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For Parents


The purpose of this site is to offer advice to the victims of Bullying, and their families. Bullying is an extremely widespread and common problem. There are cases of bullying in most schools of the UK. The cases all vary form verbal and mental abuse to physical violence. No Matter what the 'category' it fits in no bullying is acceptable.


As many of the victims of bullying will know, bullying is hard to deal with without support, and even harder to deal with if nobody knows about it. The Number one piece of advice any one can give when it comes to bullying is to talk to someone about it. Many cases of bullying result in stress, depression and sometimes even suicide. Many of these cases could have been prevented if they had talked about it or it had been spotted by a family member or even teacher.

Bullying under any circumstances should not be tolerated. If you have been or are being affected by bullying and would like to talk about there are many organisations, which may be able to offer advice. Below are some links which may be useful.

These are just a few examples of sites setup to help support people affected by bullying. Don't let them win. Speak out and help stop bullying.