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Brock Lesnar

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(We are live at the arena backstage where we the cameras face a dark room. Its empty. But we see a light from up top that is just glowing down on the thing on the floor. Under the light we see a pull-up bar. And we see Brock Lesnar doing pull ups. So far we donít know how many he has done but he is sweating making the light shine on his body. He has no shirt, black jeans and black army boots. Everytime he does a pull up his muscles flex and rip. We can see Brock getting stronger by each pull up. Brock is very focused on his up coming match on Raw. He keeps doing pull ups. But he doesnít stop. His muscles bulge out with his strength. His mine is set with Raw. His mind is set on Jericho and ICP and Midajah and the PPV which makes him fustrated. He takes his anger all out on every pull up. He gets off the pull up bar. He takes out a big deep breath and closes his eyes and looks down. Then he looks up. With a mean look in his eyes. He walks out of the room. While he walks through the hallways some women fans look at Brock up and down and giggle and take pictures. Brock doesnít care. When he arrives to his locker room he opens the door then closes it. He takes some black wristbands and puts in on his wrists. He also puts some black bandages on his right hand. He keeps thinking and he puches the locker room door leaving the door with a huge dent. He puts a black shirt on and he leaves the locker room, now we face the arena. It is full as always. We see the fans holding up their signs. We face the commentary table which has Jerry The King Lawler and Jim Ross, they begin talking.)

J.R: Hello everybody welcome to a great show, we have a few things to talk about and one of them has to do with the PPV that we currently have. It seems that the main event was a great one. But only one man came out the first ever WWE Undisputed Champion and that was Big Puppa Pump Scott Steiner

King: But Brock and HBK did their best to go for the title, they all did a great performance. But Brock never gives up. He will do anything to get that title. A few days agao Brock came out here and he wanted a match that will at least get him close to the title

J.R: And that match is going to happen because the main event will be like a US Title and Number 1 contendership for the Undisputed Title match. It will be Brock Lesnar vs Y2J Chris Jericho. If Y2J wins, he will win the US Title. If Brock wins he will not get the US Title but he will be th enumber 1 contender for the Undisputed Title and will face Scott Stiener next week on RAW

King: Those a great stipulations, only the mind of Vince McMahon can make great stipulations for great matches like that. Right J.R?

J.R: Yes you are right, but also from the mind from Eric Bischoff, you must not forget him he is the co-owner

King: Yeah, you are right J.R...

(A eerie sound is heard then ďNext Big ThingĒ plays on the P.A system and Brock comes out from the curtains. He stops at the ramp and jumps side to side. Brock walks down the ramp and when he gets at ring side he looks at the ring. He jumps side to side again and when he jumps on the ring apron pyro shoots up from the turnbuckles. Brock goes through the red ropes. He snatches a mic from a staff member when the staff member is trying to give it to him. Brock walks around the ring waiting for his theme song to end. And it does. He begins to speak.)

Brock: You know I have to admit that I lost at the PPV against Scott Steiner at the PPV, but I donít care. Because nobody is perfect. But I am not a quitter. I am still going to go for the Undisputed Title. And I am not going to stop until that belt is mine! I donít give a damn about anything anymore. The Next Big Thing is going to unleash his power. Now in order to kick Scottís ass next week I need to go against goldielocks. But before I go into that, I want to talk about the PPV. You see the PPV was a good one without a shout of a doubt. I thought I was going to win. But I failed. But it doesnít bother me because it is not going to be the last time I will ever get a undisputed title shot. But you see just because I lost doesnít mean anything. Everybody has there wins and losses but this is nothing. I had worse in the past

(Brock leans on a turnbuckle.)

Brock: Jericho, Jericho....Jericho ha ha. That name made me laugh. You know Jericho, you are known by many many names like Y2J, Highlight Of The Night, The King Of The World, The aighatolla of rock and rolla, The King Of Bling Bling, and my favorite Assclown. You know Jericho I know you want the US title. But you are not going to be the first man to win that title. No, you are going to be the first man that Brock Lesnar actually hurts. Cause you see Jericho. You come out here everyday and brag about your muscles. And how you are going to be big in life. Well I can tell that is just a bunch of bull shit. But Jericho you are the biggest laughing stock here in the WWE, with your long blonde hair, your goofy clown pants that you stole. Your way of talking about yourself. And everything. It just makes a big fool out of yourself. Well maybe the mulitple rib breaker will make you realize that we are not fighting in a beauty contest we are fighting to determine who is the best in the bussines, and you are just not good enough

(Brock walks around and talks.)

Brock: You know Chris, I heard that you have a show called The Highlight Reel, well I have a great topic for your show. You can talk about the ass beating that Brock Lesnar gave to you on RAW. You can also talk about how bad your body was bruised during the match. You can talk about how I just took your ass and twisted it like if it was a pretzel. You better get ready Chris because I am going to damage your body so bad that you wonít be able to sing in that band of yours

(Brock looks at the fans.)

Brock: I can tell by the fans that you donít have that many Jerichoholics. You make fun of this crowd everyday. Well to tell you the truth Jericho, they just donít give a damn about you. I heard your words on what you had to say. And I have to admit, you are a guy with a big ego. As in matter of fact I respect you. I know you want that title. You want the title because you are the king of the world...but maybe in your own eyes. You see, to me your just a prey, a prey that wants to be hunted. You better get your facts straight. Because the pain is coming after your ass!

(Brockís theme song plays on the P.A system and he gets out of the ring and leaves the mic there. Brock slowly goes up the ramp. Scene fades to black.)

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