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Seek an angel with an open heart and you will find one.

The way you know an angel is by your feeling.

Angels may not always come when you call them, but they

always come when you need them.

An angel is someone who helps you believe in miracles again.

Sometimes you know angels only by the miracles they have

blossoming in their paths after they have gone.

An angel is someone you're always happy to bump into.

An angel is someone who raises your spirits.

An angel is someone you feel you've known forever even

though you've just met.

An angel is someone who helps you grow.

Angels make you feel welcome in this world.

Angels encourage your best qualities and

hidden talents.

Angels give you those gentle pats on the back

you sometimes need to keep going.

Angels give you direction.

Angels gently push you out of your little self and

into the broad arena of love.

Angels remind you that you are enough.

Angels help you see your life in a better light.

An angel is someone who brings out the best in you.


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