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Acres Home Activist Joins Campaign To Pass Prop. 2   PDF  Print  E-mail 

Beulah Shepard is 83 years old and has lived in Houston since 1948.  Anyone who is involved in Houston politics knows Ms. Shepard’s track record as a community activist.  Today there is a municipal building named after her and potential politicians in Houston seek her advice and support.  Even at her age Ms. Shepard is still heavily involved in making Houston a better place to live.  She has now thrown her support behind the Houston Proposition 2 Campaign.  “I have 10 children, 8 living, and I would like to leave them the properties I own, but each year my property taxes increase.”  Ms. Shepard, like most senior citizens is on a fixed income.  She receives social security and retirement checks, but there will come a point when she is not able to hold onto what she possesses.   In addition to being a supporter, Ms. Shepard is also a spokesperson for Proposition 2.  On the evening of August 26 she spoke to 20 people in the Northside/Northline Super Neighborhood.  “Our taxes are too high and Proposition 2 is the answer we need right now.”   When I asked Ms. Shepard what she would do if a million dollars suddenly appeared in her bank account she replied, “I would pay my taxes and put the rest of it into my community.”  We need more Beulah Shepard’s in Houston.  Her parting words at the Proposition 2 kick-off reception were, “I am with you all the way.”  Houstonians like this will be the reason Proposition 2 will pass in November.  So when you go to the polls on November 2nd remember that Proposition 2 was written by ordinary citizens with the intention of giving all Houstonians an increased standard of living. 

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