Memories of Richter

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Mike Richter -- If Websters were to define those two word together it would read "The perfect Hockey player". Throughout Mike's celebrated career he has performed on and off the ice at a calibur higher than any other. His magic on the ice translated into amzing saves and equaly amazing wins. His compassion off the ice translated into a classy character to whomever had the pleasure of meating him. He is the all around human being. He led the 94 Rangers to a Stanley Cup. He had to do a split to stop a Pavel Bure penalty shot sending them to eventually win The Cup. Throughout Mikes Glorious career he has made us ooh and ahh and he will continue to do so long into the future. Mike we will always love you. You will always have a home to Ranger fans. Once a Ranger ... Always a Ranger. Thank you Mike #35.

Mike Richter Photo Gallery