up to another level...? Or is the C version of not equal to (!=) that hard to distinguish between equal to (==) :P
LordRye2k: wow, never knew i was engaged
TsukiGoKim: ...I never knew I had a kid...
TsukiGoKim: who is an undead mouse..
LordRye2k: lol
TsukiGoKim: who glows in the dark...
TsukiGoKim: lol
LordRye2k: you think we'd remember these things
TsukiGoKim: yes, you'd think
TsukiGoKim: but somehow seki knows...
TsukiGoKim: that's....creepy
LordRye2k: hmm
I swear! I didn't! It was... the Sandalphon in me!
porky751 (5:33:09 PM): now that they probably think im over 18, they won't mind if i get some email porn
Gin No Yari (5:33:23 PM): LOL
Gin No Yari (5:33:39 PM): <eddy waits in eager anticipation>
porky751 (5:33:44 PM): lol
We got GWU e-mail addies :)
AmazonessQ4 says:
and we can ask who's more stubborn.. "izzy or yicong"
Zylor Klanoslay says:
apparently the consesus was,
since im stubborn enough to keep trying to unstubborn you Zylor Klanoslay says:
im more stubborn than you are
Stubborn logic :D
Gin No Yari (5:56:46 PM): go pig urself out
MrClueless18 (5:56:53 PM): what?
MrClueless18 (5:56:55 PM): f u too
Gin No Yari (5:56:56 PM): lol
MrClueless18 (5:56:58 PM): it's not dinner time yet :-P
Gin No Yari (5:57:01 PM): no?
Gin No Yari (5:57:01 PM): wow
Gin No Yari (5:57:08 PM): its almost mine so i thought u were leaving to dinner
MrClueless18 (5:57:10 PM): :-P
MrClueless18 (5:57:22 PM): lol
MrClueless18 (5:57:24 PM): never assume anything
Gin No Yari (5:57:27 PM): but
Gin No Yari (5:57:30 PM): u have to assume things
Gin No Yari (5:57:33 PM): to be able to prove things
Gin No Yari (5:57:38 PM): i just did an indirect proof on you
Logic class rubbing off on me... want me to prove that? ;)
Zylor Klanoslay says:
go sleep
Zylor Klanoslay says:
The Great One says:
Daniel's true sickness comes to light
The Great One says:
ho, lol
The Great One says:
jansen's favorite
A typo... or not :)
Dewdrop087 (12:12:40 AM): shes 1 of the most easygoing ppl i kno
Tencia talking about Yicong...
jcthefffreak (8:06:43 PM): ur dead
jcthefffreak (8:06:46 PM): really dead
jcthefffreak (8:06:59 PM): izzy i'm gonna slowly rip ur head off
jcthefffreak (8:07:04 PM): i'm dead serious
jcthefffreak (8:07:12 PM): if u dun take down that quote
jcthefffreak (8:07:16 PM): first day of school
jcthefffreak (8:07:23 PM): i will pound ur face in
jcthefffreak (8:07:32 PM): so help me god
Eh, isn't that religion supposed to be forgiving!?
AmazonessQ4 says:
i'm scared
AmazonessQ4 says:
someday i
Zylor Klanoslay says:
AmazonessQ4 says:
i'll be reading magazines
AmazonessQ4 says:
with slutty pictures of my best friend or something
The Future of '05, by Yicong
[US Army]Zylor messages: where is everyone...
[OpFor]Stripe messages: question is, where are you?
[US Army]Zylor messages: capturing objectives...
[OpFor]Stripe messages: so am I. Are we the last ones in our teams?
[US Army]Zylor messages: over here, I am, you?
[OpFor]Stripe messages: same here. Why am I not seeing you?
[US Army]Zylor messages: I just took Alpha
[OpFor]Stripe messages: WHAT? I didn't see you...
Objective Alpha secured.
[OpFor]Stripe messages: ... what the...
[US Army]Zylor messages: Hi
Stripe has been tagged by Zylor.
I'm Zylor. I'm pathetic aren't I... in case you want to know what happened graphically, we ended up in 1v1 in a capture the flag type map, and he decided to ambush me at Objective Alpha. However, since I'm a sewer freak, I popped up right next to the objective and took it. Meanwhile he had no idea I came out of the sewer, so he was staring around the window trying to find me. Turns around. Sees me right next to the sewer and gets killed.
MrClueless18 (1:28:42 AM): *kicks izzy*
Gin No Yari (1:28:56 AM): *sigh*
MrClueless18 (1:28:58 AM): don't say it!
MrClueless18 (1:29:00 AM): zip it!
And the cycle keeps going
MikeFanUMD (1:31:02 AM): Always the military ;-)
Gin No Yari (1:31:06 AM): huh?
MikeFanUMD (1:31:07 AM): Shoot, mischan.
10 minutes after we had a conversation about people sending mischans to him and he getting a good laugh...
Me: John, you're a pig...
John: *buys a snack from the machine* I know
Me: *watches John buy another snack from the machine* Oh my god, you're a pig...
John: *takes both snacks out of the machine* I know that. Let's go *starts walking*
Me: *shaking head* this is so pathetic, you think you can eat all that in 3 minutes?
John: I can probably eat more. *counts amount of money in hand* Damn! I have 70 cents! I could buy another snack... wait, I need 5 cents. *turns to me* Want a screw?
The John Quote. Here it is. Have fun...
Me: Well sorry I don't stare at asses all day!
Danny: Hah, you probably couldn't even find your own ass with both your hands
Greg: Haha, Izzy, you hafta admit you opened yourself up that one
I really AM stupid :P so what
Me: *working on the graphical chart for Female reproductive organs in health...*
*points at a section* Hey Danny, what's this?
Danny: *blinks and bursts into laughter* You don't know what that is!?
Me: Uhh... should I?
Greg: What part?
Danny: That part
Greg: OH! Ahahah!
Me: What am I missing!?
Fine, Dan, lemme see your paper...
Danny: He probably hasn't filled it out
Me: Damnit, he hasn't. Thanks Dan
Danny: I thought so
Me: Greg, lemme see!
Greg: No, I will not bow down to a dictatorship!
Rosie: It's not communism...
Me: Damnit, will someone tell me what that part is!?
Danny: *flips pages in a book* Hmm, it's not on the book!
Me: No shit, why do you think I don't know what it is!?
Danny: Dang, it's even in the right place, why don't you know what it is!
Me: I don't know what it is, now tell me!
Danny: Ok fine, I'm guessing I'm wrong too. Let's ask Rosie
Tina: You still haven't figured it out?
Me: NO!
Danny: Rosie, what's this part called?
Rosie: *stares at us weirdly* Its the anus...
And my stupidity shows...
Green Guard
First on America's Ho
Do we really want to know? John's profile
Tina: I'll do anything for a Korean Jersey!
John: *grins* oh really
Tina: Really!
John: *grins even wider as an idea comes to his head*
Isamu: *shakes head* oh god
Won't finish it... partly because of it's anti-climatic end
Tina: You see what I'd do for a Korean Jersey!?
Well, there, I ended it...
jcthefffreak: it go up u die
jcthefffreak: it go up u die
jcthefffreak: it go up u die
-John switches to MSN-
John says:
it go up u die
John says:
it go up u die
John's desperate
MrClueless18: *kicks Izzy*
Gin No Yari: *sigh*
MrClueless18: shuttup
Gin No Yari: how ma...
Gin No Yari: how did you know what I was gonna say!?
I'm getting predictable T-T
MrClueless18: I'm gonna kick you Izzy
Gin No Yari: Oh, so you're emulating Tencia?
MrClueless18: *punches Izzy*
Gin No Yari: Spencer!?
MrClueless18: Spencer bitch slaps
Gin No Yari: but he TRIES to punch
MrClueless18: fine *eats Izzy*
Gin No Yari: woah, why would you want to emulate JOHN?
MrClueless18: that's me...
Gin No Yari: we already went over this before daniel...
MrClueless18: *sits on Izzy*
Gin No Yari: good boy! *feeds daniel a muffin*
Daniel's Signature Move!!
Self-Flagellant says:
chai wont let me put his quote on my site :(
Jeff says:
Jeff says:
oh which reminds me
Jeff says:
I still need to kick John for that quote on your site
Self-Flagellant says:
Jeff says:
but I probably brought that on myself
Jeff says:
since I've made so many quotes on him
Self-Flagellant says:
Jeff says:
like that priest quote on Daniel's profile
AmazonessQ4 says:
tencia's so funny :)
AmazonessQ4 says:
and nice!
AmazonessQ4 says:
and funny!
Loser says:
AmazonessQ4 says:
(and pretty..)
AmazonessQ4 says:
and cute!
AmazonessQ4 says:
like how she acts
AmazonessQ4 says:
sometimes... she makes me feel
Loser says:
AmazonessQ4 says:
ummmm like i have common sense
Loser says:
Loser says:
ouch thats mean
AmazonessQ4 says:
AmazonessQ4 says:
in a playful way.. yea
Loser says:
Loser says:
can i quote ya?
AmazonessQ4 says:
but that's why she's cool!
GinNoYari: oh
GinNoYari: i also need a picture of kevin smiling
MrClueless18: lol
MrClueless18: NO
GinNoYari: know where i can get that?
MrClueless18: hmm
MrClueless18: ask... yicong
GinNoYari: lol
GinNoYari: *copies and pastes into quotes page*
MrClueless18: lol
MrClueless18: no!
MrClueless18: fine
GinNoYari: lol
MrClueless18: ask... sherri
LOL Daniel's such an utter moron
jcthefffreak (09:43:54): i'll act like jeff
jcthefffreak (09:43:56): since i'm gay
jcthefffreak (09:44:00): i'm gonna fuck u to death
Me: Hey Albert!
Albert Tsao: I'm working I'm working!
Albert Kung: Stop saying my name!!
I love this...
Gundam_Altron: Oer people's raedies are oer ppl's comedies...
HellS_Gardian: ...
Gundam_Altron: awww od don ell me my key is screwed oo...
LoL... the quote was 'Other people's tragedies are other people's comedies...'
Gundam_Altron: frein ell...
HellS_Gardian: friends will...
Gundam_Altron: sut te catter :P
HellS_Gardian: suit the canter?
I hate my old keyboard, I hate it...
Gundam_Altron: et tat zerlin!
StarCraft_Kills: Speaking french now?
And the jokes keep coming...
Gundam_Altron: ey ows it oin?
StarCraft_Kills: ley cows hit oink?
I hate my keyboard -_-
Gundam_Altron: crap
GoingToHell: what?
Gundam_Altron: i ate tis
GoingToHell: wut u mean
Gundam_Altron: my ydras keep itting te damn buildins and not te army...
GoingToHell: lol
Gundam_Altron: sit sit sit
GoingToHell: i'm not your dog...
Gundam_Altron: sut te fuck up
GoingToHell: hmm?
Gundam_Altron: damnit
Gundam_Altron: stupid and keys
GoingToHell: what keys?
Gundam_Altron: o to ell
Gundam_Altron: you woring bitc
GoingToHell: your sad attempts without your h key make me laugh
GoingToHell: and your g key
Gundam_Altron: oddamnit...
My attempts at swearing without the two very important keys...
Taka: Damnit! You were so dead!
Me: Why?
Taka: I had hydras flying to your base!
Me: ...
Taka: You had nothing there, I was lifting...
Me: How many?
Taka: uhhh, 12 I think...
Me: ...
Me: I had 16 marines...
Me: with medics...
If you don't get it, don't worry about it
Me: John, 5 cents a screw
Daniel: He upped the price to 3 bucks
Me: Oh yeah! He upped it to 100 before too
Spencer: Aww like someone's gonna pay anyways
We love you John ;)
Lida: Albert, go to hell
Albert Tsao: How do you get there?
Ouch, long overdue, kept forgetting to put it up
AmazonessQ4 says:
Wow! Laziness at its max
Yicong's reply at Daniel below
TheGreatOne says:
I was too lazy to turn it on
Daniel's reason for not being online
jsd115 says:
i just like to say yicong
Hey! I raised my price to 100 bucks!
John, speaking about his 5 cents a screw
Je m'appelle hungry
Sri Kanth (means My name is hungry)
AmazonessQ4 says:
in 6th grade
AmazonessQ4 says:
if i were to choose anything
AmazonessQ4 says:
AmazonessQ4 says:
from the burning flames..
AmazonessQ4 says:
AmazonessQ4 says:
and flee with my life
AmazonessQ4 says:
i woulda said
AmazonessQ4 says:
my collection of SM images
AmazonessQ4 says:
The ALMIGHTY Great One says:
im gonna act like yicy ^_^
Daniel's truth comes out...
AmazonessQ4 says:
if this computer gets friend
AmazonessQ4 says:
AmazonessQ4 says:
oh shit
AmazonessQ4 says:
there goes 2 years worth of.. FILES
AmazonessQ4 says:
AmazonessQ4 says:
school assignments
AmazonessQ4 says:
AmazonessQ4 says:
Talking about what Yicong would lose if thunder strikes her computer down
AmazonessQ4 (5:38:43 PM): ok i have to ask u
Gin No Yari (5:38:45 PM): ?
AmazonessQ4 (5:38:48 PM): if u could like a guy
AmazonessQ4 (5:38:49 PM): any guy
AmazonessQ4 (5:38:53 PM): in the magnet
AmazonessQ4 (5:38:55 PM): who would it be? ^_^
Gin No Yari (5:38:58 PM): .....
Gin No Yari (5:39:02 PM): what the fuck?
Yicong asking me a question...
Prasanna says:
yo izzazy
Prasanna says:
Prasanna says:
Isamu Bae says:
yicong, future druggy
AmazonessQ4 says:
AmazonessQ4 says:
and damn proud!
UsagiTsukino630 (11:05:13 PM): i'm a girl!!!!!!
Yicong, instant revelation?
UsagiTsukino630 (10:52:25 PM): "all the boys say... hey baby hey baby.. girls say girls say... hey baby hey baby..."
Spontaneous Comment by Yicong
I forgot about the D-Gun, that is the daddy of all guns, nothing like seeing a whole group of goliaths falling under the power of the d-gun :-)
GameSpy Forums, about TA Commanders
Running Dark Elven gag:
Whenever a unit of CoK get in a flanking situation where the game is on the line, they will fail their stupidity test and lose the game for you.
-Portent Forums, Definitive Druchii Tactica
MartinoTwo (7:58:08 PM): I remember she wus interested w/ randy w/o a shirt :-P
Kevin talking a/b Yicong
UsagiTsukino630 (11:31:52 PM): randy speaks in opposites...
Gin No Yari (11:31:59 PM): lol...
UsagiTsukino630 (11:33:00 PM): i think he meant... "castrate me"
UsagiTsukino630 (11:33:01 PM): ^_^
Yicong speaking about Randy's statement below
Acton: Wait a minute, Albert, you're looking at your sources on the day the ROL is due?
Albert Tsao: What? Um, uh, no, um, I'm checking to uh... remember the... significance of them...
Acton: Albert, you're the worst liar I have ever seen.
Albert Tsao: What? Me? Liar?
Note: Albert Tsao had actually read the books but he forgot what they were for
Continuation of before...
Isamu: Hey, look, all 4 of us are away from the kitchen
Sam: Yeah... so?
Isamu: Well, look who's left in the kitchen
<Sam looks and sees Saul and Tina alone>
Sam: Hahah! Maybe we'll be hearing some intimate sounds
Jonny: HAHAH, yeah, hey Saul! We can hear ya over here so don't go off making any intimate sounds!
Saul: WHAT!? Jonny I'm gonna beat you...
Isamu: Heh, he invited his girlfriend
Saul: What!? I'm gonna beat you for that!
Sam: Hey guys
Isamu: Hey Sam, we were talking about Saul's girlfriend
Sam: Who?
Isamu: Tina
Sam: Ah! I thought there was something going on!
Saul: What? Sam, I gonna beat you for that!
Isamu: Don't worry, he said that to me but nothing's happening.
<bell rings>
Saul: Hey, that's probably Tina
Isamu: Ooh, jumping to conclusions, it's prolly Jeremy though.
Saul's Mom: Jeremy's here!
Isamu: Aww, Saul's probably sad it's not his girlfriend.
Saul's Mom: What's this about girlfriend? Hahahah I didn't think Tina was Saul's girlfriend, but that's a good point...
Saul: Alright that's it, Izzy I'm gonna kill you on Monday...
Sam: You just said that.
NeotroopzCPG (8:23:24 PM): WHAT HAPPEND 2INFANTRY????
NeotroopzCPG (8:23:25 PM): ARG
Gin No Yari (8:23:29 PM): ??
NeotroopzCPG (8:23:34 PM): are u playing?
Gin No Yari (8:23:37 PM): no...
NeotroopzCPG (8:23:43 PM): theres 2 servers left!!!!
Gin No Yari (8:23:46 PM): lol
NeotroopzCPG (8:23:49 PM): chaos and gravball!!!
Gin No Yari (8:23:51 PM): lol
NeotroopzCPG (8:24:00 PM): gravball(soccer)
Gin No Yari (8:24:04 PM): i kno
NeotroopzCPG (8:24:07 PM): IT CRASHWEE
NeotroopzCPG (8:24:25 PM): 2ppl in grav
Gin No Yari (8:24:28 PM): lol
NeotroopzCPG (8:25:26 PM): wont sign in
NeotroopzCPG (8:25:36 PM): NOOOO
Gin No Yari (8:25:37 PM): nope
NeotroopzCPG (8:25:52 PM): a record 2596 ppl are playing GravBALL!!! NOOOOOOOOOO
NeotroopzCPG (8:27:15 PM): server crash alert
Signs of Addiction- Albert Kung
MikeFanUMD (7:32:09 PM): I had to run through the rain.
MikeFanUMD (7:33:11 PM): And my belt buckle set off the metal detector.
Mike talking about his Job Interview
bluDragen88 (10:03:12 PM): fuck me :-D
Note: Randy talking to Yicong
Gin No Yari (10:51:06 PM): hey!
Gin No Yari (10:51:17 PM): ur profile makes me sound like some... uhh...
Gin No Yari (10:51:34 PM): blood fanatic?
AmazonessQ4 (10:51:44 PM): it's u!
* Evolver pokes GinNoYari
* GinNoYari pokes Evolver
* Evolver pokes GinNoYari
* GinNoYari pokes Evolver
<Spaceman-Spiff> You guys gonna stop?
<Evolver> heheh
* GinNoYari pokes Spaceman-Spiff
* Evolver pokes Spaceman-Spiff
<Spaceman-Spiff> awww crap
Gin No Yari (11:17:20 PM): daniel im going to imitate you
MrClueless18 (11:17:27 PM): sure
MrClueless18 (11:17:29 PM): go ahead
Gin No Yari (11:17:30 PM): who do you like?
MrClueless18 (11:17:37 PM): -_-
Gin No Yari (11:17:40 PM): who do you like?
MrClueless18 (11:17:57 PM): u mean imitate me a few months ago when I as obnoxious?
Gin No Yari (11:18:01 PM): who do you like?
Gin No Yari (11:18:06 PM): WAS obnoxious?
MrClueless18 (11:18:12 PM): yes
Gin No Yari (11:18:14 PM): WAS! obnoxious!
MrClueless18 (11:18:14 PM): WAS
Gin No Yari (11:18:21 PM): my ass
MrClueless18 (11:18:24 PM): yes yes
MrClueless18 (11:18:27 PM): wha?
Gin No Yari (6:51:53 PM): *rolls eyes*
Gin No Yari (6:51:59 PM): i think hes a cross dresser now :P
Gin No Yari (6:52:12 PM): it certainly didnt give him any better an image in my eyes
UsagiTsukino630 (6:52:19 PM): uhh.....
UsagiTsukino630 (6:52:23 PM): cross dresser?
UsagiTsukino630 (6:52:24 PM): how?
Gin No Yari (6:52:55 PM): or whatever
Gin No Yari (6:53:00 PM): i dun think theres a word for it
Gin No Yari (6:53:12 PM): he-who-pretends-to-be-a-girl
Gin No Yari (6:53:27 PM): aiee *shudder*
UsagiTsukino630 (6:54:17 PM): lol
UsagiTsukino630 (6:54:22 PM): a gay fag?
nanosniper (10:32:24 PM): izzy... with a funny profile???!
Gin No Yari (10:33:06 PM): yea
Gin No Yari (10:33:10 PM): ...
Gin No Yari (10:33:10 PM): ?
nanosniper (10:33:15 PM): blasphemy!!!!!!!!!!!
"I mean, I might not be able to get into the boys team, but I might be able to get into at least co-ed!"
"Ooh, how about using carbon steel?" -Greg Comstock
"We'll never bend it to our will!" -Me
"So?" -Greg Comstock
"And we fail our project" -Me
"That's true..." -Greg Comstock
"Hey, how about we use Manganese for our project?" -Greg Comstock
"Well, I know something about Manganese that makes it really hard to work with." -Mr Acton
"Hey! The table says Manganese is super acidic!" -Albert
"Uhhh, does that mean that if we touch it, we can lose our hands?" -Me
"Maybe." -Mr Acton
"Mr Acton you're supposed to tell us these things so we don't end up losing our hands!" -Me
"Ooh ooh maybe he WANTS us to lose our hands!" -Albert