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Baseball History

Baseball History


People played the game by their own set of rules. These rules were decided by local customs or decisions. Variations such as how many bases to use and how long of a base path. The game was first known as Town Ball then changed to what we know as Baseball.

Cartwright thought a 90 degree angle should determine if a ball was playable or not. This is known as the foul ball rule.

Attendence at major league games sky rocketted from 4.7 million in 1903 to 11 million in 1911. Back in 1910 the salary cap per ball player was from $900-12,000. The history of baseball from 1903-1920 is commonly referred to as the "Dead Ball Era". The offenses at the time did not rely on the homerun, but instead try to manufacture runs. Pitchers were using new pitches such as curveballs and knuckleballs and the batting averages went down.