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Anatomy Whale

The gray whale is a mammal. Like all mammals, it bears live young, breathes air, is warm blooded, and nurses its young. The gray whale is in the scientific order Cetacea (from the Latin "cetus"), and in the sub-order Mysticeti (from the Latin for mustache). All Mysticeti whales have baleen fringes inside their mouth rather than teeth, and they have two blowholes.


Roll your cursor over the pictures below for a WHALE OF A SURPISE!


(Original:Whale attempting breaching)
(Rollover: Breaching with a splash)


(Original: Whale performing sounding)
(Rollover: Whale waving goodbye)

Warm-blooded - maintains a constant internal body temperature

Mysticeti (\mis-ta-cets\) - the baleen whale

Cetacean (\si-ta-shan\) - marine mammals that include

whales, , dolphins , and other related creatures such as porpoises.


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