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Name: Anders Fridén

Function: Lasersword operator

Born: A while ago

Lives: Gothenburg, Sweden

Family: Yepp

Equipment list: A few inches, depends....

Favourite place to play at: Prefer earth but I'll play Naboo

any day

Favourite thing to do on tours when not playing: Work on

my "How to turn wine into water machine". If anyone

wants to by the rights, let me know....

Best tour memory: To take everybodys money in a card


Worst tour memory: To loose all your money in a card


Eats: Pretty much anything

Drinks: When I'm thirsty

Listen to: Old rehearsal tapes from bands that are

proved by the underground president

Watch: LOTS of DVD's

Sideprojects: Passenger (Website:

Former bands: Dark Tranquillity, Cermonial Oath

Favourite music: Have to ask U.P before I can answer

Motto: The one with most DVD's when you die, wins