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Later on April 6, 2002 ^_^;;;
Eh heh... oops, uploaded the wrong version of the Links page. The updated version is up. Contact page should be up soon as well =) Sorry bout that ^^
>>Linx Page Updated
>>Contact Page Completed
April 6, 2002 ^_^
Was busy translating and all, finally not sick, finally got around to updating the site =) Sorry about the long delay folks. Oh, by the way, I'm working on a new layout, so sorry about the long lack of graphics...
>>Links Page Completed
>>New Quote
March 13, 2002 -_-
I'm really really really really super duper sick, but I couldn't resist adding stuff (actually, it was a break from studying...) to the quotes page ^^
>>Quotes Page Updated
March 9, 2002 -_-
Bored as hell, and since I am, I decided to work on my site again *gasp* and here it is... scratched from before for the umpteenth time =)
>>Home Page Completed
>>Quotes Page Completed